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Illuminati Symbol in PS3/XBox360 Game?

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posted on Oct, 17 2008 @ 02:04 PM

posted on Nov, 19 2008 @ 12:27 AM
reply to post by jbbmeh

And if you sit and listen to a hobo for long enough, he starts rambling about the illuminati, pretty much portraying any theorist as a #ing lunatic.
By the way nice find on the zelda dark world pyramid, being the all seeing eye when you decide to transfer over to the light world... I've always thought something was up with zelda (lttp is my all time favorite game, illuminati influence or not). Maybe not the whole picture, but little things along the way.

posted on Feb, 11 2009 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by mitchelcopper

seeing as u are completely convinced of your "theories", which are not even based on good facts, more like on very ignorant beliefs, plus u stating it as sarcasticly as possible, so as to affirm your story even more, i know this will not change your stance, but i do feel the need to make you aware of some factors:

for one: "people in high places saying stuff" does not make a statement more valid than anyone else saying it. Stating that this theory could have any more significance to it just because these people mentioned it is just downright ignorant and blue-eyed and shows in fact that u are more of a slave to the system than the "non-believers".
Everyone, who thinks a bit further than to his own backyard, has thought about how it would be like to create a completely new world order. I have, in fact done so, without knowing anything about all this "N.W.O." talk. It was a good thought, i have to add. At least it seemed a lot better to me than the world we live in right now, which isn't so great as u may concieve.
So, if i mention my thoughts while on camera, it makes me a member of an imaginary group having just that plan...? im sure...

As i mentioned above, the world we live in right now isn't too far from this "order" talk anyway. There is no "illuminati", but it doesnt make much of a difference, as we don't need that symbolic bull# in the first place. We are all just slaves in our own system. We get accumulated to this thing we call "society" and "government" and "economy", and we are told to believe this is the way of life. If you think you are free and all, think again. If you chose to live a completely different life, which is quite likely in a non-controlled environment, you would soon end up, either dead, in jail, or completely isolated from anyone you know.
So, a "New World Order" as YOU may know it doesn't exist, if at all, only in theory. There is not going to be some "sudden change" in our system so that you would have to be scared. No, we get accumulated to just about anything slowly and the majority, and tbh, the weak-minded, take it as the normal 'way of life'.
The thing about the word "NEW" in new world order is, that its in fact quite the oldest conspiracy-theory concept i know. Secondly, people react scared to the word NEW, as the majority just doesn't like change too much (not the sudden change anyway). I, personally, see nothing wrong with a "New world order" as it doesn't sound like much of a different system than the one we are living in now. Most people just don't realize it. Yes, there are some major differences in the practical sense, but in theory the goals are the same.
Sorry to burst your conspiracy/symbol-horny/NWO -bubble but sometimes i like to get down to reality and talk about what the all-over outcome means in the first place.
To be honest, i do not have anything against conspiracies in theory, but all the conspiracies just live through their "mystic signs and symbols and whatnot" coz thats what gets people interested/scared/excited.
Let me tell you, what is really going on is not half as exciting as the bull# u believe in, but probably a million times more effective.

There, i said it. i believe in conspiracies myself, but on a completely different level, and i go along with it, jumping through its loopholes

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 12:38 AM
MMmeant you are so full of lies its not funny. Everything you wrote is WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! You are a Mason or one of the Illuminati gofors.......

YOU LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 12:59 AM
"Nope. Not the Illuminati symbol. "

******Yes it is the Illuminati Symbol since Adam Weishaupt and represents the destruction of the Catholic church when they announce the big lie. You are wrong again and research for serious truthers will prove you are lying.

"Nope. Annuit Coeptis - "Favorable Beginning" or "Favorable Undertaking"

*******You are wrong have NO supporting evidence and on the contrary you are proven wrong with serious research. You cannot provide the translation that will last the test of accuracy. I challenge you to put up or shut up. And go back to the Mason hall where all the Worshipfull masters grab pick up the soap and worship Lucifer.

"Nope. New Order of the Ages means New Order of the Ages. "

*****Means Order of the Ages, New Deal the Traitor FDR's attempt to run a planned military coup and a liar as well.......just like LBJ, Bush, Bush, Clinton, and Next Obama. New world another translation of the same phrase.

