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'Lost:' Season Four Discussion...

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posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 06:56 PM
What We Know About Season Four…

Season Premier

Season Four will begin airing in the United States on January 31st, 2008 at 9:00 p.m., ET. In the United Kingdom, Season Four will begin airing on February 3rd, 2008 at 9:00 p.m. In the United States, at least, the Season Premier will be subsequent to an hour-long clip show, 'Lost: Past, Present & Future' (read the press release here). This is why the Season Premier is being advertised as a two hour premier event.

The Episodes

Episode 4.01
Title: "The Beginning of the End."
Centric: Hurley.
Flashback/Flashforward: Flashforward.
Click on this link to read the press release for this episode.

Episode 4.02
Title: "Confirmed Dead."
Centric: Freighter People.
Flashback/Flashforward: Flashback.
Click on this link to read the press release for this episode.

Episode 4.03
Title: "The Economist."
Centric: Sayid.
Flashback/Flashforward: Flashforward.

Episode 4.04
Title: "Eggtown."
Centric: Kate.
Flashback/Flashforward: Flashforward.

Episode 4.05
Title: "The Constant."
Centric: Desmond.
Flashback/Flashforward: Flashback.

Episode 4.06
Title: "The Other Woman."
Centric: Juliet.
Flashback/Flashforward: Flashback.

Episode 4.07
Title: "Ji Yeon."
Centric: Jin/Sun.
Flashback/Flashforward: Flashforward.

Episode 4.08
Centric: Michael.
Flashback/Flashforward: Flashback (?).

General Season Four Information

Although the initial plan was to have Season Four, and the remaining two seasons, be composed of sixteen episodes, the Writers Guild of America strike may have reduced Season Four’s length to simply eight episodes. In Season Four, episodes will not only feature character flashbacks, as the show had predominantly used to expose characters pasts, but will also feature character flashforwards, which will divulge the audience to the futures of a set of characters.

The First Image/Scene

After being accidentally spoiled with this information, I have decided to share this piece of knowledge with you all. The first image/scene of Season Four will be, what appears to be, a pile of fruit exploding.

The Orchid Station

At the 2007 Comic-Con, a video was shown which introduced the sixth DHARMA Initiative Station: The Orchid. In the film, Marvin Candle, under the alias of Edgar Halowax, states, among other things, that The Orchid is not a botanical research facility and that the unique properties of the island created a sort of Casimir Effect. People close to the filming locations of 'Lost' have actually found The Orchid Station and have discovered the logo for the Station.

The Oceanic 6

The Oceanic 6 are the group of Survivors that get off the island and, as a result, become semi-famous. When I first read spoilers about the Oceanic 6, I regretted it, as I thought that this was a huge spoiler. Upon further reflecting, I have decided that this spoiler is not a monumental one that could possibly ruin the whole experience of 'Lost' and, thus, I have resolved to post this spoiler in this thread. In fact, I am surprised that one particular trailer for Season Four actually shows the number six and I am amazed that all except for one of the Oceanic 6 are centric-characters for the first eight episodes of Season Four. Also, I pondered upon how the audience already knows, because of the Season Three cliffhanger, two of the characters that gets off the island, Jake and Kate. These aforementioned factors are really what convinced me that this is not a huge spoiler. The Oceanic 6 are Jack, Kate, Sayid, Hurley, Sun, and Jin. This means that, by the time the first eight episodes of Season Four ends, the audience will have been exposed to all of the Oceanic 6’s flashforwards (as Jack’s flashforward episode was the Season Three finale). Although there is the official group that makes it off, the Oceanic 6, there is at least one more Survivor who makes it off the island. The identity of this character has not been made public thus far.

The Return of Michael/Walt

During the 2007 Comic-Con (and, indeed, before), it was revealed that both Michael and Walt would be returning to the cast. There return should cause fans of 'Lost' to ask many questions and it should answer any and all of the questions that fans asked and even some questions that they did not.

Confirmed Stars
    - Naveen Andrews as Sayid.
    - Henry Ian Cusick as Desmond.
    - Emilie de Ravin as Claire.
    - Michael Emerson as Ben.
    - Matthew Fox as Jack.
    - Jorge Garcia as Hurley.
    - Josh Holloway as Sawyer.
    - Daniel Dae Kim as Jin.
    - Yunjin Kim as Sun.
    - Evangeline Lilly as Kate.
    - Elizabeth Mitchell as Juliet.
    - Terry O'Quinn as Locke.
    - Harold Perrineau as Michael.

