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Photography and videography: Hinst and tips

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 11:31 PM
OK now this may seem so "oh i knew that" or "damn, didn't you know that" BUT, I would like this thread to be a help to any and all members who don't "know it all" or just "forgot".

I was busy looking at some strange stuff in the sky on saturday night. Nope, not UFOs or anything of the extraordinary but just a strange moon. Seems very well "defined" - if i can use that word - and seemed it would make a perfect picture/video.

Ok so i wasn't in the mood to get the camera out and got the video camera out instead.

I placed it on the tripod and aimed it at the moon and it was washed out - over exposed and i couldn't get it to "focus". I even tried manual focus.

OK, so here it comes, i hear you all saying it. Yeah!! Yeah!! MANUAL exposure control. The trouble is, with my stills camera i do all the manual stuff but we get lazy with video cameras and just point and shoot really because it is too much of a hassle to mess with manual exposure and shutter speeds on a video camera at the best of times.

I went into the settings and got into the manual exposure settings and took it down a few "notches" and WAHLAH!!! The moon, in all its glory, came into proper focus. AMAZING - yeah so what you may say.

Well, as this thread says, it's hints and tips. I have taken photos for many years, thought not professional at all, I forgot the manual settings one can use on a VIDEO camera.

So, when you want that perfect night shot of the moon etc - go MANUAL.

I placed a thread some time ago called "what the hell" and if i had thought of it then i would have done a better job on the video/stills with the video camera.

So please use this thead to leave your tips and ideas or even post some of your best pics.

Have fun.


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