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Full Kadima Incident

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posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 09:16 PM
> CHAPTER ONE-The Kadima Landings
> In late February of 1993,a pretty woman in her early twenties,Ginat Aharoni left her home
> in the town of Tel Mond,some three miles from Kadima, and drove towards the coastal city
> of Netanya to pick her mother up at the train station. She took a dark,lonely road on this
> cloudless night. Near the village of Tel Yitzhak,a very bright object passed over her
> vehicle at a height of no more than thirty feet.
> Ginat was more astounded than terrified and took the trouble of making note of details.
> Her object was round and about forty feet in diameter. Around its rim were some twenty
> lights,orange and glowing, which moved counter- clockwise slowly. She guessed than one
> light at a time was darkened to give an illusion of movement.
> Eleven months later, she is at her spacious home recalling the event. "I knew what I saw
> was no plane or helicopter because it was so low I could see it. I don't think it was much
> higher than the ceiling here.I told my parents and boyfriend what I saw. My father still
> thinks I had mistaken the object for something explainable. But what I saw was not
> explainable. Fortunately,the object passed over me in a matter of ten seconds so I wasn't
> traumatized by the experience."
> Ginat apparantly saw the same object that actually landed alongside the
> Tulkarem-Netanya road at about eight in the evening. This UFO was also described as
> being surrounded by orange,circling lights. Outside the village of Kfar Yonah,it landed
> for
> about a minute and cars pulled over to get a better look until it slowly rose and flew
> northward. The incident took place about ten miles from Kadima and was the first reported
> landing of as many as twenty in the next few months.
> Kadima is a town of some five thousand souls in the center of the coastal region of Israel
> called in Hebrew,the Sharon. To locate it on a map,one looks half way between Tel Aviv
> and Haifa and finds the city of Netanya. About ten miles east is Kadima.
> This is citrus country and while Netanya has few open spaces,Kadima is surrounded by
> lush orchards and green meadows. At least,they're green in March when the UFOs decided
> this was the place they would investigate.
> Three quarters of Kadima's citizens live in cramped three storey apartment blocks. They
> are physically separated from HaPalmach Street by about a mile and mentally by the
> diameter of an alien space ship. The ships did not land near the city center and people
> there have barely heard of the space invasion that occurred nearby. In fact,not many have
> even heard of HaPalmach Street.
> Further separating the town from the street is what is called the Kadima Forest. In fact
> it is
> a grove of, mostly, eucalyptus trees that serves as the town's largest picnic grounds.
> Hapalmach Street is the northwest border of Kadima. To its west there is no more
> town,just a significant meadow.
> The people of Hapalmach Street live in their own separate houses and some are luxurious.
> They all boast spacious grounds of about a quarter of an acre. At one time Kadima was a
> communal farm settlement,or moshav, and,in fact,it is still a moshav on the books.
> HaPalmach Street in 1993 was the still an unpaved farm road connecting homes of the
> original settlers. But agriculture is no longer much of a source of income for the
> residents.
> The people of moshav Kadima are a mix of European and Sephardic Jews who have very
> different cultures but do get along. Tsiporet Carmel and Shosh Yahud are clearly different
> types of people. Tziporet is Israeli-born,very fair and extremely vivacious. She speaks in
> the peculiar enthusiastic lilt of the landed Ashkenazi. Her father was a renowned pilot in
> the Israeli Airforce and she more than dabbles in literature. She is quite pretty in
> person
> and absolutely stunning in pictures and on television. She accentuates her features with
> her
> hair dyed blonder than nature intended. She raises Great Danes and seven of them fill the
> air with their sounds and the house with their smells.The house is unkempt in the style of
> a
> certain artistic personality found worldwide.And in keeping with this free spirited
> character,she has a young daughter and no husband.
> Shosh still speaks in heavily Arabic-intoned Hebrew and is a first- generation Israeli.
