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Who want help with us in this thing?

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posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 02:34 PM
So, let's get to the point. One thing where we must concentrate today is this "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T people", we need get this coming faster than it has been now coming, so cooperating with this is helping everyone. But, like i have seen in this forum, Aliens and Ufos forum. Someone of here says at this will get proof to people what they have found or writed, why i haven't seen these other place than these "Ufo/E.T forums" where come's only people who are allready interested in these things. You don't need to spam your stuff to other forums if you want get these proofs to forward what you feel and know at they are real and not misleading or fake.

So, i with others who waiting people to move first step to forward, so someone of we have tought at many of people are interested here ATS to helping with this thing to get forward and get people step next move in their evolution what is most important step in evolution. This step have many names but i call this step "New step of mankind". That name tell much, so we step to next level of our evolution. Today we have stayed long time this same step long time, so we need to move forward in our evolution at our race not die so fastly away. You know what happen in close future.

Stage 1.
There is stages in helping, first we must clean the ignorance.

We not force them to change, we change them to showing people what kind E.T are and why we should accept E.T more than just E.T. We need to show this more openly than just we tell from them in threads.

Stage 2.
After ignorance is cleaned next step is get them see E.T more than just E.T.

We make people want them come down, people need to think that so everything goes mostly positively forward, those worldwide contact with E.T race.

Stage 3.
We do worldwide population diplomacy with E.T people.

We have cleaned ignorance and we have maked people want E.T people become our friends, so next stage means that at we will accept them in our life. So there is 2 stage of accepting. First accepting is at we accept them more than just E.T. Next accept is at we accept them live in our life here earth like we have lived with other humans today.

So stage 3 what i think is the last stage, after that we are ready everyone of us to make worldwide diplomacy with E.T people. But to get to that stage, we need just more than hope and fate and what is more than hope and fate is at we together working with this thing at it will get forward really and become done. If we don't care whole thing, our last thing is close death. Close death don't mean world end, it means at again we go to bacterian level and other life on earth is now can be found fossils because big catastrophe has happened. Homo sapiens race is now gone. There is just more than one catastrophe what will happen in our close future.

We can change planet earth peacefully to better place, if we working together with this thing. Its your choice, do you want see planet earth more days like this, or do you want it to change next level. Look outside, truth is there, when you see it, you want change it. If you try alone, you will die, if others are with your, you have more chance to get thing done. Thing what we must get done is "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T races/people". If we not get that thing know what happen in close future. Don't wait last day at E.T:s will save you, you didn't want them be more than E.T so don't wait them save you last day. Do not wait, start acting now, because if you wait, you waste time. Before you start do anything, use your mind and create best option what is peacefull and it can help us to get stage 3. Share it with others so they could try use same option in their area. Do not create bombs, create love and happiness, that's the way of more like paradise.

Do not be in group, be one with the others.

I hope this text open the way to Next generation, Next step of mankind, Next step of our evolution. Make future become more real than just myth.


posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 02:47 PM
yes,. in fact its not them that must change but US! And we can force a difference with out VOTE this election..DO NOT..I repeat DO NOT vote for any know reptilian importsters..Im talking Hilary, Mike Dean, Rothchild or Henrey HEwes have been sighted in the eyes as reptiles. Take my word for it.
So to follow these guidelines will help bring forth the evolution of the uthiru
and their ilk..they may save us in time

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 02:53 PM
I've a couple of questions.

Will Kool-Aid be served, and if so what flavor?

Will someone that wishes to help have to undergo any phyical body changes alike having parts removed?

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 03:49 PM
reply to post by Incarnated

This thread is not joke, im serious from about this what i writed here. If you want make just jokes here, go to other thread do that. Are you even interested help with us in this thing? Or do you want make just jokes from this thing?

First you go to kool-aid, then to body parts removing at people see this thread just joke and crazy stuff. Don't continue doing that here, there is plenty other threads where you can do this if you like fooling more around than working with together important things. Like this "worldwide diplomacy with E.T people" is very important.

I know you hate me. Just because im different.

