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The brief history of this third world war

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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 12:59 PM
Ok I am sorry if this has been discussed before ad nausium …

I believe that we have entered into the third world war. That started back in the late 1970s. We all figured that the third world war would be all out nuclear war with millions dead and the fall of civilization etc. But from what I have come to understand about the first two world wars this isn’t the case. These things start out slowly and progress like this. With the third world war the epicenter is of course Israel.

May 14, 1948The state of Israel is born from the first world war, and the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 181, and the displacement of many Palestinians.

The following is a dramatization of what happened during that resolution process:

Mr. Bright Idea UN guy 1: You know these poor Jewish people have been through so much. They should have a place to call there home.

Mr. Bright Idea UN guy 2: Your right MBIUNG1 I think that we need to establish a resolution to create an Israeli state. Hey how about what’s now Palestine. Wasn’t that Israel before anyway? Lets put em there. That would work.

Meeting upon meeting, paperwork gets signed and filed and the UN resolution passes and the state of Israel in Palestine is created.

Mr. Bright Idea UN guy 1: Wait a minute don’t Arabs hate Jews?

Mr. Bright Idea UN guy 2: (confused) Really?

The two go and get coffee…

This started off a chain of events that has led up to where we are today.

So anyway the cold war is raging on and the USSR is just doing a bang up job keeping the Middle East in line for all of us. (Well at least keeping them out of our hair.)

And they get into a little tiff with Afghanistan. Well the Afghani people aren’t going to just sit around and let a bunch of Ruskies tell them what to do. So they fight back, the CIA backing them up covertly. Cause you know we weren’t to friendly with the USSR back in the day. Guess who was at that little party? That’s right Osama Bin Laden!

US Made weapons, US funded training all for our friends the Islamic fundamentalist Mujahideen insurgents. Well until the Russians said “F that S” and left Afghanistan. Then we couldn’t give two snitz about Afghanistan. When you give aid to a country up until the enemy you are covertly fighting leaves, then you stop all aid to the area and a civil war erupts, people kinda get ticked off at you.

So what happens next? How did we go from Giving Saddam Hussein the key to the city of Detroit and UBL hangin’ in America, to hanging Saddam and hunting UBL like a dog?

Well events like, hijacking US planes, Munich massacre, US Embassy bombing, USS Cole bombing, and then of course 9/11

So as you can see this war has been going on since the early 1980’s seeded by a begin un resolution to create the state of Israel. Then in the late 1980s George Bush Sr. blurted out the truth in a hidden package with the words “New World Order” Kind of like a snowball effect. Now the US is eyeballing the next phase of this third world war.


Afghanistan: 9/11 got to hunt down UBL and topple the Taliban.

Iraq: Got to find those WMDs and Topple Saddam Hussein and the Bath Party. Why? Cause, um well, there weren’t any WMDs, um lets see, ah hell it’s too late anyway.

Continued on next post..

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 12:59 PM
Iran: they piss us off!

What’s their next reason going to be? N Korea: “Hey F you, were sick of the DMZ!”

So as you can see we are well entrenched into the third world war. The reasons are to protect the state of Israel and to secure domestic economic interests. Not as they would have us believe to combat terrorism. That little bit is erroneous as it is bull plop.

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 12:49 AM
Palestinians hate Jews for taking their land. They've been living there for thousands of years and some people from some other continent decree that they cede a part of their ancestors homeland. How could they not be pissed? And then the other Arab states started hating the Jews because of how they were treating the Palestinians and that they agreed with the idea that the land belongs to Palestine, as it was for thousands of years.

And anyways, back then everyone hated Jews, well maybe not hated, but they were definitely discriminated against. People heard about labor camps (before they know about the mass extermination) that the Jews, Poles, etc where sent to, but they didn't care because nobody cared about Jews back then. I mean, why didn't the Catholic Church do anything? Because they didn't care if the Nazis exterminated all the Jews. Actually they believe that it was the Jews who crucified Christ! Throughout Medieval times Jews were rumored to be poisoning wells (not based upon truth) and were subject to beatings and worse due to general hatred of them. It was not until after the Holocaust that the world's hatred toward Jews turned to sympathy.

And I mean, don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-semitic; that's just how it is.

[edit on 17-1-2008 by italkyoulisten]

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 01:12 AM
If I remember correctly the Arabs got there collective azzes handed to them during the 67 7 day war, expanding the Israel territories. Now we can go back and forth ad nausea whether this is right, fair etc.
The fact is, you've got at least five sects of Arabs and Israelis who have hated each other and fought for generations. Do you give up some land to try to make nicey? What about all the Arab/Israelis who have married and found love? Tough to swallow on both sides. Years of inbred hatred and hostility will not be solved by a magic wand. Qassam rockets landing everyday in Israel. Special OPs campaigns against Palestinians. You stupid morons want the continuation of hatred, bigotry, and killing? I'd say you've done a pretty damn good job. Before Rabbim got offed by ultraorthodocs I thought peace had a chance. Silly me. You like war. You got it. Keep it up. I played a round of backgammon tonite with a 34 yr old Israeli soldier who got shot in the head on msn gammon by chance. He was a good mate, and we had quite the opportunity to chat. One thing that sank in is you guys are so far apart and yet so close, if you want peace it's going to take 'a lot of hard azz work'. Sorry if I rambled.

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 08:12 AM
Both you italkyoulisten and you jpm1602 make some good points. However I think that you both have missed the point I was trying to make here. Perhaps I wasn't clear.

Yes the integration of Jews into Palestine was the seed of this third world war. That seed germinated and grew into the collective conflicts raging in the middle east today. The original plan for the middle east after WWI was the division of the defunct Ottoman Empire into the countries we see today.

Then the integration of Jews into Palestine just made the entire area one huge mess.

The United States having vested interests in the region must secure these resources and make sure that the state of Israel survives. (not like it's doing such a bad job protecting itself)

posted on Jan, 17 2008 @ 08:52 AM
1. Israël was Israël until Roman Empire conquered it and renamed it Palestine.

2. The majority of palestinian farmers happily sold their barren lands to foreign jews who later made of such a piece of desert a liveable territory long before 1948 declaration of independance. See also the Balfour Declaration.

3. A "Palestinian" is a Jordanian. Jerusalem Amman = 70 kilometers. See why and when the so-called "Kingdom of Jordania" was created, and by who. See also the proportion of "Palestinian" who compose present jordanian people, then what did the first "king" of the "Jordanian Kingdom" to "Palestinian Refugees".

4. Arafat (fake name) was born in Egypt as a relative (and as so lead to political megalomany) of the so-called Grand Mufti of Jerusalem during WW2, which was a great friend and official allié of... Adolf Hitler :

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