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Sumerian translations (from University of Oxford)

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 09:00 PM

I know I'm harsh on the Nibiru believers, but many of the people I have talked to about this have not even seen the University of Oxford translations of the Sumerian cuneiform tablets at the link posted above.

There are alot of videos, websites and books stating that the end of the world is coming based on interpretations by those who seem fit to make a conspiracy out of these ancient texts. Sure, they are fodder for it, but as all ancient texts with imperfect translations - one must take them for what they are - not what people want to make them into. Nobody knows exactly what information they relay other than the research put into their possible meanings. I would favor the University of Oxford translations anyday - because I know there were recognized scholars in the translation process, individuals committed to this ancient language (and yet, even they are imperfect).

I encourage people to read through the translations and transliterations themselves. Learn a little about the language how the translations came about before blindly believing a sensationalist theory. Make your own judgements and see if the interpretations placed before you hold any water.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 03:31 AM
I make a post mocking the Nibiru / Planet X / End of the World theory (another post) and I get a ton of nasty messages. Many asking me to 'unprove the theory' instead of them actually making any attempt to 'prove theirs.'

So, in response, I started the first step along the intelligent debunking process by introducing University of Oxford translations of the Sumerian texts (as they do not mesh with the Stichin translations - and his is the primary basis for the Nibiru belief system).

And then I get silence...

Honestly, this is what I expected. I did something similar with the Reptilian shapeshifting theory (biologically prove shapeshifting exists) and got very few responses - a few agreeing that shapeshifting cannot exist so they must be doing it using technology instead - I can rip that comcept apart too, but aparently I won't get anyone to read about it. I guess if posts don't support their theory, then they should just be disregarded all-together and hope they will just 'go away.'

We are all here to find truths. I would like to find irrefutable proof extraterrestrial life exists. But in this process, we must first be willing to disprove and debunk theories to get to those truths. We must be skeptics first and when all our skepticism is proven wrong... then we can then get to what is really out there.

posted on Jan, 14 2008 @ 03:39 AM
reply to post by tvgraphics

I dont know, shapeshifting may be possible.
People, scientist thought they understood the world than quantum mechanics came along and shook the core of their foundation. (wave is particle, particle is its both...the electron is there, its not, what is it doing...whats going on.)

So anything can be proved that someone wants to be proved.
People who believe in Aliens would might consider that someone more advanced than us can do what they want. Is it true shape-shifting. Is it what we think?

Where Im coming from is not to prove shape-shifting. But to say not to limit automatically the potential that is there.

As for the text from Oxford, thanks for the post.

Another thought about the reptilians...does it matter either way.
i.e., they exist or do not...who cares, there is something deeper yet to gain. The (shape-shifting, whether it exist or not) is only a detail - not the point.




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