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more election violations

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posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 10:10 PM
i am really surprised noone has posted anythiong about this here.
the current presidential candidates have nothing to fear
from the FEC:

The FEC effectively went dark as a decision-making body on New Year’s Day because only two of its six members are seated and four are needed for a quorum. While the FEC staff of lawyers, investigators and auditors remain on the job, there are not enough available votes to authorize an investigation, assess a penalty for campaign law violations, or disburse matching federal campaign funds to qualified candidates. Seven such applications are pending from presidential candidates, and the Democratic and Republican parties also are expecting $1 million each for their conventions.

read full story here: detroit free press

as the mainstream media distracts the public with mangled primary results, and the internet media continues the ron paul debate (i'm all for the guy btw. the disinformation campaign, vote manipulation, and wide array of other tactics being used to keep him out of office are simply stunning. it could be argued that he should be voted in simply because so many people want to keep him away. but that's for another thread) every single other campaign can basically do what it wants for the moment without retribution, and, unfortunately, noone really knows about it.

is this FEC blackout simply a happy coincidence, or has this been planned?


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