"Nope. MDCCLXXVI is 1776."

******means 1776 and the one associate with May 1, 1776 for the birth of the luciferian plan..that will fail in the time they think it will work.

"Nope. Adam Weishaupt was not a member of the first design committee (Franklin, Adams, Jefferson), nor was he a member of the second design committee (Lovell, Scott, Houston) nor the third committee (Middleton, Rutledge, Boudinot or the artist: Barton), and unless he changed his name to Charles Thomson, he wasn't part of the final design team."

*****lol.....he designed the plan as the final authority and he turned Thomas Jefferson to his way and George Washington was very critical of Jefferson's poor sense of judgment by covering for Weishaupt a worshipper of Lucifer and former Jesuit......the Jesuits are in the middle of this as orchestrated by the Black Poop..and Black Nobility......

"Nope. Thirteen arrows denote the power of war, controlled by the original 13 colonies' representatives in Congress. The thirteen olive branches denote the power of peace, which was also controled by the original 13 colonies' representatives in Congress."

*****Oh please........the 13 represent the 13 Illuminati Luciferian order....the Illuminati joined the Masons in December 1782.....formally, so they could hide like the cowards that they are. The Knights Templar and Iluminati exists today and don't even try to debunk with me as I have a friend that is a member of the Knights Templar and Illumianti trying to get me to join the scottish rite.........No blue light special for me..........

Hey, did you know that the referee touchdown sign is a 3rd degree mason's sign for Joy and exultation.....? amazing huh.

"Nope. The Seal was created prior to June 20, 1782 - which is the date that the Blazon of the Great Seal of the United States was approved by Congress. Nowhere near 1913."

*****it was created by the Illuminati in the 1700's and signifies the destruction of the Catholic church when they disclose the big LIE. It was put on the dollar in the 1930's by the traitor FDR............go back to your sleepy mode.

"Nope. Illuminati group died out in 1785. The only surviving illuminati groups are fictional and solely in the minds of fiction writers and conspiracy theory hacks."

*****WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the order exists today and every generation these scum, Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Reynolds, DuPonts, Collings, Van Dun, LI, Onassas, Kennedy [blackballed since JFK and good people], Bundy, Astor, Royal Family, and one other I forgot about. Disney and McDonalds are inner connected famlies. Todds are inner married...with Astors, and......oh yes.....Russells.....dedicates their infant children to Lucifer......oh yes. they will burn.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 05:15 AM
OMG there's a Zelda for DS? My six year is gonna be handing that over to mommy! Bye bye to her lil pet shop game! Muhahaha! Go play with the real doggie and let mommy level!

Ah, old school Zelda....those were the days.

Just wanted to say thanks for the thead. Very interesting.

I *love* rpgs (like Oblivan) but just couldn't get into Assasins Creed. Could be because I just finished four Jim Marrs books and couldn't stand looking at all those templars.

Off to go check out the Xbox music thingy. Let's keep this thread going. I find it very intresting as with us slightly older generations they've used tv for many years for mind control and subliminal suggestions and I was just thinking the other day after hearing a report that game sales are not slumping, the NWO has for sure infiltrated this sector as well.

posted on Feb, 12 2009 @ 08:10 AM
Anyone play resident evil 4? A secret society called the "los illuminados" kidnap the presidents daugher and you have to save her.

Also, in zelda those eye switches that you have to hit in ocarina of time and the owl that always talks to you in the game. Also shiek has a sort of eye like design on her costume. also in twilight princess, the eye symbol (for the camera) looks really suspicious I dunno similiar to the eye logo on news channel just wierd looking.

posted on Oct, 11 2009 @ 02:48 AM
The swastika is an ancient symbol that to me has a very peaceful, noble quality about it, I'm pretty sure it actually represents the sun. Of course we know how everyone looks at it today.

I am slightly fascinated with the fact that the triforce is a cross section of the merkaba, or star tetrahedron

posted on Oct, 28 2009 @ 09:49 AM
reply to post by cidrolls4s

"wheres he goin, wuts he running from"? "hes going to fall and hurt himself and when he does, I WONT HELP HIM!"

