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New musilum terrorits attacks

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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 11:42 PM
More Muslim terrorism

"The barrage brought the number of rockets and mortar shells fired by Gaza-based Palestinian terrorists over the past two days to more than 90."

"Israel has had a difficult time convincing the international community to demand that Palestinian forces dedicated to fighting Israel stop operating out of densely populated civilian areas."

BBC on Muslim terrorits

"Over the past two days it has launched over 100 rockets into Israel."

When will the Muslims stop proving me right and start proving me wrong???

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 07:01 PM
reply to post by mrmonsoon

Israel wants Hamas to move out of densely-populated areas? Like... Where? Hell, I'm sure Hamas wants the same from the IDF. Unfortunately, there's no such damn place unless both sides want to move out into the Negev and slap each other around. The whole point of the fighting is control over- get this - populated areas. Israel pretending it doesn't base its troops and build its weapons in populated areas is as silly as Hamas claiming that they have no idea where the rockets came from.

And for the what, third time? It's Muslim, and terrorist. For the love of Gord, if you're going to be a slavering bigot and characterize 1.6 billion other human beings on the actions of some douchebags in Gaza, you can at least spell correctly while doing so.

posted on Jan, 19 2008 @ 07:31 AM
reply to post by The Walking Fox

I will give Hamas this, they may be murdering terrorists, but they are good gaining popular opinion and the “poor me” BS that "SOME" people eat up with a fork and spoon.
There are two possible cases for their purposely hiding behind civilians as they do their terrorist actions.
One, they just don't care about their own people-this is the most likely case IMO.
Two, they do it on purpose.
They purposely have civilians-probably encourage they to come close- to hide behind and as the terrorists get their responses to their attacks, they hope innocent civilians are killed so they can say how terrible that (it is terrible, and those sick Muslim terrorist monsters should be in hell for it, IMO)

Your comparison is completely off base.
Comparing where bases and production areas are to terrorists purposely making their attacks (that is firing their terrorist rockets and missiles) from in and around civilians-this is something that has never been seen or done in Israel.
In fact, the IDF makes a point of moving away from their civilians when battling terrorists.

Now, I have never said all Muslims are terrorists-please, if you try to quote me, do so correctly.

I always say Muslim terrorists-you saying it applies to 1.6 billion people imply YOU think all Muslims are terrorists-a real shame, I don’t, but you are entitled to your opinion.

Now for decorum, I have never referred to you as terrorist, bigot or a slaver and I would appreciate the same kindness.

Furthermore, I believe it is against tac TO PERSONALLY ATTACK and INSULT MEMBERS. Please note this post from S.O. (BILL)

Please note this post from Mr. Gray, the site owner:

I do agree that Hamas knows and has the rockets sent as well as feeling the Muslim terrorists are "douche bags.
The difference is I know they need to be stopped and or removed for peace; some don't or can't see that.

Where as we all have different ideas and someone’s ideas or facts can be questioned and if possible, proven/disproven by facts from links-i.e. legitimate news sources (but of course, most will disagree what is and is not a legitimate news source).

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