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Time Rights (fixing society)

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posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 01:57 PM
My remarkable speech first (food for thought at least):

Ppl are treated like criminals and frauds off the batt in one way or another more and more. That has to stop before it gets way too bad for everyone! The nation, even the world, has to get back to trust on one's "present" word and intent. Stop relieing on making judgments off a person's past. Stop trying to be some stupid or crazy judge! PPl are looking for a way out of their prior state of being, and some wont let them. Ppl naturally look to correct themselves in life if it's allowed, but nope, it aint allowed if you've been noticing, so those very ppl have to resort to lieing in the now present state of being just because you may be one not looking pass their past. If ppl didnt judge ppl because of their past the world would be a much better and pleasant place in which to function, live, and work. A person has a fool for a judge if they are being judged on their past. Remember that!

What you each can do is not contribute to judging ppl off records of their past be those records good or bad. Hell, just dont even seek to look at their record(s) at all. It's who is standing before you in the present that should count the most. Ppl say, "How are you?", not, "How were you?", but for some reason it doesnt stick when you should have learned a lot from that question.

This is how society can change. It wont change by just electing some new president. No, it changes when you all put forth effort to change. Poor judgment has been built up in the form of a system. Is it too late to bring down that system? No! The change starts from the mental mind state of you each. Do your part and get word out about what poor judgment has been doing.

PPl should be free to let you know what they want of themself without anybody extoring or coersing from them what doesnt represent the current them. When you base the current them off the past you're the one that's the sheep. What's with ppl striving to keep each other down when that just adds to the sickness of society. And laws that add poor judgment need to be subtracted from one's life.

Ppl have been getting locked up and not in jail, but in poor judgments that leave them many awful problems. Do you like seeing ppl with problems or something? Dont you know yet that that #s the world up? Get out of the program and train of thought of where you're the sheep. And nobody in their right mind is a liar until you condition them to tell tales so they can make themselves better from the condemning virus you are soley based in life to be. Chill on being like that.

What about that:

job you cant get?
election you cant vote in?
position you cant get/reach?
school you cant get into?
apartment you cant get?
finance you just cant get?
handgun you cant legally get?
federal building you cant go into?
airplane you cant board?
harmless item you cant bring with you?
label you cant shake?
country you cant leave/get into?

^^Why?! Is it because of the poor judgmental system I'm talking about that ppl like even you have been contributing to? If you aint doing a damn thing against it then you're contributing to it. So make ppl wake up to the state of the future if we dont change our poor mind set and laws based on that poor frame of mind. Hell, it's gotten to the point where somebody else's past screws up our present. And I'm condemning the poor judgment that is a lethal epidemic upon. It has been taking us away from out well-being and trust. The value of trust is something more stable and impotant than the value of money. You know this. Time rights (which I'll explain) is what is needed to override the poor judgmental epidemic that's been shaping/molding the world into problems.

My interesting questions for you to answer:

1. Why isnt there a right to have any and all information on you destroyed/deleted or not made in the process of where it normally would be made?

2. What can we the ppl do so one's complete time on earth becomes their own to come into things and get out of things as they please for any reason at all to start afresh/anew?

My noble proposal for we the ppl:

This is a brand new idea for we the ppl of the nation or even the world. A new right to add to the list of rights we should never be foresaken by to have by anybody. I call it time rights. A step further than human rights I must say.

Time rights would be rights over your past, present, and future living for bettering your stability in becoming as you need to be without anybody tracing your steps or ways or damaging your person or character.

Time rights would act to protect you as a state of being in any case you deem it is needed. Like needed to save you from your own time on earth caused by any information stored or that would be storing as a record on you. Time rights gives you the right to have destroyed/deleted or have not made any informative records on you such as birth record, school record, medical record, mental health record, job record, credit record, court case record, conviction record, arrest record, jail record, marriage record, etc. Anything even the least bit like a record that is you should be given a right to have destroyed/deleted or have not made.

With nobody knowing certain records they cant punish you or cause you problems nor continue to punish you or cause you problems like for what you already paid for.

We've all made mistakes or been dealt bad circumstances (that's naturally, accidentally, or on purpose) that got put on record which may be unfairly allowed to condribute to problems of our present and future state of being, but with time rights you'd be protected from anybody that would be leaving you to stress and be fixed in an undesireable jam no human should have to stay in in any way, shape, or form. Feel me? Do whatever it takes to get time rights on the table of America or even the world to consider. If the government is for the ppl then they shouldnt have any problem with it. When I say for the ppl you got to be for their compete well-being because a person shouldnt have to have a problem in their time living on this earth (their earth just as much as your's).

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 02:28 PM
A person's history is an important part of the person himself. History is no guarantee of the future, but it's the best we have to go on. Promises aren't really worth that much.

