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My wish list !!!!! "Buy it and forget it"

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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 03:39 PM
My biggest wish is to own and operate a vehicle like
a small SUV (4 door, 4 passenger) that completely runs off
some sort of free energy like HHO gas from water or maybe
electricity generated from magnets, something like that. But
I want the fuel for it to be something other than fossil fuel.
I don't want a sports car so that rules out Tesla and such
AND I want it affordable to purchase ( $10K-$20K ) with
cheap insurance and very little maintenance other than tires
and such. I want cheap to own, cheap to operate and cheap
to maintain. That's the number 1 thing on my wish list.
Does anybody know where I can find such a vehicle without
having to become an engineer myself and build my own???
I got to get away from these high gas prices. They are killing
my finances.

And I think prez Bush's idea of making hydrogen fuel cars
is still on the wrong track as you're still gonna have to stop
at gas stations to fill up. That means the gubment still has
their hands in my wallet. So hydrogen I gotta buy from a
station is not what I'm talking about.

The Indian Motors Car I saw on CBS the other night was def
a step in the right direction as far as "cheap to own" but other than
the cheap price tag, nothing else about it fit the bill I was looking for.
As it still ran on fossil fuel. Bad Indians !!!! ..... LOL

Basically I want a "buy it and forget it" type of vehicle to get me

Am I asking for too much ???

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