The New Actors/Actresses
    - Ken Leung – Miles (one of the people on Naomi’s freighter).
    - Lance Reddick – Matthew Abbadon (possibly connected to the freighter).
    - Jeremy Davies – Daniel Faraday (one of the people on Naomi’s freighter).
    - Jeff Fahey – Frank Lapidus (possibly one of the people on Naomi’s freighter).
    - Fisher Stevens – Minkowski.
    - Rebecca Mader – Charlotte (one of the people on Naomi’s freighter).
    - Andrea Roth.

As always, however, character names and parts are subject to change.


Trailer Filmed From the ABC Commissary
The Orchid Station Trailer
Commercial For "Lost: Missing Peaces" (With Scenes from Season Four)
Theoretical Trailer
Trailer 1
Trailer 2 (Extended Promo)
Trailer 3
Trailer 4
Trailer 5
Australian Promo
Trailer 6
Trailer 7

"Lost: Missing Pieces"…

"Lost: Missing Pieces" are thirteen Mobisodes (episodes for mobile phones) that tell some additional stories of 'Lost.' These new scenes, which are not merely scenes deleted from previous episodes, reveal answers and new details about a number of characters. For each of the thirteen Mobisodes, the fans are intended to determine where each of these pieces fit into the overall mythology. In addition, the new stories that the Mobisodes present come from the creative team behind 'Lost' and the Mobisodes feature the show's main actors. Here is the official site for "Lost: Missing Pieces." Feel free to watch the Mobisodes on the official site. Additionally, here are the titles for the 'Missing Pieces:'

(1) The Watch
(2) Hurley and Frogurt
(3) King of the Castle
(4) The Deal
(5) Operation: Sleeper
(6) Room 23
(7) Arzt’s and Crafts
(8) Buried Secrets
(9) Tropical Depression
(10) Jack, Meet Ethan. Ethan? Jack
(11) Jin Has a Temper-Tantrum on the Gold Course
(12) The Envelope

'Lost' On DVD

The Complete First Season
The Complete Second Season
The Complete Third Season
The Complete Third Season (Blu-ray)

Other 'Lost'-Related Threads

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The Official “The Lost Experience” Thread...
Season Three of 'Lost' Fan-Fiction Adventure!!!
Lost - i dont get.....
LOST...Spoilers??? What's behind it all maybe?
LOST! i got into the Dharma Initiative Site!!! check it out!

'Lost' Sites

The TailSection
Wikipedia’s 'Lost' Page
SpoilerFix’s 'Lost' Page

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 09:37 PM
Season 4 Promo from New Zealand...

Kristin on the Freighter people...

Question: Are the new people annoying on Lost?

Kristin: I am happy to report that they are less annoying than last year's additions Paulo and Nikki. Okay, that isn't saying much, but I can tell you that the crew of the freighter is pretty interesting. One of them has direct ties to Oceanic Airlines and even though it's not Penny's boat, the name Widmore is not unfamiliar to them.

New TV Guide Scans...

Season 3 - Behind the scenes set photos...

Elizabeth Mitchell on the view...

Jorge on the strike...

Q :Luckily for us your the only person that we can at least really get some info about the show because of the strike. By all accounts would say it would be safe to say that Lost S4 will officially only be 8 episodes now? I mean I'm sure the second the strike is over you guys will go back to filming but I doubt ABC would show the remaining 8 after May. With the time given now would you say it would be possible to complete the remaining 8?

Jorge answer : I believe we are still within the time frame that would allow us to finish the season without disrupting the flow of the season. But obviously that window is closing fast.

Directors Guild Deal With Studios Could Point Way To Writers Pact...

Studios, WGA plan to meet...

Here is something cool:

'Lost' Swag Auctioned Off to Support Striking Writers...

Oh yeah, only nine days left until the Season Four premier .

posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 09:04 AM
I just saw a news bit about LOST images and clues in Marvel comics over at I'm a DC comics guy, so does anyone have any images or scans of these? Anything is greatly appreciated!

posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 09:46 PM

Originally posted by zoom factor 32
I just saw a news bit about LOST images and clues in Marvel comics over at I'm a DC comics guy, so does anyone have any images or scans of these? Anything is greatly appreciated!

