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Are religions based in mythology? And why do we need them?

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posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 04:37 PM
Religion is not based on mythology. That's a falicy.

Religion is a spiritual belief system with a number (x) believers of that spiritual based belief system. That base of religion can be a story made up by someone like in "scientology". That religion can be based around primative beliefs in nature like "peganisim".

Hell, if you wanted to get a group of friends together, and we wanted to believe the new deliverer was a old dog sunning itself on a porch, we could make a religion out of that as long as we get enough people to go along with it.

Mythology is added in to help transition the human mind to the new way. The christian religion is based on many facts, and it also has a good does of mythology and old religion mixed in.

you people need stop seeing what you want and see what is true.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 05:32 PM
Thanks for the many replies in this thread so far, although most didnt even bother to answer the questions I asked.

If we look at some of the oldest cultures in the world, that still have actual living people among us, such as the mayans, hopi indians and other indian tribes etc.
They all seem to believe in somekind of "father" in the sky, and the earth being our "mother".
They turned to nature, the stars and the sun and so did many older cultures.

I believe that religions like hindu, cristianity, Islam and most others are actually altered versions of the same ancient beliefs.
Witch is a "circle of life" with nature and the universe, and the Creator (father), is referring to the invisible forces of the universe, witch holds the physical and visible universe together, including the earth (mother) and people.

The unconditional love we have for our children, family and friends, and once had for nature aswell, was understood as the gift of the "gods", and our socalled spirit/soul.
And this "feeling" was believed to exist in everything, from rocks to trees, rivers, earth etc.

Todays religion seems to take no notice of the importence in living in harmony with nature, and focus more on worthshipping the unknown forces instead of taking care of the visible forces such as nature.

The old cultures where hunters and catherers and not farmers promoted in todays religions.

Some of the old indian cultures in America actually warned the white man several times about what would happen if the law of nature wasnt followed, and quess what... Nature is biting back exactly as foretold...

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 06:33 PM

Originally posted by Bluess
Thanks for the many replies in this thread so far, although most didnt even bother to answer the questions I asked.

good point. it seems everyone was just out to discredit the post without reading through it.

- Why do I believe in this religion?

Opium for the masses, indeed - but opium for unanswerable questions as well. My religion helps me get through those really abstract god concepts, without my head exploding. It serves that function, and helps rationalize mistakes and vices. I am very aware of that though. Some people aren't.

- Why do other people believe in other religions?

I can only speculate, but even so, I imagine each person has their own reasons. For some, it may be a crutch, while for others it may be an inspiration.

- Why do some people not believe in religion at all?

- Do I need a religion to live me life?

absolutely not. ironically, religion is only important in regards to what happens after you die. If people weren't concerned with the afterlife, religion would serve almost no purpose whatsoever (I only throw "almost" in there, because I abhor blanket terms).

- Who benifits from the religion I believe in and how?

well, depending on whether it is making a positive impact on your life or not... it could be you, and a great number of other people. Otherwise, it's just a great number of other people.

- What did people believe in before this religion?

The almighty chicken. Or was it the almighty egg? Or was it the almighty chicken?

- have religion lost its true meaning over time?

no, but people stopped caring about the true meaning. it's still there, just harder to find.

- Are the textbooks of the different religions pure written facts?

Frack no. (heh, Battlestar reference :@@

- Does religion really have its base in mythology and have been altered over time?

yes. mythology is basically the study of ancient gods and supernatural events. Religion is just more contemporary.

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