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Did Tom Cruise say something he shouldn't have?

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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 12:38 PM

when you drive past an accident.. it's not like anyone else... as you drive past, you know you have to do something about it, because... you know you are the only one that really can help.

that is a gross insult to the legions of non-scientologists world wide who are actually trained to respond correctly to an incident

be they emergency services personel , the armed forces - or just civilians who have attended a course

scienetoligy bandies about many cute accronyms - but at an accident how many scientologists would instantly realise the importance of


to the casualty they come across ??

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 12:38 PM

Originally posted by Comma8Comma1
I appreciate what you're saying but not until you visit the grounds of the Scientology center in Los Angeles, or have met a few of it's members should you really make up your mind.

I second that, and would say that the second stop on your Just-How-Creepy-Is-Scientology Tour should be their compound near Hemet, CA.

The place is locked down like a concentration camp, and I'm not sure I've ever seen a creepier "church" (to be fair, maybe it was all the razor wire that made it seem less than welcoming).

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by weedwhacker

Do they also have the swarms of color coded drones in DC? I've only checked out the LA center, although with the help of I hope to plan an L.Ron vacation sometime soon.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 12:49 PM
reply to post by Comma8Comma1

I just watched his video.

You know how everyone has their own opinions...well here's mine:

I think Mr. Cruise is so full of it. So much, that it 'exudes' within his own gestures, manerisms, and speech. If anyone has ever studied 'body language' and 'inflections of tone-of-voice', you would hear the deliberation (not contemplation) in his voice, as if searching for the right answers/words to present the scientology case to the viewers.

Watch his posture. He's constantly searching for words to ad lib with. He looks around alot, as if 'seeking' for the proper terminologies that would suffice the public. What's with the ocassional outbursts of giggling? Nervousness? Nope. It's a defense mechanism. Granted, the vid was 'chopped up' for editing purposes, but this behavior is in conjunction with on-going mannerisms.

This individual has so much money on his side, that he literally 'spokemanned' his way to the top of the dirt pile. A very disgusting display of 'showmanship'.

He's advocating on the behalf of a former leader. L. Ron Hubbard.

L. Ron Hubbard may have written popular books, e-metered a stinkin tomato. What the hell is going on in someone's brain, that they have to 'e-meter' a vegetable? Very lucid reasonings behind that one I think.

Showmanship...for the almighty dollar

And that's really all it is folks...a 'show'...and a disgusting one at that.


posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 01:02 PM
reply to post by TheDuckster

Yup, very good observation Duckster

There is a link from another member up above to the 'KSW' is the same rambling nonsense, penned by the 'father' Hubbard himself.

Wonder if he is the one who left Mother Hubbard in the shoe with all those kids...hmm, now THERE is a conspiracy theory!

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 01:38 PM
i try not to be too judgemental of others, unless they infringe upon others freedoms.

something IMO stinks about this whole things, this is L. Ron hubbard baby and he was involved heavily with the Occult for what it's worth.

Scientology IMO is very predatory but read the KSW "rules" 7-10

they have a "ruthless" beleif system because that will help sustain the life of this money making pyramid scheme loosely based on the mind of L. Ron hubbard and based out of his teaching/understanding of the occult/or magic which relate directly with some of Alister Crowley's work that he studied heavily.

His followers whatever their initial intentions become brainwashed, some of them prob learn new mental skills and problem solving skills , (meta programming, NLP) using unique mental skills probably develop false positives that lead them to think they are "special" and that the church is so great and blah blah blah , thus the whole create a better reality ( but pushing their beleifs on others because they think it helps them, and justifying it because you ruthlessly put them in yourself, sorry jack, that doesn't fly) . many of these people probably just want to believe these things and the pain of not believing is greater than the pain of realizing their intentions are not all that SELFLESS so they probably just start rationalizing, afriad that life w/0 scientology is too unsure and confusing or depressing.

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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 02:04 PM

Originally posted by Comma8Comma1
If you haven't already please check out this leaked scientology video of a Tom Cruise acceptance speech:

What was that?
What on God's green Earth was he talking about? It made absolutely no sense.

With the music playing in the background I half expected him to rip off his face to reveal another person.


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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 02:18 PM
I just want to chip in here that L. Ron Hubbard wrote one of the great sci-fi masterpieces, 'Battlefield Earth', it is for that book that we should remember him, not as the charlatan crook con-man who spent his entire life conning and tricking others. Look into the bet he made that he could start a church. Look into some of the very unique stunts he pulled while on boats in the navy, and on his own boats later. A true legend.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 02:31 PM
What they are freaking on, is the fact, that someone so high up in their ranks can not finish a train of thought. His thoughts are clustered and cluttered and he sounds incoherent. Not good for their public relations.

Did you know that they sent a 15 page letter to CNN denying all those claims by the author of that new book? Not a statement - a thesis.

