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Fixing Our Nations Problems Made Easy

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posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 08:54 AM
If I were a dictator and could do what I wanted to fix some of the problems of this nation here is what I would do...

Fixing our Infrastructure: This one is quite easy I would legalize marijuana and tax it. We would save millions we would save fighting it can be used to fight the really bad drugs. The millions we would make taxing it we could earmark it directly to our nations roads, bridges, and dams....and damnit lets make an autobahn type road here too. Now I know Ill get flack for this "wow he wants to legalize weed" well you know something cigarettes and booze kill more people a year than weed ever could.

Fixing our Education: Another simple one.. dont make kids go to schools in their immediate area..give each student the money to choose what school they want to go to. This makes it so school ultimately have to compete and the schools that do well the teachers will get paid more. This provides better educations and more money for our teachers.

Taxing: Huckabees plan pretty much I am on par with get rid of income tax and do a consumption tax. This gives people initiative to save money and doesnt tax the guy more who is working a second job to put his daughter in college. This also makes the elite pay their fair % in tax.

Foreign Policy: First bring all of our troops from Europe, Japan, & South Korea Home IMMEDIATELY. Finish our job in Iraq and Afganistan and bring them home. The money we would save from that would be more then enough to help people with their medical issues. Also I dont remember this country being called the United Police of America. We are not a police department we need to quit policing the world. Let Isreal and other countries handle their own issues. Also quit giving our money to regimes that will later turn on us and try to kill us. I dont think I need to explain this one.

Healthcare: I solved in the above paragraph.

These are my opinions where am I going wrong please share.

posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 09:40 AM
You’re a better dictator then Bush could ever be that’s for sure….

Nice plan though…..don’t forget while you are dictator…to disclose the nwo thing….and any top secret stuff the public has a right to know about….

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