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 05:15 PM
Silent Ee dont not vote for Hilary clinton she is part of the reptilian regime. I have come to same conclusions as you over these matters. I have successfully made contact with the overloads using a UHV transmitter based on the soviet illyukin (underground russian scietinist) its possible to make crude conversation or listen to their transmission have you tried this yet??>????????????????????

posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 05:27 PM
I'll remind everyone.

1). Posting: You will not post any material that is knowingly false, misleading, or inaccurate.


posted on Jan, 13 2008 @ 06:24 PM

Originally posted by atsguy_106
Silent Ee dont not vote for Hilary clinton she is part of the reptilian regime. I have come to same conclusions as you over these matters. I have successfully made contact with the overloads using a UHV transmitter based on the soviet illyukin (underground russian scietinist) its possible to make crude conversation or listen to their transmission have you tried this yet??>????????????????????

I have never voted anyone. Can you tell more about that UHV transmitter because i have never heard about it and its new to me. Tell some basics of it like what is it, what it does, what kind it is, how it works, etc. I don't vote because i don't know what kind person it is in real life if i vote someone. But if i know correctly what kind someone is, i vote him if its good person, but if its bad person i don't vote. Usually allways new candidates are unknown to me so i don't vote because they are unknown so i don't know what they do after they are big chair.

What i have learned from living in this world, i have learned at bad ones too can change to good side if they learn lesson correctly. Like reptilians, if they are bad ones here, we need first take control from them and then give lesson for them correctly at they will understand really that wrongness what they have done. We not kill them or torturing them, that's not teaching lesson. Teaching lesson to other means at we show it them through eyes, or we telling it, or some other ways like there is many ways to teach lesson. And after one has come good side, then that one launch changing to others like it spreads like an virus but its only peace what spreads to others and they become known how wrong it was what they did if they have did something very wrong. Peace make friendships. I don't have proof of this reptile thing on earth against it or for it so im skeptic to subject "Reptiles controlling planet earth". But even if im skeptic for this subject "Reptiles controlling planet earth", im not yet saying at they not exist, they can exist like the others and we exist.

So i think everyone who ever it was, its same worthy even if he/she were different, so i don't push bad ones more down, because they going more bad side then if you push bad ones more down, teaching lessons for bad ones get them up more at they could understand better their doings what they have done, and next thing what happens after you have teached correctly lesson is at they become good ones and leave bad things behind and take's step to new kind life. Every race have bad ones and good ones, like in our homo sapiens race have good ones and bad ones. Sometimes bad ones get's good ones to bad side, so its more important teach lessons to bad ones at they could become good ones, because that's the way clean more bad side. That have that kind effect at more less become bad one. You can't clean fully bad side of this world, because allways everyone who ever you were, can hurt others even if you were good one.

I hope we get this thing done in this year before summer or more earlier, we just need everyone work together hard and think steps to get this "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T people" to forward. Age not matter to helping, every age of people can help with in this thing. I talk more later.

Its now bye.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 07:11 AM
What we need to remember when telling and showing to people these E.T/Ufo pictures or something other like E.T culture or other, we need to remember at we don't shout them and try force them to believe, because that's how whole thing goes ignored and with aggressive way we not get positive results. Best thing how to atract people and get them gather around some picture or what you wanted to show them and tell them, is at you are calm, you smiling, you speak that way at they come listen you. If you speak like blaa blaa blaa blaa blaa blaa blaa blaa they will get bored soon and going away.

What other we must remember. They come ask from us why you painted that picture or what is that picture or something else, so we don't open first talk, let's make them curious and brave to ask when they see from some distance that picture or something else what we showing and after next they come and ask, we start telling and try keep him interested if he/she is leaving, we throw question to them like this kind, "what you think about this". We must remember at we only do this when around you have gathered not so many people, like 1-3 person only, so when you throw to some of those persons this question, others look back and come maybe back to listen.

But those was some basics of this thing, now i telling important thing when we working together physically with this thing "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T people". We need to know from our own area how many people we could get in this thing to help. My area im alone so i need to wait this road coming to my area, but i still can work through ATS. And what road it is what i waiting here it to come to my area, its that kind road like at from this area, people would start act for this thing seriously. Acting for this thing seriously means that at we will try together get this thing done and not just leave it uncomplete, i join with you physically after i see at it has reached my area. Now i have no other choice yet than work through internet and sharing ideas what some of can maybe be usefull in helping this thing get forward.

