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Video: Alex Jone's Endgame: Blueprint for Global Enslavement

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 07:17 AM

Originally posted by TrueAmerican
The only people who can stop this are those with the guns. Big guns. They need to wake up.

As noble as this may sound, it is the same method/ideology as those who are the 'oppressors'. One tyranny will be replaced by another tyranny until each individual wakes up and take responsibility for their own waking moment.

True change cannot take place using the same tools that got us in the mess to begin with. This is a lot deeper and the root is simple: Ego. (Eckhart Tolles A new earth goes a long way to describing whats going on and what a New Earth would really be like.)

The need for weapons, again, and the idea of forcing ones opinion and beliefs on another is no different than what already exist. We have free will, and for better or worse we have to allow that to exist. You think your right, they think they are right...the problem hence lies within the very concept of 'right' and 'you are wrong'.

Its all stories, and everyone thinks there story is better than the next.

As for the video, its nice hearing (not hearing) Alex screaming. As Im sure this style is 'cool' to many, he was trying to reach a larger audience who may not perhaps react as well to what appears to be the rantings of a raving lunatic. (again, this is in reference to the typical constant screaming) On this end, it was well dont - the video - to reach a larger audience.

As for transhumanist.
Technology is neither good nor bad, its only what it is in the hands of those who have it.
It should not be feared and should not be kept from being adopted due to fear...this fear is the same as its opposite that it opposes. The fear creates a different type of oppression.

The more people that embrace the technology, the more that the few cannot use it to control them. See, even in the video it said (I believe in clip 8) that technology even scares the elite. Why is this?

If the masses wake up to the beauty of the potential of the tool, before they are oppressed by it - then the game is over for the elite. Its that simple.

By making fear of the technology, people oppose it, and yet they continue to have the edge on the possibilities and potentials of such said technology.

This may not be clear at first, but I will ask before you dismiss the concept, to ponder it over a bit. Its easy to be polarized...we love living at one end of the poles. When we switch, its to the opposite side, yet they are one in the same...both cold.

Time, perhaps, to take a middle ground, where it is warmer.
But this word is perhaps doomed as soon as I typed it, as there is so much negative connotation to the term "middle ground". Lets say this then. Go above the ground and see both poles, and that which lies between, and have a "higher perspective" on things, and one of "unity" where the two poles can be seen to be connected by the middle ground.

Words are pointers, easy to get lost in what we think they mean according to the translation that our grid system applies to it from how it was conditioned by our given milieu.

"All we have to fear is fear itself" - All we have to fear then is nothing.
Jesus even said it, Paul repeated it constantly...yet most people (ironically Christians) are some of the most fearful people in the world.

Drop the fear, embrace the potential of life - in all forms (technology, etc) and then this will naturally arrest the power from any elite that there is.

Otherwise it is tit-for-tat and the poles just flip from one to the other, and the nature is the same. (cold) and a true alternative (warmth) is not there. (Love. Love your neighbor as yourself. Love is acceptance of yourself and another where they are.)

Given this, we will have a new earth.

Population problem...of course there isnt, the earth is big enough.
Sure we need to re-think how we interact with the earth, but thats another story in and of itself.


dAlen - dum spiro spero!

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 08:55 AM
This video left me feeling very indecisive ... about whether to continue to be adamant in not having any children, or to go ahead and have 20.
I should get started.

On a serious note, one of the many things it brought to mind is why are these wealthy old men who make the rules opposed to abortion if they believe in depopulating the planet ?

Definitely a must see for all, as much as it upset me I am glad I had the opportunity to view this on ATS and I am also grateful we have people like Alex Jones who dig around the garbage being spewed up for us all to smile, nod and swallow as truth.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 09:12 AM
As I see it the word has been out for awhile on what is going on and most people just don't care. It seems if it doesn't involve you directly then who cares.

Look at the stock market and how they are going to keep us busy with the thought of getting a free 800.00 bucks. We can be bought so cheaply, how sad.

All they have to do is shut us off, no communications, no power to keep warm or cool. No power to so foods don't spoil. We are basically screwed because we have become fat and lazy and expect others to do the work.

As an example so many deny chemtrails well on day if you ever wake up it might just be to late.

Many here have tried to ask you to wake up observe your surroundings.

Do you love you family???????????????????????????????????????????????

