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Olmert's Double Talking

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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 04:13 PM
Olmert has no intention nor desire for a peaceful resolution to the Pallestinian Conflict...

In a statement issued by his office, Mr. Olmert said that “there is no alternative to conducting serious diplomatic negotiations in order to reach peace” and that he was “determined to continue the diplomatic negotiations out of recognition that they contain the only real chance to assure the peace and security of Israel’s citizens.”

Same Day, hours later...

GAZA (Reuters) - Israeli air strikes killed at least seven Palestinians, including a mother and child, in the Gaza Strip on Thursday as Prime Minister Ehud Olmert vowed to wage a "war" to stop rocket attacks on the Jewish state.
The escalation in violence prompted Palestinian leaders to warn that renewed peace talks -- spurred by last week's visit by U.S. President George W. Bush -- were at stake.

War is Peace...

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 01:30 PM
Then, less than 24 hours later...

Israel Closes Gaza Border Crossings
2008-01-18 08:38:49
By MATTI FRIEDMAN Associated Press Writer
JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel has closed all border crossings into Gaza, cutting off food and humanitarian supplies...
About 20 trucks of food scheduled to enter Gaza on Friday would not be allowed through, said Defense Ministry spokesman Shlomo Dror...
"It's time that Hamas decide to either fight or take care of its population," Dror said. "It's unacceptable that people in Sderot are living in fear every day and people in the Gaza Strip are living life as usual."...
Dror said Gazans had enough food that no one would go hungry and assured "there will not be a humanitarian crisis in Gaza."

Living life as usual? No humanitarian crises? We gave Israel 500 million dollars to pull out of illegal settlements in Gaza, they took the money and moved right back in a year later and this humanitarian crisis they keep denying is well documented.
How much American money did we waste on sponsoring those useless peace talks this last novemeber?

posted on Jan, 4 2016 @ 05:35 AM
I read a few days ago that Olmert is apparently going to be sitting in prison for a while due to some unethical real estate dealings. I think that was a long time coming.

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