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A few ghostly experiences - Opinions?

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posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 03:39 AM
Alright. A few years ago (5-8, most likely), my mom took me to a strip mall not far from my house to check out a couple of stores. Now while this area isn't exactly run down, it's not exactly upper-class either (Funcoland, Khols, Best Buy, those kind of stores in the area). So imagine our amazement to see an 80-90 year old woman, looking quite pale, sitting on a metal bench, and wearing a wedding dress. There are no stores that cater to anything wedding-related in that area. After spending about ten minutes inside a store, we came back outside to find the woman gone.

Now I'm sure there are any number of logical explanations. She could have been an actress, for instance, but the experience still just feels odd. I suppose the most striking feature was how pale she was. Her skin was much closer to "white" than caucasion skin usually is. I can't tell you much beyond this, as I don't remember any other details that well.


Might as well put it here instead of making a second topic, but here's another couple of xperiences I've had at my house.

The Moving Teddy Bear

This one's more likely to have a rational explanation. Anything, there's been this old teddy bear in my family for a number of years now. Aside from just being rather creepy (unlike other stuffed animals I've come across, this one really appears to be looking at (and "seeing") you. Anyway, my dad showed me something interesting once. We would put the bear in my room (e.g. on my bed), turn off the light, and shut the door. We'd then immediately open the door and turn on the light, and the bear would be somewhere else (a common place was on the rail that supported my curtains). Repeated experiements at the time yielded consistent results. Recent experiments have yielded no results.

Now since I was rather young at the time, I can't rule out the possbility hat my dad actually stayed in the room when the door was closed, but I don't remember it that way. Or maybe it's just the bear's creepy stare making my imagination run wild.

Any thoughts on this?

"The Man"

I've had four odd experiences in my room, all happening immediately after waking up. Twice (the first two experiences), I've woken up feeling inexplicably terrified that I bolted from my room and into the bathroom to turn on the light.

The second two times I awoke to see the figure of a man (I guessed by the build of the body, thus we've dubbed the figure "The Man") walk from my door to my closet and disappear. Again, I ran to the bathroom.

I don't see these as being sleep paralysis, as I was easily able to leave the room. It could easily have been remnants of a dream, but there are a couple of other odd occurances to consider.

For one, all of my mom's favorite forks have had one prong, the same prong, bent. With the concave side facing you, it's the rightmost prong. There are no marks to suggest tools were used, nor could they have gotten damaged in the dishwasher (the last utensil that happened to had to be thrown out due to the extensive amount of damage). It could not be bent back by hand. There's also the question of why it was just my mom's preferred forks (salad forks).

Then there's the cats. They absolutely love to stare at the top of the staircase (cats in general seem to like to stare at stuff, but the top of the staircase in their particular favorite).

Other than that, nothing's happened.


So, anyone have opinions on any of that?

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 01:32 PM
First off. Welcome to ATS.

I have nothing for the first one. The second story (Teddy Bear) sounds like the Raggedy Anne doll story a while back (I will try to find a link before posting)

As for the third one... I once had a man who stayed in my room (older, played games with me) but after I was about 3 or 4 he left. My mom still tells stories of me playing with him. Anyway... I dont have much on how to get rid of him. If your cats watch for him that's good. One of my favorite lines actually comes from teh movie Constantine. "Cats are good. They are half in and half out." They guard their owners very well. Mine likes to sleep with me if something is wrong in my house. There could be something they are keeping in check.

Hope you got some info out of it... I may not be the best on here for an internet advice.

The Eagle


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