> She
> is dark,with hair reddened by henna.When her children misbehave she turns stern and they
> capitulate. Her husband is a blue-collar laborer and her home is immaculate.Like
> Tsiporet,she is in her late thirties but that is all they seem to have in common.Except
> that
> they both met a visitor from another planet.
> At 6:30 in the morning of March 20,1993,Tsiporet awoke and went to her kitchen.This was
> not her usual pattern,as she explains. "I'm a late sleeper and I seldom get up that
> early.And this was Saturday,a day I always sleep late. But something disturbed me and I
> felt drawn to walk to the kitchen. When I got there,the room was bathed in a strange
> light,this even though the sun was up. I went outside and checked the grounds. As I went
> around the storage shed I noticed what I thought was a new fruit silo in the field about a
> hundred meters from me.I remembered thinking,why would anyone put a silo there and in
> the middle of the night at that?
> "I took a closer look at the silo and realized this was no ordinary container. It was
> silver
> colored for one thing,which is not standard for silos. It seemed square shaped from the
> angle I was looking. Along its side were eighteen glowing square windows which looked
> like diamonds in a necklace. Five huge beams of powerful light shone from the roof into
> the
> northern sky. And the silo was emitting what looked like sparklers along its side. I
> guessed
> the size of the silo to be about five meters in length and about three meters high. But
> then
> it seemed to grow another storey. By that I mean,a second section materialized and
> doubled the height of the silo.
> "Then I saw what,at first,I thought was a worker a few meters from the silo. When I saw
> him,so did the dogs and they went crazy.The worker was over seven feet tall and wore
> metallic overalls,something like aluminum foil. He wore a sombrero with a veil that
> covered his face that in totality looked like a beekeeper's hat.
> "We both stared at each other for,perhaps thirty seconds and I realized finally who he
> was.
> I quietly whispered,"Why don't you take off your hat so I can see your face?" I heard his
> answer clearly in my head. He said in Hebrew,'Kakha zeh,'meaning,that's the way it is.
> After that,I felt impelled to go back to my kitchen and boil some coffee. When I went back
> outside,the ship and its occupant was gone."
> Tziporet took her time reacting to the strange morning. After a few days she told a
> friend,Tsipi Maayan, what happened and they walked to the field to see if any evidence of
> the incident remained. They found a round circle of dead vegetation,or rather "dissolved
> vgetation,"about fifteen feet in diameter and protruding from it a path and then another
> circle of about four feet in diameter where the tall visitor had stood.
> Instead of calling the police immediately,the two returned from the site and told other
> neighbors. Rumors spread throughout the moshav and one moshavnik had the foresight to
> seek out both UFO investigators and the press. Both descended on the site and thus was
> born Israel's most publicized UFO encounter of 1993.
> Among the UFO investigators who flocked to Kadima for this and subsequent landings
> were,Doron Rotem,Ami Achrai,Rachel Hendl,Avi Grief and Yoram Torbatian. Also
> present after the first landing was a neighbour, Danny Yaacobi,who would become the most
> controversial researcher of the Kadima landings.
> The investigators found burnt ground that emitted an acrid smell of incinerated rubber.
> This smell would accompany other landings and its significance has not yet been
> determined.Also found was a black oily substance with a sweet smell and the odd capacity
> of dissolving any vegetative material including plants and clothes. Later testing proved
> the
> substance was not flammable.
> But Doron Reshef discovered the most significant find of all;dozens of shards of a
> grey,shiny material. It was like nothing the investigators had seen before.It was
> incredibly
> light,so light that it seemed to have no weight at all. Yet it was so strong it cut
> through
> glass and resisted chipping from hammer blows. Further testing proved it absorbed heat
> and cold instantaneously.
> This material was tested in a government laboratory a few weeks later and the results
> were both astounding and controversial.
> One side effect of the field research was sickness,as Tsiporet explains,"I was nauseous
> for
> days,had horrible diarrea, fits of shivering and couldn't stop sleeping. It was like a bad
> flu."
