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That Goddam Piece of Paper and the Patriot Act

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posted on Jan, 19 2008 @ 04:09 PM
When Adolf Bush uttered those words was he sounding the death knell of the American Constitution and is the Patriot Act 1/2 and subsequent ammendments to it the New American Constitution.

Patriot seems to be replacing the Constitution because in that legislation it covers every aspect of Freedom and liberty in the US, how long will it be before it becomes official that it has. The Patriot Act has been long in the making and well before 9/11. How could any Goverment wish to remove the Constitution without draconian measures such as bogus terrorist attacks to create the environment in which such a document could be launched.

Forced through the Senate overnight with the doubters and objectors geting Antrax laced mail. The fear factor is now so strong that another or several type 9/11 event(s) would almost certainly see the removal of the Constitution as we know it to a full blown Patriot 2 that gives the ruling authorities full dictatorial rule over the nation of the USA and its citizens.

At this point the US will change from a Democracy into a full blown Fascist state, all the mechanisms are in place, the players, the corruption, control of the people, the legislation, the camps, the para military police armed with Tazers to Machine Pistols, a compliant people, denouncement of those who criticise the Goverment, spreading fear and hate amongst the people but at the same time telling them everyone hates the US and are envious of it, the need to be at War etc. the list is endless but you get the idea. Its jsut what Adolf and his gang did in Germany and the German people of that time regarded themselves as smart people yet it all happened.

The very name Patriot is two fingers up to the American people, how can an act that will replace the constitution and remove the rights of all citizens be called Patriot, they are sticking your noses in the dirt really deep. But it has been a slow process that has been gathering pace, with War with Iran/Syria looming and new phoney Terrorist attacks at home it wont be long before Martial Law and the Draft being quickly introduced. All dissenters to such actions will fill up all those camps that you have heard about.

But what can be done to stop this, I dont really believe that the people are not aware of this its just that they feel they cannot do anything about it. I must admit I think the point has been reached where only bloodshed will bring about a great change just as those in control use fear and war against the people the people must do the same to them who have the power.

America is no longer the great nation that people think it is on the surface yes it maybe but once you peel back the layers you realise the situation is bad really bad, I have pointed out before what is amiss so I wont repeat it here but all those other than the brain dead Patriots know what is coming.

A question put to the Govemor of India in the BE days, how does one control a population of 200 million with 60k troops and 10k officials, the answer, with fear and punishment, its all been done before many times over and its being done right now inside the USA.

posted on Jan, 19 2008 @ 04:36 PM
very good speech there, my applause. I happen to agree
with most of it.

It wouldn't surprise me in the least for another huge
terrorist attack on America right before the general election
so nobody can vote and the elections are postponed so that
Bush can stay in office as a dick-tator-hole.

Better put your waders on, cuz the next 12 months are
gonna be a wild a$$ ride.

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