Lmbo - he almost makes Bush sound normal, now that is creepy.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 02:41 PM
On a side note: Have you seen Katie Holmes recently? She seems to be prematurely aging. She looks tired.

I bet she's being used in some rather odd rituals behind closed doors. She's completely mind controlled.


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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 02:44 PM

Originally posted by The time lord
He should have become a Christian, ...
[edit on 16-1-2008 by The time lord]

Anytime you use SHOULD or OUGHT you are going to the darkside

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 04:00 PM
reply to post by Dr Love


I thought she looked more like a sleestack.

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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by Comma8Comma1

Did I forget to say Megalomaniac?

I suppose if you actively recruit Mental Patients with lots of money this is what you get.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 05:49 PM
reply to post by KaiBosh

If you laud Hubbard you imply his behavior was appropriate. Lives can and are being destroyed as a result of his confidence game. Pockets are being lined with cash by his students in this sham. It would be better for the world had he not been published and drifted into obscurity where he could only harm those in is immediate peers. Evil has a way of spreading long after a master of evil dies. His life is like a cancer that has metastasized to society. Its targets are the weak of mind who cannot defend themselves as they pour their money into the leaders pockets.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 06:15 PM
I don't think scientology is what most people believe it to be. There is a great deal of secrecy and from knowing a few members in my life and seeing there effectiveness and hints I have gathered. The whole upfront we see and the bizarre oddities are actually part of untraining the trainable, what happens next and is kept secret is I think certainly about learning nlp and learian sorts of psychology and controlling ones own mind and beliefs affect on reality... advanced psychology not aliens in volcanos..

I don't know this first hand but people that reach higher levels in scientology are very effective people, you do sometimes see that from among members of traditional religions who are largely brainwashed and following simple daily rules that lead to success... but I don't gather this from scientologists i have met, I think these guys are actually okay, working on freeing conciousness, they aren't alone aliester is mentioned, I mentioned Dr leary above, you could throw Buddah in the mix and many others... meditation, breaking down of imporints and control of ones own mind... I think this is whats at the top of scientology and I don't think it's a bad thing

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 08:12 PM
this is quite odd, my wife was on gawker at the te same time I found this thread on ATS and she told me of a site the correlates with this thread perfectly The answer to all that is Tom Cruise

My wife and I have a pet name for him it's

"rabid ferret"

L. Ron Hubbard, was an awesome sci-fi writer, it's a shame that he started taking his stories seriously. has anyone else ever read "Dianetics"?

I'm not certain of this but I think that L. Ron took his inspiration from Robert Heinlein's "stranger in a strange land................................(do you Grok that?)

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posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 08:23 PM
Wow. This video looks like Tom Cruise is doing a parody of himself. My first impression while watching this bizarre video was that it looked like some kind of Ben Stiller/Zoolander parody of Tom Cruise.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 09:50 PM
So funny... I just say this today while catching up on Family Guy...

Katie Holmes yells “I’m free” as she makes a break from Tom Cruise

Katie Holmes yelled “I’m free” as she broke away from Tom Cruise’s clutches - in a hilarious episode of Family Guy.

The Dawson’s Creek star jumped out of the window after the “forcefield” surrounding the Cruise home disappeared.

After throwing baby Suri at her hubby and leaping into the garden, the actress then released a cage full of scantily clad men who had been held in the back garden.

The Cruise forcefield stopped working after Family Guy favourite Stuey shut down power in the USA, in a bid to take over the world.

The scene quickly flashed to ‘Tom Cruise’s house’, where Tom and Katie were sitting on the sofa professing their love for one another.

As the room plunged into darkness, a tracking device fell from Katie’s ankle, the blank stare vacated her face and she shouted “I’m free”.

The actress hurled her baby at her husband and hurled herself through the window, landing in the garden.

“Quick, the forcefield is down,” she shouted at caged men in speedos, before running off into the distance.

By Owen Williams, Nov 12 2007 © Copyright 2008 - Showbiz Spy

I just copied and pasted... sorry nothing fancy. Dr. Love's comment about Katie made me think about this when I saw it. I agree with your assessment too- she looked haggard.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 10:34 PM
I still don't get how so many Hollywood types fall for this utter crap. Guess that explains why the majority of movies coming out of there are also, utter crap.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 10:35 PM

Originally posted by Legalizer

What kind of jackass believes a religion made up by a science fiction author?

So its better to belive something that has been passed down for the last 2000 years? Brainwashing has been working the same ways since the beginning of times.

Im sure people around us (in our own immediate family and friends) thinks we're as nutty (IF NOT WAY WORSE) than Mr Cruise, for sitting around debating 9/11, moonlanding, UFO and other conspiracies WE are HELLBENT of bringing the truth about to the masses.

Different strokes for different folks.

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