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Bad Astronamy BS?

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 01:09 AM
urgh,,, more bad astronamy BS. you do realise its just some guy who hangs off NASA's everyword and is incredibly sceptical about everything anyone else seems to say. Bad Astromamy is like a one man forum.

he seems rather closed minded and subourn on the topics. Its just his own opinions. i've been over Bad astronemy links everytime they pop up here, and if you believe everything the BA guy says. you might as well not be on a conspiracy thoerists website. Following BA religiously is like picking one user from ATS and hanging of his everyword because he links to NASA pages and voices his own opinion. and obviously NASA cannot be 100% trusted, a good source of infomation. but in the end is Govment run and will try to aviod civil unrest at all means nessacary

Just because he has his own dodgy website doesnt make him a highly credible source. it just makes him another voice in a forum like this one. BA is his "forum" for his own views, nothing special. but im not saying disreguard his every word. he's just like everyother sceptic out there. his word matters as much as theirs.

ok well sorry i posted this, its not to cause an arguement, but i think its silly how religious some people are over BA. Conspiracy theorists should keep an open mind, not follow one cirtian persons views.

so in conclusion Above Top Secret would be a more credible source due to members being astronomers, doctors, scientist etc and multiple internest sources.. not just the "ALMIGHTY NASA!!!"

p.s i am aware of all of my gramar and spelling errors. but i believe this has to be said.

p.s.s this isnt NASA bashing. but as i said earlier. they cant be trusted 100%

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 08:35 AM
nobody can be trusted 100%, but the bad astronomy guy at least uses science in his arguments, and more often than not, sound science.

what exactly off his site have you taken exception to?

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 12:24 PM
The problem with being a 'scientist/ skeptic' is that - once you have publically proclaimed this stance, - you have to rigorously defend it; not unlike a person that comes into the fray as a 'paranomal investigator.' Most often, the person's reputation - and even income - are at stake.

The difference being; the 'scientist' needs only quote 'precident' - not unlike court lawyers referencing earlier cases / decisions. I personally equate this to 'blind patriatism.' If a person never questions authority - have they not surrendered their own opinion, as well?? Are these 'official skeptics' also not being dicated to as to what is 'true'?

As a 'scientist' - are they not familiar with the works and lectures of Stephen Hawkins?? How about an obscure fellow named Carl Sagan? He was a complete skeptic to the idea of an extraterrestrial presence - yet predicted a 'mathematical certainty' that in excess of 1 million 'M-class planets with the technology level to possess radio telescopes' - and this, within our own Milky Way galaxy alone. Then he wrote 'Contact.' Have staunch skeptics READ what these gents; held amongst the greatest scientific minds in history - were actually saying?? If not, is this not also prejudiced 'selective learning?'

If my memory serves me correctly, the 'webmaster' at 'Bad Astronomy' also sells a number of books. I think you can also sometimes find him at 'UFO conventions' - sitting at a table in the back - under 'alternative view.'

Folks can dillude themselves all they want. The absolute truth is; No one has all the answers. Most don't have even some. I will NEVER... stop looking... because some 'psuedo-intellectual' states 'Nothing to see here!! Everyone go home!!'

IMO.. people like 'Bad Astronomy' author - are the 'Officer BarBrady' of independant studies. If one is such a 'scientist' - and does not also question these 'superior minds' - why on Earth do they come to a website like this?? Why not just spend all of your time at 'B.A.' - and have him tell you what your opinion is??

I have spent a good part of my life in the military - and have also been at S-4 multiple times... in an official capacity. I only advise that people be careful. You ARE... being had... by 'science' - when it stands alone.



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