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My weird 'old' beliefs... do you have any?

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 12:15 AM
When I was younger, I would have some wacked out beliefs, some of course, were because I didn't understand simple physics, chemistry etc.... Others, were simple questions of 'what if'. So I am listing some of the things I used to question as a young teen, hoping others will do the same.

1) A lightglobe was a darkness sucker...

Result the same, shows 'light' around the globe, but instead of emitting light, it would suck in darkness.

2) One hand cold, the other hand hot. Put both hands together, and what do you get... The cold hand 'cooling' the hot hand, or the hot hand 'warming' the cool hand.

3) 1 divided by 3 leaves 3.33333 (infinite). At the time this proved that God was insane due to simple mathematics.

4) Lead from number (3). 2/3 of angels fought alongside God... At the time I only believed that God was 'all that is' and nothing separate, so 2/3 was 0.666 (infinite), and thus number of devil, which again proved insanity.

5) PI. How the hell can a number have no end?? insane

6) Was Jesus born on other civilised planets to also save them?

7) What I saw was different to everyone else. Ie colours. Green was green to me, but looked purple to someone else, yet they called it green so we'd agree on the colour anyway.

8) If humans were able to Space Travel, would we abduct beings of other planets for rectal exams etc...

9) Are aliens from UFOs' all 'military/scientific' personell from their planets.

10) What makes the North pole 'north' and south pole 'south', since we're floating in space what points 'up' anyway, is it just a reference that was decided upon. Could be the planets are orbiting 'vertically' around the sun and not horizontally.

Can't remember the other things I thought of, what do you all think?


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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 12:48 AM
1) The Big Mac was a nutritional/tasty meal(Well, I no longer eat fast food)
2) The National Inquirer was a credible source
(I was young...give me a break like 6)
3) The toothfairy...haha heck why should't I, I got 20 dollars each time..
4) I used to think those glow-i-dark crescent moon you stick on walls, were the devils horn, or my cousins lead me to believe (again I was young)
5) The dark was were all evil dwell, evil fear the lights
6) Tom Cruise was a cool guy....
7) The best place to hide porn was between the bed mattress (and no I no longer watch porn, been a good kid)
8) I believe the world used to only be "black-n-white" color, after watching old television show
9) Driving was cool...its just gets you to places...
10) I knew how to fight because I watched power rangers, ninja turtle, double dragon, and mortal kombat

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 03:12 AM
a couple i remember off the top of my head.....

1) i too was convinced that the world was in "black and white" in the olden

2) to swallow any kind of a pip or seed would result in that seed growing
in my belly until i had a tree growing out of my mouth.

oh and,

3) Tarzan was 'real'

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 03:16 AM
Haha cool,

Oh yeah, I remember believing that Superman toys would fly, I got one and was very dissapointed


posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 02:12 PM
1. I used to believe that adults were smarter than I was because they were older.

2. I used to believe that my parents wouldn't lie to me.

3. I used to believe in the innate morality of America.

4. I used to believe the political process actually meant something.

5. I used to believe in Santa Clause.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 02:25 PM
During my childhood, I used to believe that:

1. the Japanese people were being attacked by monsters, like Godzilla et al


2. people were being attacked by those birds in a 1963 horror film 'The Birds' by Alfred Hitchcock.

This goes to show how impressionable young minds are to televised programmings.

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 05:45 PM
My mother would lie to us all the time when we were kids.
When we were really young it was stuff like Santa Clause, Easter Bunny, God, and of course the Tooth Fairy. But she also had some strange ones.

Using pepper on your food would dry out your blood.
I never tried ordinary black pepper until I was about ten.

Touching yourself down there would make hair grow on the palms of your hands.
My brothers and I heard that a lot, and it was always funny if someone checked their hand.

Swimming after eating will cause cramps and you'll drown.
Mom never let us go in the water even if we'd just eaten an apple. We lived near the ocean, a river ran past our house and we could always get to a lake. We practically lived in the water, but all the other mothers believed this same thing so you had to wait the hour.

Sitting too close to the TV would make you sterile.
We didn't get to see much TV when I was a kid, but when we did watch it you would always hear the warning that we'd be sterile when we grew up if we sat too close.

Mom did have one sage piece of advice that turned out to be true. With all the boys in the house there was a lot of fights, and mom spent a lot of time keeping us from killing each other.
She would always say that we shouldn't fight with each other because the best friends we'll ever have in life will be our brothers.

posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 12:12 AM
I used to think my mom had eyes everywhere. Particularly because i would make faces at her in the car but do it out the window but she would see me in the reflection.. I had no idea.

I also thought she had the ability to tell the future but was always trying to hide it. She always knews when the traffic lights were gonna go green.. Now i know why.

Whenever my mom told me we didn't have enough money to do something like see a movie or go out for the night i would tell her to go to the bank. She told me she couldn't use money from the bank and i was flabbergasted. I thought the bank gave anyone who needed money money.