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 10:54 AM
Ok, Im not gonna start Alex bashing right now, and actually I think he does good work but, i do have some gripes. First and foremost we have to remember he is one of the leaders in a booming industry ill just call the conspiracy industry. He has undoughtly carved out a big nitche for himself in a market thats probably only runnerup to porn on the net. Conspiracies pay this man's bills!!!!! If you watch his early work pre 911 and even all the way up to endgame you will see that he will take actual facts put some of his ideology in there and then close it off with some more facts. I guess you could call it a fact sandwitch fact,ideology, All his documentries are formated like this. Their is one more thing he does that is very clear, he cross references his own meterial, I believe it was the matrix of evil doc, he litterally said i found this at info Maybe i cant explain this that well but if you watch his early stuff he does it a few times.

p.s. Ive been hovering around this site for a few years and quite frankly ive been too intimidated to sign up but my thirst for knowledge and the fact i cant confide with my wife or hardly anybody around me about topics on this site make my signing up here that much more inportant.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 03:01 PM
Thanks to Alex Jones and ATS for providing this video. Amazing.

At 15:30 of the 3rd video when they see Ahmed Chalabi, you can hear Alex Jones yell, "HEY CHALABI...(inaudible)." He cracks me up.

Does anyone have any information to debunk this? I've heard of most of the organizations and groups, but I've never seen the quotes and ideals that they release publicly.

Where is the media on this?

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 05:35 PM
Yea Right Alex Jones is making a fortune by letting this video be seen by all for free. Whatever.

And the media now reads what is sees on the prompter. There is no more main stream investigative journalism on the big networks anymore. I repeat the media, Lou Dobbs, Hannity ect...Read what is on the prompter and nothing more.

The biggest threat to world peace the American people are facing and indeed the entire world is facing is coming from right here in America.

I always thought, growing up in the bible belt, that Russia or China was going to be the bringers of strife and war to this planet as was preached to me over and over and over and over again almost every single time I attended church service. But now I see the truth. It is America, my beloved country home of the greediest fu*#er's I have ever seen in my entire life that is going to be the downfall of all we cherish.

So let's all get our tax rebate and buy that big flat screen T.V. and let us forget that were are being ruined as I write this.

Can't wait to see the video.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 08:11 PM

Originally posted by biggie smalls
reply to post by

This video is pretty relevant to what is happening with the economy these days.

Make sure you have your cupboard stocked and your boots ready to roll if need be.

I wouldn't want to be a slave for the rest of my life...Don't know bout you.

The problem is that you and your children are already being conditioned to be a slave. In the movie they talked about 1984 and Brave New World. That things were being tipped to Brave New World. More than likely it will be a mixture of both books.

If you don't know either book, 1984 would be more like Hitler's Natzi Germany, and all the spy cameras being put up in cities today along with a healthy dose of paranoia, and spying and reporting on each other such as reporting supposedly abused children to children services. The state used war against its own citizens to keep them in line. Then they would blame an invisible enemy. They did everything in their power to dumb down its citizens by simplifying everything to measuring units to words. It didn't matter if people were correct in their usage, except for those who needed to be correct. The general citizenry could believe 2+2=7 for all they care, and it was expected that people couldn't spell correctly let alone read very well. Someone building a house would need to know 2+2=4.

Everyone would eventually be dragged to a place that would fully condition them. They would use any excuse they could come up with even lies. Until then, they would direct a person's every day and minute if possible. They used the children to spy and report on others including their own mother and father. The system made all children go to school at an early age, and conditioned the children to love the state and distrust their parents. If the parents did anything the child didn't like or try to discipline the child in any way, the state would take the parent in to be conditioned. Everyone was kept in an extreme form of poverty, until they were fully conditioned through terror and torture.

Brave New World deals with conditioning of the population from birth. The children are genetically engineered from the embryo. Remember the movie talking about genetically altering a child from the egg. A couple of other fiction movies carried out that exact same theme. An unaltered person was lucky to get a job, and they could forget about a decent job. In the book, the state immediately takes control of them from birth. They are trained to like and dislike certain things, which will be deeply breaded into them from childhood. The state controls people through drugs and pleasure. They deal much more with conditioning.

In today's world, the school systems want us to hand our children over to them at earlier and earlier ages. They see nothing wrong with handing babies over to day care centers so mom can go to work, but in doing so the mother and child bond is starting to be broken. Then there are many children diagnosed as hyper active in one for or another whether they truly are or not and are drugged for that. I have heard that Ritlan given to children is addictive, and as adults they try get their hands on that or some other similar illegal drug. Adults take a midrid of drugs from pain killers, sleeping pills, to illegal drugs.