I haven't heard about this, but thanks for sharing. Here is some new stuff:

Interview with Jorge Garcia...

New Billboards appearing...

Episode 4.08 - Meet Kevin Johnson...

New Season 4 Promo...

Special Enhanced Season 3 Finale...

Enhanced Version Includes On-Screen Facts and Back Story

Get ready for the Season Four premiere of “Lost” with a special presentation of the Season Three two-hour finale, “Through the Looking Glass,” enhanced with on-screen facts and back story about one of the most talked about dramas on television. Whether you already watched the amazing conclusion of “Lost” last season or this is your first time viewing it, the special enhanced “Lost” catches viewers up on the story of the Oceanic 815 survivors in a way you’ve never experienced before. Be there for the enhanced “Lost” Season Three finale, WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 30 at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT on ABC.

The enhanced version of “Lost” will include text on the lower third of the screen and will “let viewers in” on clues in the show, as well as give back story to catch new viewers up for Season Four.

So, here is our schedule:

Wednesday, January 30th: Special enhanced version of the 'Lost' Season Three Finale...

Thursday, January 31st: Season Four Premier...

Let the countdown to the premier resume: only seven days left .


Found this:

Red-Hot Video: Lost Sneak Previews!

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posted on Jan, 27 2008 @ 10:17 PM
Episode 4.03 - The Economist...

Episode: The Economist
Sayid and Kate try to negotiate for Locke's hostage, whom they think might be the key to getting off the island

More leaks than the Titanic...

Season 4 Cast Interview with Sky One...

Another Promo from New Zealand...

New Lost Promo...

MAJOR SPOILERS : Episode 4.01 - Read at your own risk - by Post Produxtion...

Yunjin Kim interview at UGO...

Michael Emerson Interview No. 4,815,162,342...

USA Today article - Character Quotes...

Episode 4.08 - Meet Kevin Johnson - Michael Centric...

I worked as an extra on Lost for the 8th episode of the upcoming 4th season,and I can confirm that it is a Michael-centric episode that takes place between the time he left up until present time on the island. I was one of the extras in NY where Michael ends up and meets Tom. On the set there was a lot of talk about how Tom could be there and there were the theories of the Orchid going around.

And, zoom factor 32, I have found this for you:

Discover "Lost" In Marvel Comics...


Forgot to say that there is only three days left!!!

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posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 04:33 PM
Have you seen yet?

Hints to check this site are popping up as "graffiti" on six billboards in places like Miami, LA, and Sydney.

Looks like it's about the people on Penny's crew.

posted on Jan, 28 2008 @ 07:52 PM

Originally posted by The Big O
Have you seen yet?

I have heard of the game, but I haven't been following closely. I just went on the site for a second (thanks for sharing the link).

Latest from Kristin...

Sky Magazine...

Episode 4.03 - The Economist - Press Release...

New season of ABC's 'Lost' found Thursday, with new struggles to flee island...

Lost Mobisode 13 - So It Begins...

LOST sneak peek from The Daily 10...

Lost Season 4 Oceanic Airlines Break Bumpers...

TV Guide Scans...

This confirms that the character of Frank Lapidus is one of the Freighter People.

LOST - The Synchronizing...

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posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 10:42 PM
Latest from Kristin...

Mike in London: Some people claim you can see the parachutist—who was seemingly killed by Locke at the end of season three—alive and well in the trailer. So, did she survive or not?
She's mostly dead. (Think Princess Bride: "It just so happens that your friend here is only mostly dead. There is a big difference between mostly dead and all dead. Mostly dead is slightly alive...") But her being mostly dead doesn't mean we're done with her story. There's at least one mystery about Naomi left to solve.

Jane in Los Angeles: I'm dying to know what's in store for Desmond in season four. Do you know anything?
Look for more trouble from Desmond's rotten almost father-in-law. I talked to Alan Dale at the SAGs, and he's back as Charles Widmore in two of the first eight episodes of Lost this season. He told me, "I can tell you that I continue to be an absolute asshole to Desmond. I love that they keep coming up with ways I can do that. But Henry's [Ian Cusick] a lovely guy, and I enjoy doing that show." No matter how much I begged, Alan wouldn't divulge the other ep he's guesting on. Got a good guess? Post it in the Comments!