Think your brains very genious ideas how to make helping more faster, share them if you want. Please don't crush this thing down like in thousands years this thing has been crushed down and been forbidden to death grounds many times. When one area is done, then we move next area, every area we get more people to helping in this thing with us and when most of them are helping this thing with us, i think E.T would finally come safely and that day really make first worldwide diplomacy with us and welcome us to galactic people what we are someday, i hope.

But because there is more than just one area where is people who would like to help in this thing, so if we do little math, if we all working together, we could get this thing done in month or maybe in week if we working hard together in this thing. So like we see, its not so hard to get this thing done early, because there is much people who would like to help together in this thing and these are different areas. We must just find first way to get us work together, that's first problem what we must solve, at how we could get people working together in this thing.

Now its again bye. I talk more later.

[edit on 14-1-2008 by Silenteye]

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 07:18 AM
Im in not for the human race but for all races alike living breathing and speaking stupid or smart.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 07:19 AM
If any MOD wishes to give me 1000 ATS points I will translate the OP's posts into an English format we can all read.


posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 08:22 AM

And we can force a difference with out VOTE this election..DO NOT..I repeat DO NOT vote for any know reptilian importsters..Im talking Hilary, Mike Dean, Rothchild or Henrey HEwes have been sighted in the eyes as reptiles. Take my word for it.
reply to post by atsguy_106

What word? I truly mean no disrespect, however, what proof, other than poorly done shapeshifting/reptilian morphing videos is out there that will convince us that Hillary Clinton or anyone else is a reptilian?'s your duty!

[edit on 14-1-2008 by hsur2112]

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 11:48 AM
What other you must remember? Yes, because we need get this "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T people" coming faster, we need to get this happen "worldwide" these plans what we do. When its worldwide, it goes to News and through news more people join in. When it happen worldwide, news can't fight back showing this thing everywhere and they must show this worldwide thing tv or radio because otherwise people start coming very very aggressive. And when its worldwide, then even if people do not watch tv or listen radio, they will see at "i could join in too because many of there are with others joined in this something". So like most of population moves like sheep, then most population will follow others. So when we work together hardly and get more people in, then it continues its own forward more faster, but we must be aware of that at there is someone's who stopping this road moving forward, so we don't stop acting for this, we act so long at its done. After we have done this thing done, we can take break because E.T diplomacy worldwide has happened then when thing is done.

I talk more later. Bye.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 12:02 PM
I must say that this particular thread has made my day

I want Incarnated to come back to this thread. Seriously. For those who don't know, Incarnated believes that he is the reincarnated spirit of the Archangel Michael. I like his writing style though, he can go off on a few wild tangents, but he can also be quite witty or eloquent when he wants to.

The OP I don't know, and not to be derogatory...merely an observation, but his writing style reminds me of those Nigerian 419 Scammers. I really want to see he and Incarnated go head to head in a civilized open debate, heck, I'll even make popcorn...

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 12:21 PM
reply to post by Reality Hurts

Save me a seat. Ok, I know that is only one line.

But I agree, this thread could use a good debate. But not from me...I'm a terrible debater, just ask my kids.

My hope for everyone is that they find the answers that they seek, this is not, in my opinion, the way to go about it.

[edit on 14-1-2008 by hsur2112]

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 12:21 PM
Let's straighten this a bit if we will, ok?

Generally speaking, people who come here have either

- belief that we are not alone in the universe, and have read some book about it.
- belief ... , and have listened to their friends
- belief ... , and have seen something not possible by modern aircrafts (90 degree turns with apparetly zero effect on speed)
- people who already believe
- people who want to search the net for some evidence for whatever reasons

That tells quite a bit, but why do you actually believe that ATS is the right place for that? No, really. I mean no offence, and I do like this site just as much as other regular posters, but there is this one little thing..

ATS tries to provide a meetig ground for people with severely different beliefs and interests. It may be that some air force officer sees things and wants to tell somebody, but just won't let that happen when the site in question is filled with conspiracy theories about subjects that he doesn't believe in.

