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432 mhz and crop circle patterns

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 06:53 PM

Originally posted by hawk123

Originally posted by camain
Hello all,

I was browsing ATS the other day and came across a youtube link where I guy was doing different sounds at 432 MHZ frequency. The sounds was actually making different patterns form in sand. My thought, and I'm curious of what people think.



I expect you mean the 432 Hz sound frequency of Rosslyn Chapel found by Mitchell.

The sand patterns can be found on the next link.

Is this the same chapel as in the Da Vinci Code? Strange co-incidence......!?

Anyone know if there could be a relation to the Solfeggio Frequencies -

Im not to great with my Hz and Mhz....

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posted on Aug, 6 2009 @ 09:35 PM
star, and flag. I agree, and your thought does ferment what I've been thinking in my mind for a while, and that is these are formed as you described.

Where I differ is I believe the Earth as a sentient being is actually creating the crop circles while communicating with the cosmos. I don't know if the crop circles are the communicatoin, or if they are a by say there is a loud noise next to glass; it'll either shake, or worse break.

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