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alien message

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posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 01:42 PM
Why would an alien species WITHOUT AN AGENDA need to ask permission or even exclaim, " HEY HUMANS WE ARE HERE ON YOUR PLANET!!!!"?

If they had the technology that allowed interstellar/inter-dimensional travel, why would they have the need to announce their presence at all?

Why would humanities happiness be important unless they had a hand in creating our existence (YAWEH/ALLAH/Whatever name you have for the creator)?

If contact was truly made, how would a human be able to tell it's legit? How would we know if contact would come from an entity that represented the species? How would you know if the alien isn't some kid making a prank, or a scientist studying our species working out an experiment?

This so called message is from some human getting a laugh out of how many people legitimately believe this, or somebody who really hears voices but they aren't from some alien [Skitzo much

The notion that an advanced alien species would come to earth and hover over major cities with massive ships and demand to speak with a leader is ridiculous and just Hollywood non-sense.

Why would political structure and hierarchy of Earth matter to an alien race?

Knowing where to park their destroyer UFO's and demanding to speak to a government official, and offering to trade certain tech would be indicative of them having an ulterior motive because it would mean they studied and scouted the planet prior to stoping in to say hello.

On another note, invading us for resources is absurd because it assumes that intelligent alien life forms would find water and rocks as valuable as we as humans do. All of the resources on our planet are abundant in the universe and if they can travel to different planets they could synthesis resources. They may even have found an infinite source of energy to fuel their tech. Earth isn't that special.

If they can freely travel between dimensions and timelines then in a sense they would never need to travel away from their home world because their are an infinite amount of dimensions (versions) of their home world where obtain what they need from uninhabited worlds without starting a war as well as enacting scientific study, finding pets, and new food sources >

posted on Dec, 31 2011 @ 01:49 PM
reply to post by MurderCityDevil

they would still debunk it sorry

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