What happens is that even believing people (ufo, et, et cetera) don't want to post here in fear of being pointed to believe in something else, that forums of this site cover.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 01:53 PM
reply to post by rawsom

If you think that's it why i believe at ATS is right place for this. Good question from you, thank you for asking that, because its very important question to know why this is here and not just other forum. Let's see, worldwide big forum where coming more than ten thousands users in day (I think) from different countries. That's one reason why its here, because if i just send this to some little forum, it will go to death grounds and things not going forward because its so hide there and its not so touchable (Visible). So big popular forum is good for this.

One thing is basing for this why more populated forum is better place for this kind than little forum where is not so many people. Word goes forward more better in big forum than little forum, where the word goes then, ansrew is for this anywhere, where is anywhere? Everywhere. This was not foolish act. I allways think strategies when i create new plan, this was one of my plans to try get this "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T people" come done early. So i focused things "how much people coming here". If you see at i focused much to registered people, that's not my plan, not so strategic move that focusing in registered people, unregistered people can join in this too so when both sides are available, then both ones can help with together in this thing, and when both ones working together in same thing, its very well strategic move because together working is faster and stronger than if you work alone. So together we effect more to people than you try make effect to people alone. Its not that simple at you will go just say outside, "This what i tell next is truth, accept this and...blah blah", they not believe you.

Did you know, when its big forum where come's over then thousands of people from different countries, unregistered and registered to look here, did you know at it will make this thing spread more worldwide than if you send somewhere what is not so big as this forum. If we get some cooperate with together in this thing, like i said, we must solve first problem how we get work together, after we have found key to solve that problem, then, next days, these texts what has been written to this thread will go like an flying cannon ball to worldwide. So words goes forward everywhere after we have solved that problem where we are stucked just now.

Cooperating make's things going more faster forward and that's the problem what we have not yet got solved rightly yet. So let's not just leave this "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T people" for only to this thread, because only leaving it here like just this, is not getting word forward. And if we not get word forward about this, we are not then get any cooperating with this thing and it will be leaved to death grounds like it has been throwed to death grounds about thousands years, we can say then to good bye only to this planet earth life, what we destroy, same time us with others in close future, some of these we can say our created catastrophes, but there will be more than just our created catastrophes awaiting in our close future. When we use our brains to create plans, we can use plans then to find out what will get word forward more effectly than others plans. So use your brain ability to work with this so we can make our future truth and not let it be just myth.

You have brain like i have, we are humans, but our bloodline is limited because our earth life have no luck forever. So homo sapiens bloodline will be just myth after we decide to give up to this thing and throw it to death grounds. This text wasn't just for you rawsom, mostly my texts are for everyone even if i reply some person post. I tryed ansrew for you questions best as i can, i hope there was good ansrews for your questions.

Are you interested helping this thing going forward?

Bloodline - Our Dna structure.

I talk more later, bye.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 02:19 PM
I asking now from you people serious question basing for this, because i have todays have been thinking at you people here ATS avoiding whole helping thing. So question goes for you like this.

Why you ignore or why you not want help with us together this "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T people" come more faster to done, what kind thing make's this thing look that kind at you want avoid it?

I asking this because i want know what you people think and why from this. This question were only for those who ignoring whole thing and leave it behind and throw it to death grounds.

This "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T" thing have positive effect to nature side too, where different lower level animals live. We are animals too, but we are those who destroying this planet mostly and we are in high level of animal here on earth, so its we who need to change. So getting this thing done, changing us to respect more nature.

So that's mean at whole earth will become better place after we get this done.

I hope i get some ansrews for that question what i throwed now.

I talk more later.

posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 02:30 PM
reply to post by Silenteye

come more faster to done

You sound alot like my ex-girlfriend when you talk like that!


I admire your passion. I truly do. This thought or plan of yours will require an immense amount of funding, time, and exposure.

Let's take them one at a time:

Where or how are you going to fund this endeavor?
I think you would conservatively need $5 to $10 million to start.


posted on Jan, 16 2008 @ 04:02 PM

Originally posted by Becker44


I admire your passion. I truly do. This thought or plan of yours will require an immense amount of funding, time, and exposure.

Let's take them one at a time:

Where or how are you going to fund this endeavor?
I think you would conservatively need $5 to $10 million to start.