I thought that Naomi might not have been completely dead (especially after I read that she would be guest starring in episodes 4.01. I mean, I thought that it would be weird if they gave her dead body credit in episode 4.01 (and then have her in episode 4.02, which is a Freighter People-centric episode). So, yeah, maybe she can utter a couple of words or something in episode 4.01 and then have a flashback of her in episode 4.02. And I wonder what other episode besides Desmond's will Charles Widmore, Penelope's father, be in? I wonder if it will be episode 4.02 (which will, in my opinion, confirm to all, if it has not already, that he has a hand in finding the island (or maybe it will prove something even more, like he was one of the original people, from the outside world, who knew about the island all along). Or maybe it will be episode 4.08, which might work as a cool cliff-hanger (although, I can think of cooler ones that wouldn't involve him). Any ideas?

Season 4 - Behind the Scenes Set Photos...

Find 815 Wrap-Up Live Podcast...

Has the Alternate Reality Game already ended? I didn't follow it too closely, but I will read about it and catch up (as I did with the The Lost Experience Alternate Reality Game). I will also check out this cool, live podcast show.

Amazon slash Blu-Ray Version of Season 3...

New Sneak Peek to Air on Kimmel...

Sky One - "Utterly Lost"...


Why do I keep on forgetting the more important part: two more days!

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posted on Jan, 30 2008 @ 10:43 PM
I watched the enhanced version of the Season Three finale tonight and I enjoyed it. The text that popped up during the episode was mostly nothing new, but, the old stuff, was a great review. Actually, I can't seem to recall any new information that I learned (but I am sure there were new things). Oh yeah, as far as new information goes, there were minor easter eggs.

Latest from Ausiello...

Question: Lost is tomorrow! We have been waiting for so long! Any scoop? — Nathan
Ausiello: A big premiere demands an even bigger scoop: I'm hearing that a significant death occurs sometime after Episode 4, but before Episode 8.

Significant death, huh? I like this kind of spoiler, as it's not too much unwanted information (and it leaves you with something to think about). I tend to stay clear from any major spoilers. Any guesses on who dies?

Locke and Kate Music Videos...

These music videos, well Locke's at least (I didn't remember seeing Kate's), aired with tonights enhanced Season Three finale.

MAJOR SPOILERS : Episode 4.02 - Confirmed Dead...

MAJOR SPOILERS : Episode 4.01 - Read at your own risk - by Post Produxtion - Part 2...

Episode 4.01 - The Beginning of the End - Sneak Peek 7...

Online Articles and NY Mag mention...

Another ABC Promo...

Episode 4.04 - Eggtown - Books Featured...

Images from Episode 4.01 and 4.02...

Josh Holloway...

Lost Goes Global Promo...

Sawyer Music Video...

This aired during tonight's episode, too.

As a side note, please see my 'Lost:' Season Three Discussion thread, as I have been covering the news about Season Four in the last pages of that thread before I made this one. Here we go fellow Losties: tomorrow night is the big night!

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 07:40 PM
It's here, it's finally here (well in less than half an hour)! I can't believe the wait is over! How exciting is this night? In review, last night was an enhanced version of the Season Three finale. I remember two more (minor) things about this version of the episode: the information that popped up during the episode included some of the inspirations that the producers had and also included some minor additional background information that the viewer may not have known (small stuff that is probably not important to the show itself). One example, I think, was that, in "Through the Looking Glass," when Charlie was tied up in The Looking Glass Station, he was singing a poem written by Dominic Monaghan, the actor that plays Charlie. It's nothing too special, but it was nice learning new information. Tonight, before the Season Premier, there is a recap show entitled 'Lost: Past, Present & Future.' I didn't watch it (it's airing now, if you want to catch the end of it), but I am sure it was alright (I usually am not a fan of the clip-shows). Also, in review, tonight's episode, episode 4.01, is entitled "The Beginning of the End" and it is a Hurley Flashforward episode. Sounds like fun, even though I am not a huge fan of Hurley and his story (mainly because I think of his story as comic relief, but he was, however, the character through which we discovered the numbers). Have fun watching!

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posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 07:50 PM
I'm watching he refresher now. It's about time LOST got going, I"m hooked big time.

I have a new theory on what's on that island based on what the underwater base is named: The Looking Glass

Could the island hold some sort of stargate, or time portal or something?

posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 10:04 PM
Anyone notice the 'Oceanic' commercials that have been playing? They're giving away clues.

