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How does it make you feel...

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posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 04:06 PM
...knowing you wont be allowed into an undergroung bunker as the president gets to go into in the event of an attack on the country?

Does your own country have anything in place for protection for we the ppl?

And ppl act like we have equal worth. If they at least pass out arms that aint going to do # against a country using missiles from who knows where.

If you thinking on leaving the country by automobile you know you have to deal with roads with many stuck and abandoned cars blocking the route, correct?

You're pretty much a sitting duck that has to accept a bodily harming or killing fate.

So what it is you have to do is call the war prior. That's know the signs of tension before war itself happens so you can leave ahead of time. But then the question becomes: are you even allowed to leave the country? This country doen't have a bunker for you is one thing, but has you stuck to remain too is another. Too many problems with no problem solvings. Does our gov have an evaculation plan for the ppl to get to another country like canada or mexico? Oh wait, no one wants the North American Union for a different reason. If they change the reason for the NAU and change what the NAU would be for then ppl might have a change of mind. Or is there something we're not being told that this country is preparing for on the low

My allegence is to no country, but to freedom itself. Screw martial law to ensure order in a time where ppl should be free to do anything to survive decently as they can. Why martial law as if it's for my sake when their aint a bunker to withstand bombs for my sake? Man, screw the careless government. It's a system designed to care for its own maintianing. We the ppl are its ponds and stepping stones. We the ppl were to be inexpendable unlike our very own elected official. All we get is stares (peepings through privacy) from the gov with no care so be prepared to be nolonger there.

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