So, you jump immeteadely to money thing. First things is start from little things and then go to big things, so im not going to jump first to huge money things, first we need people in, after then we have better choices to get so much money, because if we get 1 million people to in, every of them gives 1 money to this at one day or more than 1 money at day, so im moving strategically.

And what you going to do with 5 or 10 million? So what's your plans doing with 5 or 10 million? If you say just at we need 5 or 10 million to get this thing to done, then you just say at its need 5 or 10 million and you not telling why we need that huge money to first, so tell me and us why we need so much money first?

Let's take example why we not going to big things first, we starting from areas first, why that? Let's take an look inside this thing. When we start from little things first from different areas around world doing different plans to get people in, after when we got much people in, we have much better choices to get 2x, 4x, 6x....or much more people in everytime when more people join in. But what we must remember, we must work together for this so we not leave anyone alone, we need to work together with others so noone will be left alone, so that doing then that at people not leaving then out because they feel at they are in and they are not just trying do this alone. So together is better than alone and cooperate we need much.

Tools what you need to get people in are not costing much and you can buy them with your own money easily. Paper is one important tool for this and much other.

I talk from this more later but i have to go now so its now bye and let's "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T people" come real early in this year so let's get this thing done together with hard working in to this.

posted on Jan, 18 2008 @ 04:43 PM
So, what i though first from paper.

Ok, everyone have A4 paper. Its normal paper what is used at printers. Ok, let's move on forward. Now we have paper here front of us and we thinking what we should put there. Pictures are allways effecting to people, so we put some picture of E.T. Did you know, eyes of E.T effecting usually people most so that maybe help to get people in this thing, so we need to use picture where E.T looking that person who looking paper. We can use more than one E.T in that picture, but if you can do only one, then its enough. Picture goes upper from text and text comes under picture. So we have now picture there. Next we think text.

Text what we should use. You can figure out some nice texts from E.T too but i will put here under here some texts what we could use. These goes under picture.

"Accept them! Were they who race they were, they are still same worthy as we, we should give them chance to be friends with us".

"You use human brain of mental activity. You should know who we are. You should know what they are. We need to be friends to them, because we need to give chance to our race evolving to next stage".

"Don't try to be races of galaxies so rude and bad guy. Accept them who ever race they are, because that's the way of friendship".

"Don't try protect your beliefs, don't try to be fool because you want protect your beliefs. You must accept new things and believe them or not. No one force you to believe this, but we force you to accept to showing you the thing".

"Truth is better than lies".

"Make your future real and do not make it just myth to ignoring we".

"Do you fear us, are you afraid of us? Make truth coming out so you know do you have to fear us anymore".

"Make better future for your race! Act for this!"

"So you think it were just fairy tale? Think again were it really just fairy tale!"

"Truth make's happiness, lies make's suffering".

Ok there was some text what we could use in that paper but now to next thing. Now we have picture and text, what still missing? Yes, title. People don't know what for this is if we not have putted in that paper title. So title what tells much to people is "Worldwide Diplomacy With E.T people". That's title what i put after these areas have reached my area, because im still alone in my area with this thing.

We put this upper at the picture. Next thing what we need to do is at we need get those all effecting people that way at they will read that paper. Ok we need to put those all middle.

We could use this kind thing.


We use that title size of what i have not yet thinked what size we put it and i haven't yet thinked what size text under the picture will be, so we need to figure out what will look nice. When you doing this thing your home, you can choose size, choose size wisely because when its too big or too little, it will make more less effect to people, so do this wisely.

But there was not basics of it. Next thing what we should do this paper when its ready, pictures, texts and title is ready, we do next this move. We can print many of papers and we get much paper with 10 money. You can do this paper thing too with your own hands so you don't need use computer. But after we have ready these, we go put these papers everywhere. We need to do month recearch how it effect to people, but we still need to same time figure out next plans what are great plans.

After this "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T people" have reached my area, i start working with these plans too where i am good. So now i can tell plans only through internet and i hope we get fastly forward this "Worldwide diplomacy with E.T people" and get this thing done. We can do this!

I will talk more later, but there was something. I hope it was usefull. Thank for you all who working with this thing and want help this thing get done. We need people in this thing, not out. That's point of these plans. Bye.

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