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posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 07:58 PM
i was reading about this crap on wiki. it's very interesting. here's a quote about pronoia from the site.

Pronoia is the positive counterpart of paranoia. It is the delusion that others think well of one. Actions and the products of one's efforts are thought to be well received and praised by others. Mere acquaintances are thought to be close friends; politeness and the exchange of pleasantries are taken as expressions of deep attachment and the promise of future support. Pronoia appears rooted in the social complexity and cultural ambiguity of our lives: we have become increasingly dependent on the opinions of others based on uncertain criteria.

reading this quote really got me to thinking. it says that pronoia is the counterpart to paranoia. i disagree with that. i think pronoia is the underlying cause of paranoia. think about it. judging from the symptoms of pronoia a person who has it, could EASILY get their world crushed when the find out how rough the world can be. after that their whole belief system would become devalued and invalidated. then, that's where the paranoia would set in. these people would have an incredible guard put up and would think everyone is out to get them, due to the fact that their belief system is the very belief system that gets you exploited and taken advantage of. i say that because the quote reminds of ppl who are too nice, too freindly, and possess no backbone. and as we all know, those are the ppl who are easily preyed upon.

now, this isin't a REAL disorder but i strongly believe that it should be classifed as one. what do you guys think?

you can read more about it here

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