The commercial has been playing with other commercials as if to blend in normally, during the show Eli Stone, and this particular one shows flight attendants talking about Oceanic, then a guys face kind of breaks in and says "you Can't trust these people'. Its a new character, I havent seen him before. Then another image of what looks like Oceanic 815 breaks in but shows the plane underwater.


posted on Jan, 31 2008 @ 11:28 PM

Originally posted by PhotonEffect
I'm watching he refresher now. It's about time LOST got going, I"m hooked big time.

Are you a new Lostie?

I have a new theory on what's on that island based on what the underwater base is named: The Looking Glass

Could the island hold some sort of stargate, or time portal or something?

That's a prominent theory that has also been around for quite some time.

Originally posted by PhotonEffect
Anyone notice the 'Oceanic' commercials that have been playing? They're giving away clues.

I haven't seen that commercial. I have just seen advertisements for the commercials (that's weird when you think about it).

The commercial has been playing with other commercials as if to blend in normally, during the show Eli Stone, and this particular one shows flight attendants talking about Oceanic, then a guys face kind of breaks in and says "you Can't trust these people'. Its a new character, I havent seen him before. Then another image of what looks like Oceanic 815 breaks in but shows the plane underwater.


Yes, I saw the advertisement that said the commercial would run during 'Eli Stone.' It must be related to the Alternate Reality Game (in addition to being related to 'Lost'). I have to catch up on the Alternate Reality Game (probably by reading this page).

I really enjoyed this episode. Jack being part of Hurley's flashforward was amazing (especially Jack's "damn it" when he saw that it was Hurley's car involved in the police chase). It seems that this flashforward takes place before Jack's, as Jack mentions that he wishes to grow a beard. I wonder what happens between Hurley's flashforward and Jack's. Jack was a changed man in his flashforward. I really like the character of Matthew Abbadon. He is definitely not an attorney for Oceanic Airlines (I think he is related to the Freighter People). And what of Hurley regretting that he picked being on Locke's team? Wouldn't he wish that he didn't pick Jack in the end (and how does Hurley end up being rescued if he is on Locke's team anyway)? Hurley says that he wishes to go back, so why does he regret being on Locke's team, the team that was filled with people who wanted to stay on the island (or, at least, not get involved with the Freighter People)? There is definitely more to this story. How about the return of Jacob (who might have took the form of Christian Shephard)? Wasn't that a great scene? I wonder who was in Jacob's cabin that startled Hurley. There are so many questions and so many things to discuss. What a great episode! The preview for next week wasn't that great, although I am sure the actual episode will be amazing! It's a Freighter People centric episode, how could it be bad?

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posted on Feb, 3 2008 @ 06:15 PM
Lost scares me. This show is something to learn from; ask lots of good questions. There are lots of flaws though...

I am watching the first episode of season 4 on ABC!

I have to admit, the trailer made me cry.


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posted on Feb, 4 2008 @ 11:47 AM
'Lost' Season 4 Premiere Ratings Are In...

It looks like all of that buzz from the season 3 finale really helped last night's premiere of Lost. The episode pulled in an audience of 16.07 million viewers, which is a 13 percent drop from the season 3 opener, but a vast improvement over the finale, which had 13.65 million. It also kicked butt in the demos, ranking number one in the ever so important 18-49 demographic. The exciting season premiere had the highest ratings of any show airing last night.

As for Eli Stone, which assaulted me with commercials throughout much of the evening, it had 11.62 million viewers. I wonder how many of those watched just to see the Oceanic Airlines commercial?

The Oceanic Golden Pass Commercial...

If you didn't want to sit through ABC's premiere of Eli Stone last night you probably missed the Oceanic Airlines commercial that aired. The commercial, disguised as a promotion for an Oceanic golden pass, was really a way to promote the Lost alternate reality game located at

In the middle of the commercial, ARG character Sam Thomas breaks in to say, "You can't trust these people. Oceanic flight 815: we found it." The commercial then cuts to a quick shot of the flight wreckage, before coming to an end with one of those perky flight attendants telling us that an Oceanic golden pass is our ultimate passport to paradise.

Overall it's a fairly cool commercial, but really nothing new if you've already been playing the Lost ARG.

Easter Eggs for Episode 4.1 "The Beginning of the End"...

