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The Mathematical Explanations ...

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posted on Jan, 15 2008 @ 06:07 AM
It is difficult to speak scientifically without use of mathematics. Keyboard math operators are '+' for plus, '-' for minus, '*' for times, '/' for divide, '^' for powers and roots, and ':' for probability ratios, and there are many others, but we can do a lot with just these.

Because we know natural selection must be true, being dictated by rationale, in any theory of the origins of life, natural selection must be considered.

Because right reason dictates the rational perfection of Creation, as it accounts for certain inexplicable deficits in the story of evolution, including:

What did mothers do before diapers?

Why does man walk upright, and have buttocks muscles that make sitting comfortable?

Why are there only 7 billion people in the world, when: (world population) = (initial 2 people) * e ^ ((rate of population increase)*(1,000,000 years man has lived on the planet)) | 2*e^((5/1000th of 1% population increase rate per year) * (1,000,000 years since the creation of Adam and Eve)) = an estimated world population of 70 billion people?

Why do humans have to wipe their butts?

Why does the virgin have a blood sacrifice of innocence, that is released when she is pierced by her bridegroom?

How did it happen that at least one male evolved during the same lifetime with one female, and they mated, when the lifetime of a mammal is 1/400 millionth the apparent age of Creation, and everything happens by chance?

Why is everything beyond the reach of mankind predictable, but man unpredictable?

we must also consider The Theory of Creation.

We can group the Theory of Creation together with the story of evolution, into a single title called: The Theory of Creation, Revised.

The Physical Laws of Nature were not enacted until Creation was completed. After Creation was finished, molecular motion was slowed by a factor of 927 billion, and The Physical Laws of Nature, as written by God, and issued to Creation for compulsory observance, constrained the three dimensional reality to conformity with the decrease in molecular velocities.

Secular scientists have approximated the age of Creation at roughly 15 billion earth solar years. The Mathematical expression that defines The Theory of Creation, Revised is:
(15 billion earth solar years) / (927 billion * 365 earth solar days per year) = 5.9 days.

With unit cancellation we have a much easier expression: Billion cancels with billion on the other side of the '/'. Earth solar year cancels, and we are left with a unit of days, which is what we need, so the expression is sound, and can be simplified to: 15/927*365 days=5.9 days

This is very close to the 6.0 days God said it took for Him to complete Creation, and is consistent with with archaeological data that confirms ancient man lacked the ability to express fractions. God rounded 5.9 to 6.0 to accommodate the mathematical capabilities available to man at the time he explained Creation.

With molecular motion increased by a factor of 927 billion, 15 billion years at current molecular velocities, would pass in 5.9 days. This is why the story of evolution and The Theory of Creation appear to conflict. When all available data is considered, both theories make more sense.

Copyright 2008 by SwanSword
All Rights Reserved.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by SwanSword

Some nice theorising here. However, this arbitrary figure of 927 billion is a bit puzzling. Surely the word 'yaum' can be interpreted from Hebrew as 'era'. At least you are open minded enough to view creation and evolution together.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 07:34 PM
Why do humans have to wipe their butts? Well you don't have to, no one puts a gun to your head and makes you. I wipe because I don't want to smell like @%#& all day, thats why.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 10:11 PM

(15 billion earth solar years) / (927 billion * 365 earth solar days per year) = 5.9 days.

That is actually wrong.

Firstly, it's actually 13.7 billion years and an earth year is 365.25 days. Plus, you've either got the written notation wrong on one occasion, or the sum wrong. You decide.
Thus, using this original sum, we would have

13.7x10^9/(927x10^9 x 365.25) = 4.05 x 10^-5

Using the later sum:

13.7x10^9/927x10^9 x 365.25 = 5.4

But why is it in this form? Why not 927 billion/365.25 x 13.7 billion? or (13.7 billion x 927 billion)/365.25? All appears rather arbitrary as Hero pointed out. Where does 927 billion come from?

Is there any rhyme or reason here?

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 10:30 PM
Why do squirrels bury their nuts. Why do the female praying mantis bite the heads off her male victims just before ejaculation. Why is the sky blue. Why can't we get any good HD video of ufo's that don't look photoshopped. And why oh why, do I even bother to come back here. It's like passing a really bad signal 30 and just not being able to look away from the mangled wreck.

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