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FOIA: Holloman AFB Sighting 13JAN50 (Possibly:Capella)?

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 02:00 PM
Holloman AFB Sighting 13JAN50 (Possibly:Capella)
This is a sighting of an object over the skies of Holloman by a single witness. This slow moving object was classified as Probably:Capella based on the report.

Document date: 1950-01-13
Department: Unknown
Author: Various
Document type: Report
pages: 6


Archivist's Notes: This file is in good condition with all pages legible. It is interesting that this witness is the same one who reported another sighting the previous day which was classified as Venus. THis object was viewed for a brief periosd of time though the witness described it turning from bright white to green to red erraticly much the same as the day before.

posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 04:04 AM
FOIA: Holloman AFB Sighting 13Jan50(Possibly Capella)

6 page military document which documents a sighting by Pfc John Gusich at Holloman AFB at 6.05am on 13th January 1950.
The first page is the initial report of the sighting.
The second is Lt Col. Doyle Rees’ cover letter to Commanding General Wright-Patterson AFB and then follows the 4 page Report of Investigation. Details are as follows:
Due north of base, same vicinity as a sighting the previous evening.

One object, predominantly white very bright, changed erratically to green and red.

Appeared to be about the same size as Venus, moved erratically up and down, right to left in its general path from east to west.
It was extremely cloudy west, east and south however no clouds in north and it was clearly visible in the north.
Speed unable to determine. On the last page it mentions that the observer saw a similar object on 6th Jan 1950 as well as the previous day’s sighting.
No testing devices had been released which could account for the object.

posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 11:53 PM
reply to post by frozen_snowman

This one strikes me as the "serial witness" type of report. No one can know just what the Pfc saw, but the fact that he saw it on more than one occasion, and with no one else to lend veracity to his sighting, makes it hard to consider worth much.

It could have been a true UFO, and to him I assume it was. But if such a report was brought to these boards today, most of us would have a certain skepticism, especially if it was a repeat performance.

At any rate, it offers very little in the way of knowledge about the whole phenomenon of UFOs, even if it is completely true and not the wild imagination of a junior enlisted man seeing a light in the sky on an otherwise cloudy morning.


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