The book introduces a society that was totally open to sex. They had no taboos against it, and actually encouraged it. Used it as another way to pacify its citizens. They also used what I would call a state sanctioned form of spirituality.

Other ways we are being conditioned in today's age is through the increase of gas and gas tax. Of course a tax on the gallons of gas isn't enough for them, since cars are being made more efficient. There are talks about taxing by the mileage instead. The gas will even be more expensive to buy, so there fore we will be driving less. Then there are all the proposed new toll roads, which will make it even more costly to go from one place to another place.

We have been conditioned to having security cameras everywhere. Those cameras are suppose to be for security purposes only, but have also been used as spy cameras. Now these cameras are placed at stop lights and such. Are they really there for our protection.

I still wonder about all the TV's and stations having to be switched from analog to digital. We are also compliant about the new airport security. Just a few years ago, we would have been up in arms about most of this.

If society has become more compliant about these things, what more will society become compliant about in the future? After all we still have families to take care of, property to try to hold on to, and ourselves to protect.

Those who are not compliant are in overwhelmingly low numbers. Many who do know, ask what can I do against such a huge and powerful system/beast. It isn't done growing in power yet. The end times are happening as for told in Revelations.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 12:06 AM
Interesting film. I watched all of it. I'm not sure exactly what it is the Bilderbergers are doing, however it probably isn't good.

Also, someone mentioned Lou Dobb's scathingly. I'm not one to argue, however isn't he the one who is actually mentioning the North American Union? Maybe it's a different guy, but one of the mainstream media guys is actually covering it but I think he's the only one.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 12:09 AM
reply to post by Mystery_Lady

You're preaching to the preached sister

The world is a messed up place to live, even more so when you start to understand the bigger picture.

I wouldn't worry too much about me, I've got plans of my own.

Keep your head up
the fight isn't over "Till the fat lady sings" as a previous poster mentioned.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 11:35 AM
reply to post by Malynn

They all are talking about the NAU. Don't be fooled by Lou Dobbs rants about the Bush Administration. His purpose is to make us THINK we are getting two sides of the same story. Take a look at who owns CNN, MSNBC ect....

It's a facade. There is no investigative journalism anymore in the main stream media. Our own officials have and are selling us out quicker than we can get to the electronics store to buy the latest flat screen T.V. with our tax rebate checks.

I say again. Lou Dobbs, Hannity ect... report on what they are told to report on and nothing else.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 11:58 AM
The one thing I would like folks to remember most about this video is the radio interview Alex did with the Rothchild heir about global warming in which Alex asked him 'what about Mars and the moons of Jupiter and Saturn are our SUV's warming up them as well?' in which the Rothchild heir replied 'well those planets are closer to the sun than ours'

Please let that one sink in. They actually think were stupid enough to believe it. Great video.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 12:12 PM
Alex Jones has been on top of his game at taking chances for a long time now. My hat is off to him cause even if he does a bit of the flare of his own here and there, he is doing the "viewing" public a service of doing the homework for which the rest of us should be doing.

So what can we do to spread the word to others, who are still not fully awake. Its just good old fashion word of mouth. Conversations about these subjects with friends seems to come up more and more. Or better yet, bring the subjects up yourself. See how others feel and then just share information. If they are truly interested, more questions will be asked and requests for more information will follow.

It is all about knowing whom you talk to however. In todays world, it would seem they are working on slamming the door shut on what people can talk about. Sounds paranoid, but there are laws calling out for informants. The best way to share information is to let it out in bits and see how others react and then go from there. I call it the Johnny Appleseed affect. Plant a seed in anothers mind and eventually it will germinate and grow. Then the desire to learn more usually takes root. Others are not as dumb as some make them out to be. But always keep in mind free will of choice, cause you can not force a change, it must take root all on its own to have meaning and gain results. If others do not want to bit, it is OK just to let them go about their way.

There was comment about Russia. They too have those in postions of power to affect the change that the so called elite wish to direct, but there seems to be a genuine flare at times for Russians to create their own direction which makes them often a wild card. All I will say is that do not judge by what you have been taught, cause it will not serve your better interests when the time comes.

I would like to share an intersting event that took place when I was but a senior in high school. Our Russian studies class always took a bunch of students to Russia during the winter break. When they returned, they would share what they learned from meeting Russian teens. What was shared when they got back was the Russian youth told our youth that in Russia everyone knows that we are being controlled and lied to, unlike in your country where the control and lies are manipulating you and your countrymen and you do not even realize it.