That's why during this political season, people are as much concerned with candidates' history as we are of what they promise they will do if they become president.

In fact, most of us are more concerned with a candidate's history.

We do understand that people do make mistakes, exercise bad judgement, and sometimes they realize the error of their ways and change their positions on certain issues and endeavor to better in the future.

In many cases, the past doesn't follow us forever, at least legally or administratively.

In some cases, an arrest or conviction will be expunged after a certain period of time.

Your credit rating can be repaired by paying your bills.

There are cases of course that are severe enough to remain with us for the rest of our lives, either formally or informally.

If you are convicted of murder, even if you are not put to death and are eventually released from prison, you're not likely to shake that stigma no matter how much you change your life, yet convicted murders sometimes do change their ways.

In some cases, recidivism among a certain group of offenders is so high that statistically, we cannot afford to let bygones be bygones.

Child sexual abuse would be one of those issues.

On the whole, we are a forgiving nation and people are often given second and even third chances to live their lives better.

However, as a civilized society, we need to insure that there are consequences for bad behavior and one of those consequences might be a permanent record.

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posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 08:50 PM
reply to post by GradyPhilpott

Forget a promises when it can be about allowing someone to try in showing their work in progress.

As for candidates history. That's a problem. A lot of folks been conditioned not to trust anybody. And what's truely the cause of that? It's because ppl been known to switch on you like a switch blade as they cut themselves from the very past of themselves they've been fixing to flee from that you've maybe been so carefully following. They know it's what you're following, but who is to say they should remain a slave to their own past? It's like the mind frame upon what many ppl look to process is tripped up. Apart of us knows ppl arent who their past reveals. You should look to the present intent of the person. If they arent showing any present intent in any of their sheeches or interviews or whatever it be then I'd advise to be very cautious of them. For the fakest of fake ppl love hiding behind anything that's of a benefit or advanage to them that they understand ppl would look into.

You're correct, the past doesnt follow us forever, but that's only surely when you're human body dies.

PPl who have been convicted of crimes are put under certain conditions for when they come out (if they come out) just to be continuiously condemned by their past they by law/policies must put forth. It shouldnt have to be like that for them by so many levels.

Of course there should be consequences for ppl who commit bad acts, but I think those convicts should be given the right to live and do time or die by assistant suicide when they have failed society or society has failed them. It would make both ends happy say if they chose death since it's looked at as the ultimate punishment. That way everyone is happy. The convict is happy and the victim is happy. It would be so humanitarian. Then we will begin to see the real evil ppl who may not be convicted of anything, but wouldnt want the convict to die just because the convict wanted to though would want the convict to die if the convict didnt want to. Those kinds of ppl are the real sinister ppl. They are so anti-happy and seem to want the world to suffer even when they arent the ones directly effected by say the convict. No, those kinds of ppl stand to the side lines desiring ppl to be tormented as if it gives them some fix of a drug of some kind.

The past can be of something that keeps us from our well-being and right frame of mind. The past can be like a damage causing virus which could leave you out of a job and to the point of living on the streets about to die if you dont somehow get some money for food or steal food. Though damn, why should a person be reduced to having to commit crime or even further crime because of a problem past that haunts them? Society got a problem and it's the system of unprosperous past judging and condemning the present person because of their past.

Society was raised as a kid by the wrong ppl as far as I can see. Can anyone else see that

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 08:53 PM
To exist to oneself without existing to others as you want is the way it should be allowed for you to spend your time on earth. You're the one with the problem when others are being your problem, you know?

Are we wrong because we want to get problems off till we die to this world to a point we cant care any more being not here?

Some ppl got good pasts, but certain of them aint fooling anyone at the type of person they be presently as they can only hope you base their life on just their past so it can help cover up who they are presently. If you cant let go of your own past then dont think others shouldnt be able to loose their past of whatever be a problem for them. Let ppl be the master of themselves and no other. It's like why act a fool over somebody else's past for? Where is the humanitarian team spirit?

"We dont shed tears, we shed blood. Do you still wanna be a thug?"--Young Noble on Tattoo Tears.

Right now we're all a form of slaves to the poor past-judging system embeded in the mind to policies to laws of mankind. If we can get free from that train of judging and condemning, then you wont have to be a label that drags you into a living hell. Right now we're undergoing a very bent judgment day. Wake the up up and a shake others the up up. Dont say no one told you.

In my book you're only guilty if you continue doing me in some way, shape or form foul. And if you keep on doing me foul then you're my prison which I will free myself from in any which way.

Once we together kill the public and so-said private past of us all we're out the secret holding chambers. The real secret society is our past overshadowing our every move. Destroy it before it destroys you I say.

My mind set put forth will transform into a movement that wont be defeated. I will plant the seeds that will grow amongst you.

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