> Others experienced the same effect,including the author of this book. Danny Yaacobi
> swears that after the sick feeling ended,his arthritis of the knees that forced him to
> walk
> with a cane,disappeared. Avi Grief experienced the same phenomenon as he elaborates,"I
> had a painfully weak ankle that always impaired me. It was repaired after visiting the
> Carmel landing site and has never returned. My theory is that there is something healing
> in the initial sick feeling."
> By the time the author arrived at the first landing site eight months later, not much had
> apparently changed. In the midst of thick vegetation was a circle of sandy soil where very
> little grew. Tsiporet warned me not to stay too long but I couldn't resist looking for
> signs of
> the landing that might have been overlooked. After scratching through the burnt and
> charred remains of wood and plastic and digging through the still burnt roots of former
> plant life for about twenty minutes,I felt genuinely lousy like a flu was approaching and
> spent the remainder of the day mooching pain killers from the people I was interviewing.
> I told Tsiporet that if she hadn't have planted the suggestion in the first place,I
> wouldn't
> have had a psychosomatic reaction. She replied,"It wouldn't have made a difference.
> Everyone who stays too long at the spot gets sick after."
> The next landing behind Tsipora's house was in the early morning of March 30. Once again
> a circle of dessicated and dying plant life betrayed the visit.
> This time the site offered a new clue about interstellar technology. A red,oily material
> was
> streaked throughout the landing site. This material proved evcn more sickening to a
> number of people than whatever was left behind after the first landing,as we shall soon
> see
> with the case of Shosh Yahud.
> On top of its sickening powers,the oil was not easily removed from skin as Rachel Hendl
> recalls.
> " I gathered a vial full of the stuff and put it in my car. But when I got back home I got
> scared and threw it out. I didn't know what it was,maybe it was radioactive. When I
> returned inside,I tried to wash it off my hands but it wouldn't come out. I scrubbed so
> hard
> my hands almost fell off but it took days before it went away. I couldn't understand
> it,the
> material wasn't sticky and was easily removed from my clothes but it stuck to skin.
> Luckily,it didn't cause any harm."
> The next day,March 31,another circle was discovered,the third in eleven days. Once again
> the investigators descended and again,they took back a significant haul of the
> strange,shiny material they had collected at the first site.
> And thus ended the landings behind Tsipora Carmel's home. However,the effects remained
> within her. To this day Tsipora sees auras around peoples' faces and believes she has
> gained healing power.As we shall see,she is not alone among witnesses who shares that
> belief.
> Nor was she the last person in Kadima affected by the UFOs.
> At 2:30 in the morning of May 31,Shosh Yahud was awoken by a huge bang,"like a big
> picture fell." She then,"woke up and saw this strange,human- looking creature standing
> over me,just looking. I wasn't frightened because I wasn't certain I was awake.I heard a
> voice in my head saying,"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you."He then circled my bed and
> looked around for as short time.
> "The room was lighted just enough for me to get a good look at him.He was over seven
> feet tall,thin and bald. His eyes were round and had the look of traffic light. His face
> was
> round too and quite kind.He seemed to be walking on air,rather than on the floor. The
> whole experience lasted only a few minutes.
> "For the rest of the night,my whole body was itchy and I scratched. I never scratch, so
> that
> was a unique reaction.About two hours later I walked to my balcony and saw two circles on
> the lawn below. Then I went back to sleep and sort of forgot about the whole night.
> "The next day,I was talking with a neighbor and found out lots of people had seen a UFO
> the night before. The whole neighborhood was gossiping about it. That jarred me and I told
> her what I thought happened to me several hours before. We both walked to my backyard
> and there were the two circles. The grass inside them looked like it had been swirled
> clockwise by a big fan."
> The neighbor ran to another neighbor,Yossi Yitzhak, a contractor with a good collection of
> tools in his home. He brought a magnetometer to Shosh's home and began testing.
> The two circles registered very high magnetism. So did Shosh's bedroom.
