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What do you think the biggest conspiracy is?

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posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 02:20 PM
First let's start with the American Heritage definition of conspiracy

An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act

and see if we can concentrate for 8 seconds or long enough to shake off any knee jerk connotations that have established/ connected to the word.
(seems this connotation carry's the benefit of limiting discussion on answers some do not want seriously questioned) perhaps answers which certain bodies deem people to dumb/or unintelligent to be able to handle so they feed us a cherry coated story, and others which are truly malicious

with that out of the way, what do you think the most "dangerous" or important conspiracy is in the world today, and instead of saying just the "NWO" why not provide what part of this transition to a "NWO" is or has been the most dangerous.

I think that for the biggest issue is the large amount of people chasing a limited number of natural resources. And to be clear i think this could be alleviated if the current elite cream of the crop were willing to lose some of their influence and power, and most third world nations didn't have to depend on loans from the IMF or world bank which they can never pay back, and so instead they default and watch their resources get hoarded thanks to deals made by "economic hit men" (good book by the way) but any good businessman or salesmen did not get to the top of his class thru sharing and seeing a benefit in giving everyone a little of the pie. so it is sort of human nature combined with the greed=wealth=success effect in society. (not saying it's wrong just it is what it is) With this being said i think the conspiracy involves The heads of the agriultural industry in the United states combined with company's like monsanto and the degree of corruptions and power they hold and their plans (IMO) for planned food shortages and the collateral damage of bankrupting small farmers. Seeds of destruction is a great book which cover alot of this.

i also think ties in with depopulation agenda's because due to the current power structure the elite's are not willing to start sharing, so either A/ increase supply (which takes more work) or B/ reduce demand

i think other possibilities exist which much more efficiently than war would be spreading disease

and also i think a plan has been in place to use the central banks to exploit the economy's of industrialized nations, hollowing them out, and indebting the gov'ts and their citizens and that when a credit deflation comes (where in the deflation of credit outstrips the printing of money gov't attemps by a factor of at least 5) and govt's are left realizing they will never pay back their debt owed to independent (of the gov't )central banks and that people in panic deamanding any solution to the chaos would be ready to accept the solution.

See over the last 75 years the structure for a new order in the world has been applied piece by piece where the new order will be much more influence and power by elite bankers, big corporations and intelligency agency's including the U.N and a gradual erosion of the powers of the soverign nation state. The above was mentioned specifically by Carroll Quigley in the book "tradgedy and hope" a history of the world in our times. I postulate an eventual credit deflation will make the gov'ts debted apear much larger and demand some sort of solution. The answer will be a solution that fits the agenda of weaking soverign nations and giving more power to the above mentioned elite and predominatly mutli national organizations.

i understand this doesn't necessarily read very smooth and jumps two a couple topics. I guess you could say i feel the too biggest conspiracy's are a coming food shortage as well as a deflation which helps eliminate the soverignty of nation states (although the latter is not so much as a natural progession of a rotten system (federal reserve) which was implemented almost a hundred years ago and warned about by our "forefathers" very seriously.

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