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The Luciferian Endgame and the Coming Great Deception

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 02:31 PM
reply to post by Quazga

That is because Marzulli knows the masses will listen to him, exactly as he is describing the masses listening to aliens. He points to his own crime with his testimony.

gotta disagree with you there. Marzulli will in no way, as much as I am sure he would like, ever reach the amount of people as will this "event". the event is going to be seen by all on Earth. Not just a select few who buy the book. You can't compare the two in my mind. When and if an event like this takes place, "it will be so far from our known ways that even the stongest men will faint". quote from chapter in the book. But imagine if you did see such a great event. Imagine how the minds of most people will be blown.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 02:34 PM
reply to post by Quazga

is it about definition (for whom? and what method?)
or about what you think, want to believe, see ?

for me, in the full-of-BS- lies--professional-cover-ups-post-911 world
it is much too speculative to take a position as a UFO-´believer´.
it makes sense as disinfo., thats FOR SURE.
its about distraction.
war for our minds.
the bigger the lie, the easier to swallow.

NWO is evil.

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by palehorse23

I, too was sort of force fed religion. As a youngster in church I asked many questions about Biblical teachings that the Sunday School teachers were ultimately un prepared to answer and thus, I was told to take it on faith. Now, I understand that God, and I do believe in a creator, is infinite. Humans are finite beings and it is impossible for us to comprehend all of God. Now, let's look at the Bible separately from God. The Bible was handed to us...from someone who got it from somebody on and so on throughout history. We are to believe that it is "God's" word. Personally, I thinks that the teachings in the Christian Bible and most other works of religion are a mix of God's word, with a healthy amount of human editing. I was taught that according to the Bible the earth is only around 5000 years old. All one needs to do is learn a little about geology and anthropology to undermine that theory. I was taught also that after the age of accountability, if you weren't a Christian, you were going to hell. Hmmmmm. Sounds like somebody editied that one in. I mean, every major religion has that hard and fast rule about THEIR God being the ONE true God and all others are evil. So....who's right? I say it's all the same God. Furthermore, let's consider that Religion may be the true evil in that I belive it is divisive, pitting man against man...religion against religion...and serves only to further separate humanity from knowing the true creator and our place in his divine plan. Regarding the presence of aliens, if they exist, perhaps disclosure will cause humanity to re examine itself, for the positive. Maybe then we'll stop collectively acting like God's spoiled only child.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 03:33 PM

Originally posted by 1nL1ghtened
You stated that you: have never heard of any abduction case where the person (or persons) abducted described such a thing.

I merely linked you to two websites off the top of a google search to prove to you, that those are not MY words...that this message has been conveyed to abductee's in many cases, since you "had never heard of any abduction cases" like this.

When I asked for some confirmation of this I was expecting that you would give me something that you encountered in your literally years, of research and study, not the random results of a Google search.

And yes, I have never heard of any abduction case where the abductees claim the aliens told them there is no god or mankind is their property. That was my question.

Yes, I've heard of cases where people say the aliens told them they were involved in Earth affairs, including religions. Where did the there is no god thing came from?

Yes, I've heard of cases where people say the aliens told them they genetically engineered or created man, however I've never heard any account saying that they claimed mankind is their property.

So, sorry to disagree but from what you have provided (so far), they really seem like they are your own words.

Why you ask would "SATAN" or his minions do this?

What? If that was directed at me or any of my posts, please don't put words in my mouth. I don't even believe in Satan or other magical entities, and I thought I was clear about that in my first post.

I could not possibly give every link to every piece of information I have gleaned over the years and provide you or anyone for that matter, its more of a "big picture" thing. If I could we would all be doing something else right now because the matter would be "common knowledge".

Ah, so you admit it was merely your own conclusions? If you didn't realize, my whole problem with your post - although I also do not agree with your theory, it is your right to an opinion - was with the there is no god or mankind is their property expressions.

I'm sorry if that somehow was not clear enough for you. You see, the reason for my posts and request is that you used those expressions to help justify your theory. That's why I'd like to see their origins.

