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No End in Site

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 06:12 PM
While checking out some books I came across this.. "No End in Site", a book by Charles H. Ferguson. I quickly found out that this book is part of, or an expansion of, a documentary released (i think) early in 2007.

I found it very interesting, but what I found more interesting is the fact that I didnt see anything about it on ATS. It is very likely that I simply missed it, so I did a search. Both the authur and the name of the book/film, and found only one thread with 2 post, none of which contained a link to the film or any info on the auther.

I myself was moved by and even kind of shocked by its contents. I suppose some of it is "old news" as far as ATS is concerned or maybe even irrelavent.

Im wondering if maybe there is something im missing. Seems ATS is the perfect place to discuss this material, unless of course there is something I dont know about the authur of the film which renders it untruthful.

Also Im not sure I posted this in the proper place. If not please accept my apology and move it at will. This also could explain why I didnt find much about it on the site.

Good Day

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