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Michigan and other tidbits

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posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 09:17 PM
Facts from an avid observer and Romney follower Anne Marie Curling of

ov. Romney is in a strong position to win the Republican nomination.

* Gov. Romney continues to lead the Republican field in total number of votes (by 81,471) and in total delegates (by at least six, according to the AP).
* Gov. Romney has won more votes so far in the nomination process than Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, and Ron Paul combined.
* McCain won 393,284 fewer votes in Michigan this year than he did in 2000.
* Michigan marks the second consecutive state where McCain underperformed compared to 2000—he won New Hampshire by 19 points in 2000 and by just 5 points this year; he won Michigan by 8 points in 2000 and lost it by 9 points this year.
* McCain failed to win Michigan Republicans in 2000 and was ultimately unsuccessful in winning the nomination—a candidacy based on support from independents alone will be unsuccessful at winning the GOP nomination.
* This year, Gov. Romney won Republicans by 14 points in Michigan, 40%-26%. Gov. Romney will benefit when the race moves to major states like Florida and California where it is limited to registered Republicans.
* Gov. Romney carried every major element of the Reagan coalition in Michigan—he won conservatives by 18 points (41%-23%), pro-life voters by 14 points (39%-25%), and even carried white evangelical Protestants by 6 points (36%-30%).
* No candidate who finished lower than second place in the Michigan primary has ever gone on to win the Republican nomination.

Gov. Romney will put Michigan in play for the general election.

* Winning an open Michigan primary shows competitive strength statewide. Every Michigan Republican primary since 1992 has been 25% independent. This year’s primary was 32% independent and Democratic.
* Republican candidates have consistently targeted Michigan in general elections—yet no Republican has won Michigan in the general election since 1988.
* No Democrat since Jimmy Carter has won the White House without winning Michigan—showing how difficult it is for a Democrat to get to 270 electoral votes without 17 from Michigan.
* The last time a Republican won a competitive Michigan GOP primary and then carried the state in the general election was Gerald Ford in 1976 – another native Michigander.


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