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Mahabarata and other such things

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posted on Dec, 13 2002 @ 02:08 PM
I was just looking at the links in the Ancient Technologies discussion in the Aliens&UFOs Board and some of the links had some intresting information. I did not know which site to post this on so I put it here. What I want to discuss is certain passages in the Mahabarata (a hindu religous epic) that tell stories of weapons that bear strong resembelances to modern atomic bombs. There are several other things that point to the detonation of a nuclear weapon or several ones in Ancient India.

Anyway the sites are here:

the main facts are at these sites, elsewhere they are just repeated over and over again.

On that board it just degenerated into arguments about pyramids but i want to hear peoples ideas on this topic.
It's pretty scary, you know the phrase that we learn history is so that it doesnt repeat itself. we'll thats what might happen if we start a nuclear war. I don't know whether these sites just made up the quotes or if they are real.
What do you think?


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