Now that I realize they are merely your own interpretations of (alleged) abduction cases, everything is clear to me

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 03:36 PM
reply to post by palehorse23

In the bible and in many other sacred scriptures there is clear evidence of "outside" (ET) intervention over the past millennium.... non earthly activity from non earthly beings.. The bible in Genesis states that God was very unhappy with the "fallen angles" who took women of the earth who later gave birth to the Nephilim...angels.... ET's..whatever they were, they were NOT pure 100% human beings of this earth) but, who were great men in those days of old. And God did not like what he saw and thereafter caused the great flood to destroy them and all evil on earth etc... so ET= fallen angels/non earthly beings...whatever they were..Satan's army.. deserting angels with their own agenda... they were rid from this planet... According to the bible and other scriptures, they DID and do still exist today... But Jesus, (also named as "Angel" Gabriel) as the son of God, promised to return with his "army of Angels" and fight Satan and his followers, all the fallen angels, demons, whatever, here on earth in the end times!!(after already battling him once "IN THE HEAVENS AND CASTING HIM DOWN TO EARTH"!!).. This seems to paint a clear picture of prophesies that there must be good and evil "outsiders"....ET..angles... call them how you choose. When the big day comes it will depend on the what actually they do(actions speak louder than words) .. and sure, the evil ones will attempt to mislead the good ones.. So we must all be very aware as to how and what "THEY" do.. when they come and show themselves..and discloses their true identity.. Many will fall INCLUDING THOSE WHO WILL BE BE MISLEAD WITHOUT REALIZING THEY ARE BEING LEAD ASTRAY!! how shall we know who is who and what they will do? we don't...until it happens.. the rest is all speculation and guessing...

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 04:17 PM
i'm starting to believe this, I've read what you have just stated and it makes since to me. But someone once said to me that God gave Satan a chance to run earth to see how he can handle it, but i think this is the real truth.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 05:05 PM
Okay, you know what this is right?

This is the last ditch effort for those of religious faith to hold you all to the abstract ideology of God in the archaic and misunderstood scriptures of the bible that ironically are and always have been based on the very "beings" they now claim to be demons.

NOW they tell you? You aren't wondering why?

Here is the thing:

I believe most experienced and learned religious leaders already know that there are beings beyond this realm of existence, planet, or what have you. Not only that, they KNOW they will be coming here shortly and they KNOW that the books they used to maintain a powerful control over the minds of men through manipulation of ancient events (particularly from Sumeria) will become obsolete in a world where we are NOT the only beings of importance. You think those beings have been on vacation all this time? You don't know why they have lied to you?

It is fear.

They have rejected the idea of alien life because of the implications of what that would do to our basic religious beliefs for so long, but now they know this can no longer be done. What they are doing NOW is trying to rework the religious text to include "aliens" because they will have no choice when the time arrives and everyone sees this for a fact. They are implanting the notion that "yes okay aliens are real, fine. They are of the devil though so don't listen to them". It's their only way to attempt to hold the power they have within this vast religious cult that has pushed people further from the truth than they know.

This is their last attempt at a roadblock to understanding who we really are and where we come from. They have no choice now but to work "aliens" into the plot. They are afraid and whoever believes them are truly lost sheep.

They know who and what the scriptures are based on and it has nothing to do with Jesus or the cross. Those are symbols of another force that they are using to keep you a part of it. So now aliens are real and they are of the devil.

God is real but they have lied to you all about who he is. They have you praying to Jesus and he is a big stop sign at the doorstep of true wisdom. They not only want to keep power, they feel that most of us need someone (even if proven a fraud) to lead us because the truth is not such a pretty thing. There is good in the universe but for the most part it is not particularly fair. Don't expect to sit around on a cloud in the afterlife or burn in a lake of fire if you are bad. Neither of those things are remotely true. That is why most of those religious pedophiles have no fear of godly retribution. They of all people should be scared of that right? Why are they not?

They love this do the real evil they serve. It is all to keep you coming right back here and to have this carnal wonderland for those evil beings that have never left.

No matter how much they fight they are just as bound as we are. There is no escaping the real story...unless of course you break free of the cycle. That is the key. However they want to keep you all in this heavy world of unnecessary over stimulation and so you stay a part of this madness.

That is a part of why you all will be seeing MUCH more religious leaders mentioning UFO's, returning ancient spirits, and Aliens as the time nears. They will be seen because the walls are thinning and multi-dimensionality is around the corner. Expect wars, and death before this happens because those foolish religious leaders and those evil beings don't want you to be a part of it. They have to thin the ranks and if you are not awake you will be a part of this cycle again. They want you right back here for the next lie.

Just watch.

Good luck to you all...these times ahead are going to be a spectacle.

- Lee

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 05:36 PM
You who with outstreched hand snear at something or someone claiming it to be "evil" are far much more evil then anything you can point at.

SATAN: was/is the accuser.

You are accusing.
You are satanic.