I also believed a fat dude came down the chimney, left me some gifts and ate a couple of cookies then booked it, a five foot tall easter bunny with a green bow tie with purple polka dots who planted a basket of candy some where in the house for me to find and a small fairy like tinker bell flew in my window and took my tooth in exchange for money

i also went though the whole "under the bed" and "monsters in the closet" phase. as a kid i would use one of those fences they make for kids that attatch to your bed so you wouldn't fall out of bed at night but instead i put it upside down in attempt to keep whatever was under my bed under there. I had a walk in closet as a kid and i couldn't sleep at night if the light in there was off.. same with the hall light.. and my door had to be cracked open too.. just perfect.. i always insisted on getting it right spot before bed. making sure my window and blinds were closed before bed was a must backyard was so creepy at night. some of those shadows will really mess a kid up..they still come up in dreams or something every once ina while

damn now you got me going...i miss being a kid

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posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 05:15 AM
These are good! I remember when I was 6 that people on TV were actually 'inside' the TV, I thought little people lived in there..

Also at the movie theatres, that the acting was behind the big screen - imagine my shock when I saw a documentary about space on the big screen.

posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 06:19 AM
Heh, when i was

i used to believe that i was the only truly alive person, everyone else was just my imagination.

i also thought that there really was a frog in my throat when i coughed and spent hours trying to get the "frog" out, i once tried something that is now known as purging...i decided to leave the frog in there after that.

lol i was such a sucka


posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 06:20 PM
I use to go around looking in storm drains trying to find the Ninja Turtles.
Once tried running down a steep hill at full tilt like Sonic the hedgehog. (That hurt)
I once believed the saying about bees "If you don't bother them, they won't bother you".
I too, once thought that Tokyo was getting stomped on by huge monsters.
I actually thought that Ronald McDonald worked at the McDonalds down the street from my house.

posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 06:48 PM

Originally posted by roswell1
Heh, when i was

i used to believe that i was the only truly alive person, everyone else was just my imagination.

well you actually weren't to far from the truth here roswell.

i used to think every movie being advertised in the theatres was called "coming soon to a theatre near you" because thats what it said after every preview

posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 06:53 PM
Hahaha Roland, when 'Home and Away' first advertised on Channel 7 in Australia, i always missed the title, but remember yelling to mum 'Mum, I cant wait to watch coming soon!'.


posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 06:56 PM

after seeing homeward bound for the first time i was convinced we could leave my dog anywhere on the planet and she would find her way home

in fact, camping one time hundreds of miles from home out of state i INSISTED on leaving the dog behind...I thought she would have a fun time trying to get home. I know understand she would have been food for a bear or mountain lion rather quickly.

posted on Jan, 21 2008 @ 09:44 PM
1. To get rid of warts, bury the neighbor's cat in the backyard on a full moon;
2. If you shave the cat, its fur will grow back thicker;
3. If you rub a cat with a balloon, it will stick to the wall;
4. If you carry a cat's paw, it will bring luck;
5. All radios were made with cat's whiskers;
6. Violins were made with a cat's guts;
7. Cat's cradle was best played with real cats;
8. For best reception, put a pair of rabbit's ears on the TV (until 2009);
9. If you drop a cat off the Empire State Building, it will land on its feet;
10. If a black cat crosses your path, you might be a witch.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 10:46 AM
Who remembers the one where if you sit too close to the T.V you'll get square eyes?
I used to think I was in some massive worldwide reality tv series where everyone was watching me all the time and the stuff I was doing would come on the TV every night. I believed everyone was in on it, even my family.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 05:25 PM
I was a very imaginative child, so here are a couple of my whacked out beliefs.

1) I used to think that when you were driving that there was a small stick that protruded out from under your vehicle and the road opened up to keep you going straight.

2) I used to think that my toys would actually come to life, a la "Toy Story" and that's why my room was never clean.

3) I also used to think that between my mattresses was the best place to keep my porn. Well, there and in my pillowcase.

4) I used to think that if I passed gas without underwear on that I would defecate instead.

How on earth did I get into the medical field with these kinds of weird beliefs?

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 06:59 PM
When I was a kid, I used to think:

1. An egg you bought at the groceries would hatch under sunlight. I waited and waited and stared at the egg, but nothing happens. I thought it moved and I was really excited that it would hatch into a chick at that moment. lol

2. An old car radiator fan would would work if I plugged it in a electrical outlet. Turns out I busted the socket and burnt some fuse and my room was in smoke.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 07:11 PM
Yeah I wired up a small electrical car that goes on those circuts, and plugged it into a wall socket when I was about 12, it blew up in my hand and went blind for a few seconds, scared the crap out of me.

posted on Jan, 22 2008 @ 07:53 PM
I always thought there was a man under my bed, and it scared the hell out of me! Now I wish there was

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