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Kill Bill Vol. 1-2

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posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 03:31 PM
I know most people post comments on only new movies and I have nothing but time on my hands, so I'm going to post a old one.

With my past life style and unfortunately what a few have done to me as mentioned in previous post I have spent the last 15 years sleeping in my van. I guess you would call that homeless. I have watched very few movies and tv shows because I was furious with what I have seen. I'm starting to see a few films and will be watching alot more in the next comming months.

First off I hate movies with violence, but Quentin Tarantino films are so well done and compelling that I will put up with the violence.

If it wasn't for the music and sounds I really don't think the movie would off been that good. The whole things was compelling and suspensfull with the music.

I have never seen a movie that lasted as long as Kill Bill VOl.1-2 and was dissapointed that it was over.

Some people don't have the choice of the lifestyle they were presented with (Example a family of a mobster more than likely everyone is going to be force into that lifestyle), but they do have the choice to get out. This movie makes this point very well when she realized she was pregant and life had a new meaning for her.

And for that I respect and thank Quentin Tarantino with tears of happieness.

I'm looking forward to more positive movies such as this one, but not as violent.

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