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I really need help understanding everything going on now. Who should i be worried about, who should

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posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 02:09 PM
so i just finished watching the movie, the kingdom, and i want to get on the right track as to who i should be worried about, who is killing who, the reasons behind this, etc...

why are the terrorist so mad at us? there has to be a deeper reason for the hatred.

who are we fighting, and how is it looking? any end?

are a majority with us, or against us?

why do they praise allah and kill people, but others praise allah, and dont do what the terrorist do?

pretty much, i need links to any and everything about whats going on now. the start, the middle, and the current. any questions you can ask yourself about terrorism, is a question i have, and need answers to.

thanks for any help. im trying to educate myself on the situation

posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 02:18 PM
Great question. I good place to start is here: Terrorism 101.

I suggest a visit to your local library, too. Despite the sense that the media is in cohorts with government, you can pick up much needed information from the broadsheets. Read as many as you can, and pick a diverse group. European papers (most have English-language versions online) are great, because they do offer an opinion vastly different than that presented to a U.S. audience. That said, papers such as the NY Times, Washington Post and Wall Street Journal have much to offer.

Be wary of forums such as this one. Forums are a great place for debate, but probably not the best place to be if you haven't got a strong handle on your own thoughts yet.

Good luck to you. Wish everyone wanted to be as informed as you do!

Check out my blog: Esoterica in America

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