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Claude Poher's Universons theory

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posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 09:32 PM
Is there anyone here familiar with the work of Claude Poher? He is supposedly a former CNES scientist and was awarded the Ordre national du Mérite.

He is working on a theory that allows the conversion of energy from universons, energy transferring particles that exist throughout the universe. He has made impressive demonstrations of his theory in action. His work was televised on a French news station. He appeared on the National Press Club UFO Disclosure event in November of 2007.

His website, however, wishes me to provide my full name, zip code, email, etc... to even access his site. Apart from a few videos of his experiments on youtube and the story on the news, and an abstract on the Harvard website, information on his work seems to be difficult to find.

Info here: o%3D0%26type%3Dsearch%26plindex%3D0&usg=AL29H21MHwzoiu2Q2IhWSi5rA43ngKaGAA o%3D0%26type%3Dsearch%26plindex%3D1&usg=AL29H22-GENdJO70ifbMaEiIDTTsXwMI0Q

his website:

I would very much like to analyze his work, but I am extremely leery of anyone online asking for in depth personal information. Perhaps he is just being cautious, but something seems a bit off here.


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