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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 05:35 PM
Voting to elect and get things passed is simply outdated. There needs to be put in place something more than just what a majority picks when we know there isnt a true democracy since we the ppl are being represented by those who get things from lobbyist or never was for we the ppl though they are supposed to represent us. That something needed would promote health (mental and physical) sharpening and skill (mental and physical) sharpening amongst we the ppl to even be selected to be apart of.

The proposal is: Sportcracy. It's where there would be televised match offs in sport games of whatever kind is called upon by we the ppl where each movement or party, for whatever or whoever, hand picks in each case who all is only needed that will be best figured to be the best of best in the particular sport for electing persons for positions or passing things into law.

There picked would be those for something in particular against those picked that are against something in particular. Sportcracy would be on the state and federal levels. Imagine delegates being changed like clothes. The winning delegate(s) get the particular thing certain ppl are for to win/pass or lose/not pass.

State and federal senators and house reps, however the gov goes, would have to pass things they've finished putting together as a proposal to be appoved over to the sportcracy branch for the final outcome. Congress would have no choice, but to give hats off to what won from the sportcracy branch to let win (or lose) or pass (or not pass).

All in all, sportcracy would be more fair and square than the current way of electing whoever for whatever and passing whatever for whatever.

Yes, candidates running for like president in a sportcracy would pick from delegates from we the ppl for them on most to all of their veiws and stances on issues to be involved in some kind of sport challeges apart of a tournament designed to leave one candidate standing to win a presidential term.

What are your thoughts on this? Anything to improve this idea?


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