The only evil you should be conserned with is the evil that dewells within you. That's the great consparicy of evil.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 05:57 PM

Originally posted by murnut
The great of my favorite topics.

Why would God try to deceive us?

It never made any sense to me.

ET's are not mentioned in the Bible.

I wonder why?

Many questions....few answers.

Could it be that this issue is what is holding up Disclosure.

Do they disclose ET or Apocalypse?

We decide...sorry Toon

It is not GOD who is decieving you but satan.

I do believe the great deception thoery.

Aliens are not mentioned in the bible but "supernatural beings" are in Genesis.

1-2More and more people were born, until finally they spread all over the earth. Some of their daughters were so beautiful that supernatural beings [a] came down and married the ones they wanted. 3Then the LORD said, "I won't let my life-giving breath remain in anyone forever. No one will live for more than one hundred twenty years."

Who were the giants (nehpilim) that mated with the women?

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by palehorse23

Angelic or demonic life forms are not extra terrestrial.

There are Gods from the stars and Gods from heaven.

The Gods from the stars would be like the God Remphan - Kijun it is an extra terrestrial

Gods like Lucifer are non-terrestrial or angelic not from the stars but from heaven

The Gods of heaven occupy the same space as all of the universe so there is life within and life without the universe.

The only begotten son of the creator God is said to be an ascended being of heaven a quickening spirit or a non-terrestrial.

You have Gods of both the stars from without the universe or ET's as we call them, and you have Gods of heaven from within the universe or NT's as they are called.

The word God is used not in terms of a creator when speaking of the NT's or the ET's but as a magistrate or superior one, a chief official.

The NT's are superior to the ET's and Both the NT's and the ET's are superior to mankind.

We my friend are at the bottom of the food chain.

Lucifer would be superior to any ET's in the universe so if he needed to he could use them to deceive us.

Most of my contact and experience has been with the NT's.

I have been visited by NT's on numerous occasions since I was six years old they do not know good or evil only the pain of their truth drives them.

Both realities, ours and theirs are holy, nothing created is evil of itself or unclean not even Lucifer.

Our consciousness is trapped in a quantum paradox, that is to say we carry both the knowledge of good and evil at the same time in the same space, or another way of viewing it would be to say we have at any given moment in time both the potential for unlimited good and the potential for unlimited evil.

This is why the creator God desires we put off our nature which is corrupted by the knowledge of good and evil and is of the flesh and put on a new nature one which is perfect and of the spirit not the flesh.

The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak.

As far as a deception goes we have been deceived for thousands of years and are presently under a great deception so if you are Lucifer why fix something that isn't broke?

The only way a man can live and not be deceived is if that man walks by the spirit and not by the flesh.

Our perceptions are not capable of defining the fullness of what is real in creation, at the most I think we by our senses can only analysis perhaps twenty one percent of reality.

To see fully what is real and not be deceived, the eye within and the eye without both need to be lighted.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 06:40 PM
reply to post by palehorse23

Let me just say a few things. I think most of the Bible has been tampered with. I think Jesus Christ is a composite character made up of Krishna (same root word as Christ, meaning "light.") And the sun worshipers in Rome (changed to mean the "son.") But I still believe in God. As someone told a UFO researcher 20 years ago, "In order to really understand this whole thing, sooner or later you need to refer to the Bible." Some of it is true. There is a dark, evil power in charge of the earth. (For some odd reason, Christ left him in charge when he left.) There is a passage in the old Testament which says, "And the devil cast hi snet around the earth." Today we call these "Lay Lines."

As regards the end time, refer to Matthew 24 (the entire chapter.) This is where Jesus's disciples ask him what the signs of the end time will be.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 07:39 PM
Book of Enoch and other useful hidden rightious documents:

The Lord Our God Creator of All things is all powerful and controls everything.

The more you research into the lost and hidden meanings and understanding of the forgoten knowns of God the more things stand out to you and the clearer the "bible" scriptures become.

That which mankind calls "aliens" are ancient beings known in the bible as "the watchers" and by other names that can be discovered throught the books of Enoch. In fact the Grey "Aliens" address themselves as "the watchers" to abducties.

The Universes are teaming with life forms. The Creator God created them all. They all are deemed with self will. It is the gift of the being giving it's self willed control over the the control of the will of our father that is the act of rightousness.

Upon the act of the cross by the christ "evil" was sticken a great blow and lost all power over mankind. Now the only power the rebel "evil" force has over mankind is that which through fear and negitives they can trick out of mankind.

