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Roy Jones Jr. to advertise Ron Paul

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posted on Jan, 19 2008 @ 04:50 PM

In yet another amazing eye opening campaign strategy, Internet phenom US Republican Presidential candidate, Ron Paul, will be sponsoring the upcoming January 19 Roy Jones Jr. fight. Roy Jones Jr. opponent will be the amazing Felix Trinidad.

For the fight coming up tonight Roy Jones Jr. was supposed to be wearing a Ron Paul tattoo on his back to advertise the campaign. Source

Another source is claiming that Roy Jones Jr. will not be wearing the ad because its his last fight.

"An idea calling for Roy Jones Jr. to fight Felix Trinidad with a "Ron Paul for President" tattoo on his back Saturday night has been kayoed by the former boxing champion.


Interesting to see Ron Paul finding new ways to gain publicity. The article said his supporters were paying for it so it might not even be his idea. Ron Paul seems to be popular but at the same time seems to be ignored by the major media as a presidential contender.

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