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UFO downs fighter

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posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 10:40 AM
I'm interested in tracking down the following information...

It would seem that a British Spitfre was downed by the actions of a Foo Fighter in 1944 over Denmark and the pilot was killed...The Bob White investigation has turned up *secret papers* in the American archive relating to this and it would seem that the retrieval was undetaken by the American CIC unit...

This poses the following questions...

What was the name of the pilot, and what was his mission. Was he flying solo on a reconassaince mission or was he part of a squadron action?

Denmark was under German occupation at the time, so who first viewed the wreackage? The Germans? The Danish resistance?

Who found the artifact?

Did the Danish resistance smuggle it away from the site and hand it over when the liberation arrived?

Did the Germans find the artifact and hand it over to the Americans post war?

Why wasn't the artifact given to the Brits, as it was their aircraft. Or was it a Spitfire flying for the Americans? Did the Americans actually fly Spitfires on active Ops in 1944?

If the crash happened in 1944 and retrieval was 1945 why does the phrase *Flying saucer* appear in the report when no-one was actually using it at that time and it wasn't a military term anyway, it was coined by the Press in 1947..

Or, was the wreackage left as a war grave where it fell and not recovered until after 1947 when someone realised, that this could have implications, asre UFOs?

I think these questions need to be answered

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