There is no group or religion that is more rightious. There is no group of people that have it more right then another group. That's a lie each man makes up in their mind. The reality if it is that the only "relationship" that matters is between each one man. YOU, Him, Her, Me, with Our creator. The name of the real game is the understanding of the relationship personalized between you, the created being and your creator.

Thusly "They" are not a group. They are those that give up understanding by one of thousands or self willed routs. The truest "union" with god isn't a religion, it is giving your free will over to the creator. This is why the Christ always is quoted as saying "Father your will be done".

They, confuse this with externalizing "evil" and thus give the evil power. The only evil that can hurt anyone of them is the evil that hides within their self. And by pointing their fingers outside themselves they are alowing safe passage for the evil within themselves.

The Evil: is the superimposing one's "free will" over the "will of the creator". People do this in all sorts of ways. Through selfrightous actions they are claiming they "know" and thus this puts their will through perceptions over our father's will.

"The "Aliens" are not the evil "ones" though the evil one's were "aliens"."

I have no idea what u mean by this

There are many many created types of creatures throughout the universe. The greatest part of these creatures follow after the father God, the same God as our Creator. The creator of us and it creator of them too.

All the creatures from mankind to every "alien" was given free will. Some of those "alien" creatures stopped believing in the "One Source and center Creator of all father God". They rebelled and this was the birth of the unrightousness of the planet and also Nephilim and such stories. The "sons of God" that came down, or where thrown down from the heavens, to breed with the daughters of men were "aliens" too.

However the Grand number of the "aliens" are not only far advanced of mankind technology wise, also spiritually too.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 07:40 PM

This theory is hipocritical on so many levels, it's disgusting. Any time something cannot be explained by a christian, it is blamed on the devil. Even their own evil deeds. It's sad really. Extraterrestrials are not a manifestation of satan in an attempt at some grand deception, because there is no such thing as satan. However, satan very well may be a manifestation of extraterrestrials.

Personally, I don't believe in any organized relgions claims. Therefore I don't believe in satan, or the idea of god, as per the christian point of view. If christians wish to understand the reasoning in so many's disbelief in their god, they need not look any further than the actions of their own church, it's followers, and it's leaders.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 07:55 PM

Originally posted by palehorse23
It is said that if God created alien life, wouldn't he allow there to be solid evidence and no speculation of it's existence? This is why some believe UFO and alien existence is part of Satan's "Great Deception".

How could anyone who believes in God, assume to know what God would do? All I need to hear is someone telling me "what god would do" and my ears are turned off...

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 08:03 PM

Originally posted by palehorse23
It is said that if God created alien life, wouldn't he allow there to be solid evidence and no speculation of it's existence?

Maybe he wants people to believe and have "faith". If I were God, I would create a world where people were forced to think, rather then spoon-feed the secrets of the universe to the masses, leaving them incapable of independent thought.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 08:23 PM
reply to post by manalien

Thank you for that post manalien. Well said
I am glad you get it!! I too believe, no matter what it is that happens by whom, those that are mislead will not know that that is what is happening to them. The whole purpose of Marzulli's book, IMO, is not to preach religion, but to just spread the word that people need to be aware.
A star for your post

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 08:35 PM
reply to post by Incarnated

Who are you replying to? i hate when you post these responses not directed to anyone in particular. Where do you get this stuff? Why are you calling people satanic and accusers. Who is accusing anyone of anything?
What really makes me laugh is how people reply as if they know exactly what is going on. As if their beliefs must be the answer.

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 09:20 PM
Palehorse, I have been reading a book called Where Angels Walk. It is about how real angels interact and help humans. What I noticed so far is that they can appear to humans, and have exactly what we need at the right time. They can appear as real as you and I do in the physical realm. The first story was about one that appeared with a tow truck. After the people got to safety, there was not even any signs of the tow truck tires in the snow on the streets, and no one saw them.

There are many stories where the person being visited by an angel sees the angel, but doesn't recognize them as an angel. When they go to turn back around to say something else or thank the person, they are gone. Then they ask those standing next to them where did that person go? The reply is what person? There was no one near you. There was no one sitting next to you. They don't have to be visible to help either.

Edited to add: My husband has told me many times about the time he ran away from home and was hit by a car at the age of six. A stranger appeared at his mom's door right after the accident happened telling her that her son was hit and where he was. There wasn't time for him to get to her house from where the accident occurred. The two friends he was with ran away right after the accident, so that person had no way to know where he lived.

