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bush in Middle East

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posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 08:26 PM
by Barry Chamish

With Bush coming to Israel, I watched all events with great scrutiny and congratulations to Israel. As always, you let everyone down. To the world, Bush had a warm welcome. So Bully for Bush and let's watch my video clip. Made in Crown Heights last month, allow me to articulate what Israel would not. There are three addresses, all with the same modest clip. Tell your friends:



We must give Hamas our admiration. They arranged mass demonstrations against the Bush visit which received nearly the media spin of the visit itself. Well done, fellahin. As for Israel, hum ho. A few thousand "protesters" left Jerusalem to build new "settlements" far from Jerusalem and Bush. Try to imagine these people holding signs on Bush's routes in Jerusalem. Oh, forget it, they blew the chance to give Israel's side of things.

A few brave writers were arrested for handing out booklets to the reporters giving the real facts, and there was a campaign to line Jerusalem's streets with anti-Bush posters. One example is found at israeltruthtimes.blogspot.... But the usual provocateurs were at work. Police Intelligence agent Itamar Ben Gvir was arrested twice, yes twice in less than a day, for distributing his "inciteful"posters giving the cops the authority to knock down the rest.

Two days before Bush arrived, the Iranians challenged American ships in the Gulf Of Tonkin or wherever. We know that because the Navy released a 5 minute clip proving it. What provocations they took before were not shown on any clip. And guess what? The 3,000 settlement builders bought the propaganda and announced that America should attack Iran.

Oh, the stupidity of Israel's "protesters."

Their argument requires intellectual depth. Before Bush arrived, Fatah and the Shabak continued their murder campaign against the most vital components of Israel's defence, the children of Yesha's rabbis. But the deceased children, Amikan Amichai and David Rubin, with their dying breaths, killed one attacker and wounded another. They were proven to be paid agents of Fatah Intelligence, who undoubtedly found their victims in an obscure valley with Israeli Shabak help.

And no one pursued the deadly truth of the "peacemakers" and how they are making their peace. Yes, Jews do murder Jews, even if they don't always pull the trigger.

The facts are there for anyone who cares about the disintegration of Israel. The government started a futile campaign to bring Israelis home. It announced that over 30,000 Israelis left the country this year, most for the U.S. Then came the immigration figures. The worst in 20 years. Only 19,000 arrived and fewer than 3,000 from the US.

But that pales in comparison to the IDF campaign to stop youths from refusing to serve. Their abnormal idea is to hand out gold cards to soldiers. Well, why not considering that 28% of males are now draft dodgers, up from 18% a decade ago. One of the main reasons for the terrifying rise in dodging cited is the IDF's role in removing Jews from Gush Katif. I wore my IDF uniform with pride twenty years ago. Today I add, good for you, dodgers.

Bush arrived in Israel. The Jews could have told him he was an unwelcome pest in their home. But, as we all expected, they blew their chance.


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