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 10:31 AM
if you have an xbox 360 kinect controller, hold the controller in your hands as if you are playing and sit in a chair with the lights on, look down at the centre x-box symbol on the controller, notice the mason symbol, or pyramid, with your head at the top.

posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 10:34 AM
Here you go

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posted on Jan, 4 2011 @ 10:41 AM
Heres the pic

posted on Feb, 27 2011 @ 04:54 PM
Firstly i know this is a old thread - but i would rather bump up one on the same subject than start a new one completely.

NOTE - Mods this is the correct forum for my post on this subject so if you would like to delete my others if you see fit to do so. thanks in advance

Hey guys im fairly new to this website and first of all i would just like to say ive had a good look around the site and it really is very interesting with some good topics and some really good Pro/Con arguments for lots of views,beliefs and opinions. So i just decided to join so i could post a thread or reply to this Halo topic which caught my eye,being a avid halo and xbox360 fan.

Anyway like i said i looked around this site and i saw this topic and thought it would be a great place to just tell someone about the symbols i found in Halo ODST and Halo reach if people didnt already notice them anyway. I never saw any comments about it here, so i assume it is so obvious you dont even mention it or didn't consciously associate these symbols at the time. I sure didnt for a long time ive played halo for years and ive only just started noticing the symbols , whether that is because i was purposely looking for them or not , im not sure. I seen a few comments on here suggesting sometimes the best place to hide something is in plain sight.Right under your nose,so to speak.

Anyway the first symbol is a symbol used in the Halo 3, Halo 3 ODST and the Halo Reach game, as the symbol for the Office of Naval Intelligence ONI for short the symbol jumped out at me at once, it is a black and white, triangle or pyramid, with a circle around the outside and 2 circles in the middle, the circle on the outside bears the words " Office of Naval Intelligence" At the top of the triangle are the letters UNSC. UNSC in halo stands for United Nation Space Command , but UNSC really stands for United Nations Security Council.Also thought i would just mention this symbol is the only picture on the front of the Halo 3 ODST user manual, and is littered across the last few halo games.

The second symbol is the older ONI symbol with is even more obvious than the first symbol it shows ( IMO ) a large winged humanoid, with 2 dots under the wings. that is sitting ontop of a circle, and in the circle is a large triangle, the tip at the topmost point of the circle, inside this triangle is a single eye, eyebrow included. on the out side of the triangle are 4 smaller triangles, 2 to the left , 2 to the right and under the triangle are 3, five pointed stars. at the bottom of the circle is a scroll(wrong word im sure) with the words "Office of Naval Intelligence"

The link for these first 2 symbols are pictures of both these symbols from the website halo.wikia the address is

the third symbol is very similar to the second symbol in fact is is nearly the same except lacking the eye,the 5 triangles and the 3 stars. also you can make out clearer that the figure is sitting on a planet not just a circle. the picture i have for this is not great quality as i had to take it myself as a screenshot from Halo Reach whilst in theatre mode. I took the symbol from Kats armour, Kat is one of Noble team , on of the UNSC, ONI Spartans. all of these Spartans wear this emblem on their armour.

link will take you to my own profile page just check the photo named OWL ONI.

if you compare symbol 2 and symbol 3 you will see what i mean.
It was whilst looking at symbol 2 and 3 ( i first noticed with the 3rd one but it is probably easier to spot on the second ) i noticed if you look at the symbol from where the dot under each wing is it really ( IMO ) does look like a owl, or owls face.

I mention this as i know whist sort of looking around this site and just even looking on youtube that the symbol of a triangle,with or without a eye, a single eye on its own and a owl seem to all be connected in symbolism.

im sure there would be lots more if i looked around and poked around more, i mean i already found the same symbols in the game on the floor and on buildings etc, but there are others too like small triangles with a single dot in the centre . so thats my first post here anyway, if anybody would like to comment on what i have found please do, im sure ive missed lots more out there on the games. but i didn't really see anything in this thread.

Peace - Out John
edit on 24-2-2011 by johngtr because: i found another symbol i would like to add link for

Edit * - just having a look around forge ( map construction on Halo Reach ) and found a random eye symbol thought i would add it too, the link is also back to my profile as its another screenshot. Picture named - Eye it is basically an eye on the Multiplayer level ONI Swordbase -

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