Another more recent story about a friend of mine who is a truck driver. He was going down a steep mountain and lost his breaks. There was a wall on one side, and sheer cliff on the other, and snow all over the road. No one was around him. He caught up to another truck. The other trucker said he would help him down the mountain and letting him basically bump the back of his trailer to help him slow down if needed. No real trucker would risk their job to do that let alone suggest risking an accident that could very well have occurred. Well my friend said the other trucker stayed right in front of him, and matched his speed perfectly all the way down the mountain side. When they got to the bottom, he was finally able to stop. The other trucker came over to talk a little, and my friend asked if he could wait a minute to change his pants. The other trucker said ok. When he got done, the other trucker was done. Now there is only one road going to and from the mountain. He got pulled in a weigh station that was not too far down the road. He asked about the other truck that would have had to pass that station. The people said there has been no other traffic besides him for at least an hour.
End of edit....

My point is that they can manifest themselves to certain people without others seeing them. Yet they were there, they were real, and they gave the much needed help and/or comfort, and physically had the right tools and equipment needed to help. I don't know if it takes faith or just asking for help when needed to see them or not. They mainly appear to those who ask God for help.

If God's angels can do this, then the fallen angels can also do this as well. I believe those would appear to those who don't believe in God, and are involved in some way in the satanic whether it is white magic, black magic, new age, outright satanism, or anything else that would open the doors for them to be able to walk into your life.

Then it makes sense to me that some would be able to see aliens while others wouldn't. Those without God's hedge of protection around them would fall prey to Satan's end time deception. Those people would be more open to the lies and great deception that he has planned. The Bible says if God didn't shorten the days, even the elect would be deceived. That is how powerful this deception is going to be, and why there is going to be a great falling away before every thing is said and done.

Think of how many border line Christians there are that are not all that strong in their faith. Now plant an alien that is a demon in front of them, who is saying they are from another planet and have come here to help us out of our troubles.

These Christians are more than likely going to say wait a second. God didn't say anything about aliens from another planet in the Bible. They are going to start to question the Bible. Of course they will be very helpful at first. These people are going to say these can't be demons, demons will only hurt us. They never help people. It will be hard for these Christians to reconcile their faith with this new fact.

Now a new lie is coming about that Jesus was an alien that looked human. Now they can introduce the Antichrist whom they could very well claim to be a decedent of Christ. Or that a decedent of Jesus has lived among us carrying his linage. Now is the time for him to lead society.

Who are the masses of non-believers going to believe? A race of aliens with way more advanced technology than we have whom claims to have preserved our history? Or the Bible which has been fought about, discredited by some, with others claiming it is just a bunch of stories told over decades?

I'm not sure how it is all going to play out, or what is going to happen. I only know that God will protect those who are truly his.

[edit on 20-1-2008 by Mystery_Lady]

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 09:33 PM
if the govt starts using "holograms" to reveal UFO's as part of Satan's endgame... then that would also mean that Satan, or the antichrist, is already a powerful member of the government, and I don't think thats true.

the antichrist is supposed to be someone that everyone admires, someone kind, and when he does become all powerful, it will be like a utopia on earth. That is how he will deceive people. or at least thats what i've read and been told.
The first half of the 7 years of tribulation will be like a heaven on earth, and that when he will use the mark of the beast to start taking souls... then, the 2nd half of the 7 years of tribulation will be like hell on earth, hunting down all those that did not join his army... until the great appearance when god brings heaven down to earth and banishes satan to hell for 1000 years.
This all occurs after the rapture of course...

and thats how its written in revelations... if you believe that sort of thing.
hope that clears a few things up

posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 09:34 PM
reply to post by palehorse23

In his book, he states that UFOs and ETs are part of the "Great Deception" that is the goal of Lucifer/Satan. He believes, and supports them through bible scripture, that the plan of Lucifer is to gain as many as possible for the great battle of Armageddon. He shows that Lucifer is using the illusions of UFO and ET sightings to reel people into his army. According to him, when people believe that there are aliens, they will be so far from God, that they will be easy to take into Satan's army.

Throughtout history, many UFO flaps or periods of increased sightings have occured. If indeed history is on the verge of another flap, and more and more humans start to beleive aliens exist it would be because of a better understanding of the universe we live in, not because they want to phase out God. (By the way which God are we referring to ie. different cultures have differnent Gods). As humans get a better understanding of science every year it enables us to have a better understanding of the vast amounts of life that could exist, and indeed our progress can give us an idea of what that life is capable of. So perhaps this authors beef should actually be with science phasing God out and not Aliens.

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