In "The Beginning of the End" we caught four big connections to previous Lost episodes. There was the appearance of Ana Lucia's old partner, the happenings inside Jacob's cabin, yet another cameo by the beloved Randy Nations, and an intriguing connection to the third Lost mobisode.

New 'Lost' Video Game Trailer...

Now that we're getting closer to the February 26th release of the Lost: Via Domus video game, Ubisoft is finally giving us a closer look at it. A new trailer for the game shows main character Elliott stumbling upon the smoke monster, Ben and Juliet, the Swan station, and a host of other familiar looking Lost locales and characters.

My biggest concern about this, aside from the terrible track record for tie-in games, are the fake voices used for most of the cast. The faux John Locke was already annoying me by the end of the trailer, so following him around for an entire game will probably be painful. Faux Jack doesn't fair much better. We'll see if these things are a major concern when the Lost game hits stores later this month.

Most characters are not voiced by their actors? Yuck!

Lost: Ratings comeback kid...

A Caravan of Recaps, Sent to Rescue 'Lost' Viewership...

'Lost' roars back with Thurs. win...

Season IV: A New Hope...

Red Five standing by... or make it the Oceanic Six. Widespread industry rumors have it that the writer's guild may be on the verge of a breakthrough settlement to end their strike, possibly in time to save part of the remaining unfilmed half of Lost Season 4.

If you're really under a rock, we noted back in October that the writers were about to go on strike, halting the production of scripted Hollywood TV, including Lost Season 4, a strike that has now lasted three months. And 2 weeks ago we commented on the tentative agreement the director's guild made with the producers about 2 weeks ago here. The progress the directors made put the negotiators for the writers under the gun to make similar progress.

This pressure led to two big guns from the writers (John Bowman, head of the negotiating committee, and the WGA West head honcho David Young) informally meeting with two big producers (News Corp's Peter Chernin and Bob Iger, CEO of Disney which owns ABC and by extension Lost). There was a media blackout that started to break today, with good news.

4x01: They Need You...

In 4x01, after Hurley's interrogation by Big Mike, something funny happens. As Hurley peers into the one-way window separating the room he is in from the observation room, he has a strange hallucination. Instead of seeing a reflection in the mirror, Hurley sees water. Then, a hooded figure, Charlie, swims up to the glass and stretches out his hand. As he does this, the glass shatters, flooding the room and sending Hurley into a panic. Right before the glass explodes, a message can be seen on Charlie's hand. "They Need You". The same message Charlie later delivers to Hurley in person at the nut-house.

4x01: Dharma Shark on Chalkboard?...

Hurley opts to be readmitted to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute in 4x01, "The Beginning of the End". Ahh, yes... the circle is complete. Does it make the show a little bit of a downer to know they are all going to all end up sad and depressed in the future? Hurley is attempting to relive island life, perhaps, with some serious chalkboard art. In the background, we see a chalkboard with what appears to be an island scene drawn on it. There is also a raft, and a shark! Maybe, it's Dharmy the Sharky! Is Hugo recreating the adventures of the rafters from Season 1?

4x01: Hurley's Painting...

Besides possibly drawing on chalkboards at SRMHI, Hurley has also picked up more traditional forms of art. In 4x01, "The Beginning of the End", Hurley is seen working on a masterpiece before zombie Charlie appears. In stunning watercolor detail, the image captures Eskimo life at it's finiest. A warmly dressed man is depicted leaving his igloo with spear in hand. No doubt he is on his way to hunt Polar Bears.

4x01: More Art from SRMHI...

"The Beginning of the End" Wins the Night...

Watch LOST in HD on the Internets (free!)...

Did you know you can watch episodes of LOST online? In HD? For free? Legally? Well, if you didn't, now you do. This is a great way to take a second look at your favorite LOST episodes. Or maybe you missed something in last night's show and don't have it TIVO'd? Don't fret, you can check it out on the internets! That's right, Al Gore has hooked us up once again! Thanks to ABC and AOL, you can view episodes of LOST from the current season and past seasons right HERE. It's not the most user-friendly system I've seen, but the SEARCH works pretty good. Just type in the season or episode title you are looking for (example: "lost season 3" will return all season 3 episodes). Of course, you can still find LOST episodes in Itunes and XBOX Live as well.

4x01: A Closer Look inside the Cabin...

