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Screwed up dream

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posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 01:06 AM
So as the thread implies I had a really screwed up dream, it's so screwed up I don't know what to do.

So I begin with the start of the dream, please understand that is was NOT a lucid dream and that I didn't have any control
over my actions and I do regret the course of my actions teribaly.

I am in a decenetly lit warehouse with many boxes stacked up and surround buy the typical warehouse elevated walk ways, in
my right hand I am cluching a generic black silenced pistol and I have some sort of (futuristic?) watch, more on that later.

As I look around I see two men speaking an unknown language posibily Polish, I also see what apeares too be his henchmen walking up
and down the elvated walk ways surrounding the warehouse. 4 women and a guy, I identify them as being armed with light machine pistols

I crawl out from under my hiding place and with pure instinct and no instructions I begin stalking the tangos (enemies)
deciding to pick them off one by one, here is where it gets weird, the watch I mentioned earlier can freeze time giving me an awesome
tactical advantage.

I simply stand up, point my generic black pistol at the single male henchmen and shoot him, (every time I fired my weapon the watch would
unfreeze the time so I would have to run,duck and freeze time again)

In a matter of minutes I had killed 4 female henchmen and 1 make, I had my weapon aimed at what seemed to be the boss talking to another man. I was hiding and listening
to what he was saying, unable to understand the language I felt frustrated and decided to kill both of them with out freezing time.

But as I was about to do so a girl (17-18) appeared and in english she shouted "Dad! can we PLEASE LEAVE NOW!?"
I promised my self I would killed the two men after she would walk away, but saddly she didn't! it seemed as if 15mins passed
and the two men still showed no sign of leaving. I was fed up with it and said to my self "take 'em both out spare the girl"

I stand up aim and kill both men, for some reason I still don't understand and I aim at the girl and pull the trigger.

She falls too the ground shouting and crying, I walk over to her practically crying and shoot her again (see was hot

I walk over to her father and take his breif case and leave out the front warehouse door.

Thats it, A screwed up vivid dream that is now burnt into my memory as vivid as a real memorie.

But it might have gotten sicker than that (sick as in bad) I woke up after this dream not thinking much about what had happend
I went back to bed and I think the dream continued but instead of shooting the girl and me walking out that door I rape the girl
it's a really bad feeling but at the same time it felt kinda good

Also please don't say things like "You play too many FPS games" or "you watch too many movies" I simply haven't played a single
FPS in the past 2 months, the other day I did a few benchmarks in Crysis but that was it. And as for films I haven't seen anything
apart from "Porco Rosso" and "Kikis delivery service in a while (both those are lovely animes)

Oh and hello! I am new here

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posted on Jan, 20 2008 @ 09:31 AM
something wierd? not at all..

you watched to much movies and spend too much times on the internet..

get out get some fresh air. hang out more with friends..

hope it helps..


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