> Magnetic levels were normal everywhere else on the property. Within the circles was the
> red fluid that had sickened Tsipora Carmel. For three days after the visitation
> Shosh,too,suffered from nauseau,severe headaches,goosebumps and shivering. After she
> recovered,she made the mistake of going into her backyard and the symptoms returned.
> The lesson learned,she waited months before venturing there again.
> The ufologists descended on the home and made notes. Shosh's husband was sleeping
> downstairs on the living room couch. He had not heard the boom nor was his sleep
> disturbed. All doors were locked in the morning and the windows showed no signs of forced
> entry. In order to enter,the alien had to float through the wall to get to Shosh's second
> storey bedroom.
> Unlike Tsipora's landings,which were in an open field,Shosh's two UFOs landed precisely
> in a fenced yard not much bigger than the ships themselves. Their diameters were
> measured at 4.5 meters each.Eight months later,the circles were clearly visible as the
> grass within had grown to only half the height of the surrounding grass.
> The ufologists tried to draw conclusions from the incidents and a consensus reached was
> that the ships were suffering mechanical trouble.That would explain why Tsipora saw them
> in broad daylight and why they chose to hide in Shosh's yard. Doron Rotem believed the
> trouble may have started on May 20,when one of the ships tilted and touched the ground
> while it was spinning.
> Hence the shards that were scattered about the field behind Tsipora's house. He was
> convinced that the material was part of the protective shield covering the UFOs.
> The explanation was only partly satisfying. What had yet to be answered was why the
> aliens did so much exploring in Kadima. The mystery only deepened when the strange
> story of Mara emerged.
> Shosh lives about two hundred yards south of Tsipora. About the same distance north,at
> the very end of HaPalmach Street,a new immigrant couple from Russia was renting a
> home. The wife's name was Mara and she could not be located for the purposes of this
> book. She had moved and cut all contact with the nightmare moshav of Kadima. Her story
> is recorded from the scrupulous interviews conducted with ufologists Doron Reshef, Yoram
> Torbatian and Avi Grief.
> Mara's story was discovered as an afterthought. One day in the summer of 1993,her
> husband told a neighbor that he was thinking of moving because the house he rented was
> "haunted." He described his wife hearing voices and strange bangings on the walls that
> they both heard. Word reached the ufologists who separately made trips,once again to
> Kadimah.
> First on the scene was Torbatian who discovered a flattened circle in Mara's backyard and
> four clear indentations within. He measured the circle at 4.30 meter's diameter while the
> diameters of the indentations were 325 cm.,245 cm.,270 cm. and 290 cm. Totally convinced
> the Russian couple had been visited,the ufologists pieced together their story.
> At 12:30 A:M, April 24,1993,the couple's house was shaken by a boom so powerful,it
> jiggled the 300 lb. air-conditioner out of the wall. Their first reaction was that they
> had felt
> the effects of an unusually powerful sonic boom.
> A half hour later,a second boom rocked the house,this time accompanied by the terrified
> barking of the neighnor's dog. The couple called the police. Officers arrived and offered
> no
> explanation for the noise but did not dismiss the couple as cranks since the evidence of
> the
> air-conditioner was in full view and the dog had not quietened.
> For the next few months,Mara heard distinct voices,not within her head as Shosh and
> Tsiporet reported,but from the walls, calling to her in her childhood nickname. The
> message most often repeated was,"Come to us,Marishka. Come to us."
> While Shosh gives reluctant interviews to this day,and Tsiporet enjoys the limelight,Mara
> found her UFO experience terrifying. She abandoned Kadima and has broken all contact
> with her former neighbors and the ufologists.
> Danny Yaacobi lives three houses south of Tsipora on HaPalmach Streeet. He is the only
> resident claiming to have been abducted by the aliens and before reporting his story,we
> will
> jump ahead.