Today I went back and exported nearly 500 jpegs from the cabin scene in LOST 4x01, "The Beginning of the End". I enhanced the photos by adjusting curves to bring out details, and I think this helps solidify a few assumptions of who is in the cabin (or at least, who appears to be in the cabin - or maybe, who the thing in the cabin chooses to manifest itself as). Of course, all of this raises a brand new set of questions for us to consider. For a more detailed look at the cabin sequence, follow the jump and read the rest of this article.

This closer look pretty much confirms that Christian Shepard, in some form, appears inside the cabin. In addition, the eye seen through the window definitely appears to be John Locke's (which I've included a comparison of). I also included an image of Jacob from Season 3, which indicates a different appearance altogether. We know something on the island is able to appear as other people (Locke sees Walt, Eko sees Yemi, Jack sees his father, Kate sees her horse, Hurley sees Dave, etc). Is Jacob behind all these visions? If so, why does he take the form of Christian in this occurence? Click the image below to view large.

Is the End Nigh for the WGA Strike?...

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 05:37 AM
I am watching the second episode of season 4 on ABC online!


I thought I saw someone sitting in the chair in the 1st episode, but decided not to slow it down...

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 06:25 PM
Fellow Lostaholics!

Ok, i have never posted in BTS before, normally hang out in ATS only, but i needed to hear some thoughts on an idea i have come up with after watching the second episode of season 4

I hope this is the right place....

NB: I also post on Yahoo7's AUstralian Lost board and this is a direct cut n paste job (with a few edits) of my post there....

Let me know what you all think.....


ok, maybe the single most important and interesting find of the entire show was made/revealed - the polar bear in the desert with a Dharma logo on it!!!


Been thinking about that for quite a while this morning (well over breakfast at least anyway) and can think only one thing - there just HAS to be a time travel aspect to this.

Think about it. They find a polar bear, in a desert, with a Dharma Hydra station logo on it, and claim its millions of years old

SO what's the chances, and stay with me here, that the cages that Kate and Sawyer (or James as everyone seems to say now) were in housed that exact polar bear.

The polar bear was then likely used in some kind of time travel experiment and then later found by Charlotte in modern era?

I dont see ANY other way it could be.

Unless the island as we know it is millions of years old. BUt this makes no sense. HOw could that be? There is no pyschics or quantum anything that could explain that away.

So i think we have our first REAL answer:


Now i dont know how electromagnetics comes into this but it must somehow seeings as they are so loving their little electromagnetics experiments.

There has been MANY references to HO recently. Charlie appearing to Hurley near the Hoho's in ep 1, Jack only reaching H-O in his HORSE game with Hurley and another one i've forgotten.

H-O is Holmium which i'm fairly sure has something to do with Electromagnetism - which we all know has PLETY to do with Dharma and the island in some way.

OK, so with that in mind, check this link out NOW:

It is explaining EXACTLY how electromagnetism works to manipulate time!!

Here's an excert:

"With respect to what I've mentioned, I believe Einstein's theory of relativity states that if an electromagnetic wave were to (somehow) be propagated at velocities beyond the speed of light, then that wave would move backward in time."

So what we are simply stating is this:

* An electromagnetic wave moves at a particular rate
* We speed that rate up to greater then the speed-of-light
* For whatever reason, that electromagnetic wave now moves BACKWARDS in time!

SO from a Dharma perspective all that would need to be done to send polar bears back in time is to either:

a) Transform the polar bear into a wave-like state; or
b) Devise something to allow the polar bear to 'ride' the electromagnetic wave

Either way, that bear is going back in time!!

So, the obvious question - how does this relate to everything??

HOw does it relate to Ben?

Perhaps Ben is the guy who knows the secret of that last step i posted, which pretty much allows people to time travel.

Perhaps Ben IS a time traveler, knows the past/future, and therefore has information these new guys (Dan, Miles, Charlotte, Frank) want.

Perhaps these experiments have stuffed something major up and Ben is the only one who knows how to fix it up.

But if all this is time travel as everything at the moment is REALLY pointing to, then how does that give us answers to all our questions?

How does time travel help answer:

The other realities/dimensions
The pregnant woman thing
The numbers
The island's healing properties
Walt re-appearing
Hurley's abilities
The hatch implosion in season 2 finale
Danielle Rousseau and her team
Montard's arm
The four-toed statue
Black Rock
Adam and Ever skeletons

you get the idea.

