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Has anyone else shared a similar experience?

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 12:27 PM
Before I begin, I'm not really sure what to make of my experience and have debated posting this for a while. That is until I was doing a bit of research on sumerian artifacts and saw a striking resemblance to my "experience"...

It was another weekday morning in July and I got up at my usual time (630 am) to go to work. I went downstairs and began preparing my lunch for the day in the kitchen. I was making a sandwich on the countertop and turned around to go to the sink when I saw a completely black entity staring at me in the corner of the room. The being stood maybe between 6.5- 7 feet tall, had fairly broad shoulders but slender legs and appeared to wearing a garmet over the torso.

I dropped the lettuce, which i was about to wash, started rubbing my eyes and shaking my head. When I re-opened my eyes the entity was gone. My heart was racing and standing there going "WTF!?"... also for the record the sun was rising and there was daylight in the kitchen at the time..

I thought about the incident for days to come and decieded that it had to of been a figment of my imagination and my eyes were playing tricks on me as I had just woke up and it was early in the morning... I dismissed the incident and moved on...

Then I came across this the other day:

This is exactly what I saw! The similarties are striking and I cant believe I found this! The only difference is the top of the head was like a rounded point instead of completly flat. But the garment and oddly enough, even the position of its arms the exact same!

So now i wonder to myself was this entity really there? Or was my mind playing tricks on me?

I have not shared this story with anyone until now. I believe that most people would just tell me that it was a figment of my imagination... maybe they are right? But i honestly dont know...

So I ask the members of ATS... have any of you shared a similar experience?


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