> After the first Kadima landings,the city of Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee was the scene
> of
> some dramatic UFO appearances. The sheer number of witnesses impelled Israel
> Television host,Manny Peer to conduct an hour-long show dedicated to the subject of
> UFOs. At the time,Israel had only two television channels and as much as half the
> country's viewing population would tune into Manny Peer.
> As we shall soon see,the show was the impetus for other witnesses to come forward but
> more to the immediate point, Peer revealed a remarkable document to the Israeli public.
> The Israeli government's Geological Survey Institute (GSI) had tested the material found
> in the field behind Tsiporet's house and Peer had the report. The fact that a branch of
> the
> government had tested the material was important but what made the report even more
> authoritative was that it was signed by the head of the institute's chemical testing
> laboratory,Dr. Henry Fohner.
> The document begins by explaining that the material was subjected to two tests and that
> the results are corroborative thus are to be considered conclusive.
> The report's conclusion was that,"The material is composed of elemental silicone," and
> then underlined for emphasis,"A material not found on this planet."
> This is remarkable testimony. In a rare instance of official openness,a government
> document admits that UFO detritus cannot be explained in earthly terms.
> The significance of the report was explained by Peer,who throughout the show, played the
> role of the bemused skeptic. He told the viewers that,"The kind of pure silicone produced
> on earth,is created out of a combination of sand,polymers and acids in laboratories. The
> silicone tested at the GSI has so signs of artificial manufacture. It is,in fact,an
> element on
> its own."
> The ufologists have different interpretations of the report. According to Doron
> Rotem,"Our technicians leave microscopic impurities in manufactured silicone. The
> material from Kadima was purer than anything made on Earth."
> Ruth Hendl sees the importance in different terms. She insists,"The form of the silicone
> was unique,as if it had been mined. No company manufactures silicone rocks."
> Yoram Torbatian has investigated the material left behind at Kadima more closely than
> anyone and it was he who first submitted the various shards and oils to another laboratory
> at the Biological Institute of Israel, located at Ness Tziona.His interpretation is the
> most
> educated in this case.
> "The laboratory subjected the materials to a number of tests including differential
> thermal
> analysis and x-ray spectograph. After determining that the material was silicone,they
> photographed the surface and discovered that it was pocked with pores with a diameter of
> about half a millimeter each. It's as if the pores were drilled into the material. This is
> what
> distinguishes their silicone from ours.
> "My contact at the lab was Dr. Michael Dvorchik. He told me that the year before,he had
> tested the same material. It was brought to him by a resident of the Negev Desert,Dr.
> Akiva Flexer. Flexer claimed that it fell from the sky but would not elaborate."
> (Ruth Hendl received a report from a soldier that he found a great deal of the material he
> saw on the Manny Peer show in the Negev while on a training mission).
> Torbatian collected the red oil that sickened Shosh,Tsipora and others and placed it in a
> container made of anodized aluminum and covered it with almuninum foil. Two weeks later
> the aluminum had corroded and partly dissolved. He was later told by Dvorchik that it was
> the magnesium used in the anodizing process that had dissolved.
> Dvorchik's lab found that the red oil was mostly cadmium,a material used on Earth in the
> manufacture of batteries and known for its ability to withstand high temperatures.
> After the Peer Show,the GSI and Dvorchik were given strict instructions by unnamed
> authorities to desist from making official reports. Dvorchik persisted in leaking reports
> to
> the ufologists for a week after the order was given,then broke off contact. It is one of
> his
> analyses that will play a huge role in the veracity of Danny Yaacobi's story.
> Torbatian sums up the silicone controversy. "Dr. Dvorchik told me that silicone could be
> purchased and pores drilled into it if someone wanted to perpetuate a fraud. But whoever
> did it,would have to be very wealthy since silicone,in the amount found would cost
> thousands of dollars even before its appearance was changed.It's just not a remotely
> feasible con."
> Before delving into the claims of Danny Yaacobi,one more character in the Kadima flap
> must be introduced. He is Eli Cohen,the man who captured a Kadima UFO on videotape.