I think some of those questions could actually be answered quite easily but i cant do all the work ;0)

ok just a thought about Ben - and i'm kinda going in stupid ideas mode now...

Perhaps everything on the island revolves around Ben.

Perhaps he is the one who brought Black Rock to the island.

Perhaps he is the one who brought Dharma to the island.

Perhaps he is the one who brought the others/hostiles to the island.

Perhaps he is the one who is one of the two 'Adam and Eve' skeletons.

Perhaps he is somehow Jacob (although that is now unlikely considering that Jacob was obviously Christian Sheppard in S04E01)

Perhaps he is the one who brought Smokie to the island and forgets what he did to create it.

This is all only possible through him knowing the secrets of time travel and for whatever reason constantly returning to the island at different points in history.

I dont know, but im definitely starting to think that the island is not lost in another dimension but instead is lost in time.

Remember, the show was originally going to be called The Circle. I have always thought this was a big clue. Time travel would fit into a never-ending circle type scenario perfectly.

Wow, just when i thought Lost couldn't get any better they throw this out there...

And all this theorising based on only ONE one minute scene of probably the best episode in a LONG time!!!


posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 07:49 PM
Hey there Srsen. was that the best episode or what?! I been waiting all day for someone to comment. I didnt want to spoil for anyone that may have not been been able to watch yet.
Anyways, that polar bear scene sold it for me and I'm with you. I'm about 99% sure its got to be a time travel thing going on there. The other 1% has me thinking something else kinda out there. I aint to sold on it, but what do you think of the hollow earth theory? Granted it doesnt really stick well for the bear scenario.
I know hollow earth theories generally follow with the hole being at the each or one of the poles and include more land mass once inside. But have they ever really shown the sun on the show? Perhaps they did and I'm not remembering. But with Faraday mentioning the sunlight scattering, it made me think that perhaps they might not have taken notice of the sunrise/set due to A) density of the jungle and B) depending where they are on the beach.
Plus, if it is time travel - how did the boat, submarine and the chopper get there?
Like I said, hollow earth - way out there. Time travel most likely, but I am on board.
As soon as they said 'Ursa..." I knew they were going to say polar bear.

And how sinister did Lipidus get the second Juliette gave away her identity? "Miles, this ones a native!" She was all nice doctoring him up and what does he do? No time for questions - give her to the guy with the gun.

Lets hope those execs in Hollywood get it together before our 8 episodes are up. This seasons already tense.


posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 08:24 PM
Spkiedmilk, mate - bloody awesome episode. One of the best yet and i cant believe how well season 4 has started - just blowing me away.

you know, you make a really good point with the sun - i also cannot recall ever seeing the sun in a shot. I know it's not something that would generally be noticed but i just cant ever recall seeing it. And that comment by Dan was either put in JUST to throw us or was something we are meant to think bout...

I'm all for Hollow Earth, to explain the sun at least, but i just cant work out (well many things, but specifically) how they would crash a plane and end up inside the Earth.

I would love a Hollow Earth-based storyline but there are, at the moment, too many holes in that idea to really run with it. It's very good thinking though as its actually something i hadnt even considered - and trust me, i thought i had considered all theories!

I have been leaning towards multiverse theory, quantum physics and alternate realities/dimensions for the longest time to explain most events in Lost, but i could never work out how electromagnetism worked into that.

But with the time travel theory i have at last found an idea which requires electromagnetism to work. Only time will tell (no pun intended)...

posted on Feb, 8 2008 @ 09:21 PM
I wont disagree at all that the "hollow earth theory" is full of holes, I truly only base that on the whole sun aspect. But multi-verse - now thats another another good one! Who's to say Jack didnt go to his own funeral? Plus, the wreckage on the bottom of the technically still on the island!

The time travel aspect seems the obvious choice, I'm afraid they might throw us a curveball and screw us all up (sweeps week)
. Again tho, the polar bear seems to make it the clincher. Plus I wonder if that was part of the purpose of the "Looking Glass Station" as it did have the dock for the submarine.

Interesting side note in regards to 'Dan Faraday' and his comment about the light and how it scatters.....

I looked up Michael Faraday on wikipedia today, rather giving you his life story...heres the part that stuck out the most.....

....He established that magnetism could affect rays of light....


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