Oh how so true!

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 01:05 PM
I think his videos are *very* informative, I take my hat off to this guy, he is busting a gut trying to educate people as much as possible into what these so-called secret cabal of elites are really upto.

He does say quite alot in his videos that "history repeats itself" and he's making a very good point...just my 2 pence worth.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 01:11 PM

I think you have said what i was trying to say - but a hundred times better.

thumbs up to you Jonar

planting a seed and trying to gently coax people out of the robot reality has got to be a good thing

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 04:05 PM
Right, great film but couldve been better: (Pollution is killing millions yearly, & alex jone's claims that plants breath CO2, are correct, but I don't see plants breathing SMOKE, (what's coming out of your car is more than just CO2, & I think it's more than just CO2 causing climate change, so to say Global warming is a complete scam is a threat to the credibliity of the rest of what he says, even though it's clearly correct, & that's what makes it sad; People who see Alex Jones as the head of the truth movement will go with his thinking about GW as well, & continue to give us an excuse to stay on this life-threatening path of business as usual. - Checkout my posts on this page, |I have no time to repeat myself.

(at the bottom of the page)

[edit on 23-1-2008 by criticalunity]

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 05:19 PM
reply to post by mek12

Right, uh hum; I heard that radio show live, & it was ridiculous, when he said 'but that's because those planets are closer to the Sun, my friend, and Rochild is a twit, but he is not a good environmentalist. - He's just one of them that are using the issue to get their NWO, but it is a real issue, & end game would'vebeen better if he stated that the vested interests in big oil are keeping us in poverty & holding back clean technologies that would reduce the ammount of premature deaths caused by air pollution.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 05:26 PM
you know its interesting. My wife and I are both conspiracy theorists, however we take completely different views on what to do.

My wife looks as us all as being gerbals, and we are being conditioned to be in large cages, with percieved freedom to run around and do whatever a gerbal wants to do, provided it goes to the gerbal wheel and runs daily to accomplish its task to be feed. She acknowledges that the world is corrupt, and that freedom is an illusion, but she would rather live in the illusion than to fight against it, as the entire reality of freedom, independence, free will are easier to absorb if you acknowledge that you can't do anything, and thus give up and live happily in it.

I on the other hand, well I don't agree with her at all, and we'll leave it at that.

The point is, if you realise that its an illusion, and happily live within the illusion, will you be better off when the NWO takes over? We all now what will happen to those that fight the NWO take over, so the question becomes, is it worth fighting for, is it worth dieing for, and are you willing to cast a death sentence on your entire family for your beliefs?

When put in that perspective, while I hate the concept of the NWO, and everything it stands for, we are living it now, they already have the control, and the power. If they wanted you to disappear, they would, and could make it happen. Not only you, but your entire family too.

I think I shall go back to living in my gerbal house, and running on my gerbal wheel, and happily live out my days within the NWO, cause the only way to stop it is to be a terrorist, and that I don't have the stomach for.

Do I think the NWO will fail, no. Are they in control, yes. Will they give up that control, no, and there not the ones that are going to die for there beliefs, you will.

Best of luck and whatever God you believe in, I hope that they bless, but this gerbal is just going to keep on running.



posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 06:35 PM

They all are talking about the NAU. Don't be fooled by Lou Dobbs rants about the Bush Administration. His purpose is to make us THINK we are getting two sides of the same story. Take a look at who owns CNN, MSNBC ect....

Yes, I know that the mainstream media is all owned by giant corporations (and a very small number of them at that.) I wasn't endorsing Lou Dobbs by saying "at least he's covering it". I was just replying to those who were saying this isn't being covered by the MSM. It is just not very well.

posted on Jan, 23 2008 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by criticalunity

The problem is that they want a tax on CO2, and not on all the other harmful stuff that comes out of smoking and car exhausts. Coupled with the idea that they believe the planet is already over populated, the CO2 tax is nothing more than a right to breathe and live tax.

posted on Jan, 24 2008 @ 01:42 AM
reply to post by camain

You know, you make an extremely good point. But i wait for the day the people oof the US , at least, wake up and realize that no ones gonna give us our country back, we are going to have to take it back. When that day comes, and believe will come eventually, i will be there to make a stand and give my life for this land. If i have to fight to my death to oppose tyrants that would walk on the people of this country and use them to realize there dream of ultimate control.

But thats prolly a ways the meantime i need a job and some green to get me through this f*ck*d country...

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