> All the ufologists and interested witnesses agree;Eli Cohen is one of the most genuine of
> the personalities in the Kadima drama and that his evidence is essential to unravelling
> the
> whys of the invasion.
> Eli lives in Pardessia,a moshav three miles north of Kadima. He is young,good-looking and
> ambitious. I am privileged to catch him at an opportune moment. He has just returned
> home with his latest product. It is an AM/FM radio shaped like a space ship with an inner
> disc and upper and lower domes. The speaker is in the lower dome while the upper dome
> can be turned to adjust the stations.
> He proudly displays it and in a speedy,animated voice exclaims,"They just arrived from
> Hong Kong today. It's my design,no one else has thought of it. I've already received
> orders from Europe and the Americans will love it."
> This is not Cohen's only UFO money-making project. His collection of UFO anecdotes was
> professionally recorded and will soon be sold in cassette form. He pulls out a fax and
> announces that a company will back him to open an 800 telephone service,providing UFO
> stories to callers for two dollars a minute.
> "I never used to read,I'm not proud of that but it's true. But after I saw the spaceship I
> couldn't stop reading. Every book was about UFOs. I became obsessed with them."
> His wife is lovely,maybe twenty-five years old.She enters the living room with their month
> old baby. Eli rushes to her with the radio and begs her to examine it. She ignores it and
> hands him the infant. She walks away muttering,"More UFO nonsense."
> Eli holds the baby and begins to tell his story. He becomes more animated as the tale
> unfolds.
> "My first sighting was at three in the morning,on September 26,1991. I woke up with this
> strange feeling that someone was outside. I took my gun from the drawer and went to the
> kids' room. I saw a light outside and thought it was a car so I went back to my bedroom
> and
> woke up my wife. My wife saw the same thing as I did,a ray of light,like a
> searchlight,beamed on the orchard outside from a strange object in the sky. Then it was
> gone.
> "The next night at the same time, I woke up with a feeling that it's out there. I opened
> the
> bedroom window and I saw a light in the sky,like a fireball,shaped like an eye. It hovered
> above the orchard and bounced like a yo-yo. Thirty seconds later it flew away at
> tremendous speed.
> "That day I took action. First, I phoned Hadassah Arbel. Everyone now says she's nuts but
> she handled my conversation professionally."
> Hadassah Arbel is Israel's pioneer ufologist and her name will reappear in conjunction
> with
> other incidents.
> "She told me to gather evidence and I went to work. I had a friend in Herzlia with a video
> camera and I invited him to come over that night and asked a couple of friends to stay the
> night to act as witnesses.
> "We played cards until five past three in the morning and then it appeared. It was less
> impressive than the times before but it still lit up the room. We filmed it for three
> hours. It
> would appear then disappear and we'd go back to the cards.Then it would come back and
> we'd film it. The film from the middle of the night turned out to be unclear but just as
> the
> sun rose at six,we filmed it for about thirty seconds and there is no mistaking what I had
> seen."
> Eli's film shows a distant and tiny object bouncing in the air above the orchards of
> Pardessia. Doron Rotem had the film enlarged and the result is a clear picture of a
> hat-shaped vehicle with a flat bottom and dome above. The airship is grey-colored and two
> wings forming a V half-way up the dome from the flat bottom are visible. Whatever Eli
> Cohen filmed,it was not an airplane that anyone recognized.
> The contrast between earthly aircraft and this ship was illustrated at 5:AM of Eli's
> second
> sighting,when an Israeli Airforce plane crossed paths with the UFO. Eli believes the plane
> was a cargo vehicle not jet and it did not give chase.
> Eli's story and the indisputable proof of his film complicates the Kadima saga deeply.
> What
> his film proves is that a year and a half before the landing behind Tsiporet Carmel's
> house,the aliens were scouting the area.
> As for Eli Cohen,his career and outlook were altered dramatically.His focus became UFOs.
> "I don't know why it happened to me," he says,"But my life changed forever."

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