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Are we Worshiping a False God?

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 11:14 AM
Over the last decade of my life I have noticed alot of weird weather annomilies. They don't get to much attention from media and the public, because they have happened in the past history of our planet. What we have noticed is the frecuency of these events has risen alot, what we are calling global warming.

Now what if the anwsers we are getting from the scientific world is false, since everyone can't not be unanimous about why this is happening. Now the discussion i'm trying to spark is what if this is the planets self-defense mechinism? I'm sure on this conspiracy site there are some other ideas about why this is happening, but what has caught my eye is this new news article i read that has me wondering if the final blow from this self defense mechinism is near. (2012?).

There has been prophets predicting alot of events through out our time. Now says who the "True Prophets" Jesus, Mohammad, Bhalla were sent to us from what i believe is God, the planet. To guide us down the proper path. Now since we are obviously way off in our true spiritual guidance we are feeling the slow wrath of God. I'm no follower of religions but from what i do know, they all more or less say that if you worship a false God you will feel His wrath. Maybe it is slow and gradual to give us a chance to correct ourselves, and also the reason we can't figure excatly what is going on. I know there is the concept of CO2 being one of the main causes, but are we not worshiping God then if we are polluting the planet as bad as we are?

Now this is just food for thought, but i was wondering what other people think of this. My friends find my concepts interesting but don't want to hear about this type of gloomy stuff. So i went here to discuss it, were there are alot of people interested in talking about the possibilities.

As for that News Article i hope i posted it properly but just in cause i'll copy and paste it from the News page.

Officials in neighbouring Ghowr province also blamed avalanches for 13 deaths over recent days.

Extensive road closures in these provinces have led to severe food shortages in some districts.

In Iraq, Baghdad has seen its first snowfall in living memory

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 11:30 AM
You bring up a good point Spaxz.I wonder about this myself,what if we are worshiping the wrong God.In this day and age its hard to believe in anything.I think thats were faith comes in.

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 01:04 PM
reply to post by crowpruitt

Thanx crowpruitt, but what would it mean if our faith is in something that is miss leading? Religion was created by man and not the prophets, therefore the chance of corruption exsist. We are all onto our own to figure out our spirtuality given to us by our "creator" (Free Will). Therefore even if we have faith in something good (Christianity, Muslim, Judism etc..) we are still worshiping a false God which is strictly prohibited, and maybe his patience in us is running out, and he is giving us our last warning...Global Warming?

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 01:11 PM
Many "Christians" are following a false God. This is not an attack on Christ or his teachings.

It is a statement about the inabilities to see clearly enough to get a clear picture of God through the teaching of Christ because of personal and external perceptions roth with selfserving biases.

As it is written:"two in a household, one will be taken the other rejected"

Foolish chirstians percieve this to mean that if a wife goes to church every sunday while the husband stays home and sleeps in, he will be going to hell and she will be going to heaven.

This is not the truth of the matter.

It is more likened to two people standing on the street. They want to cross. They both look down the same road. They both assume to understand the car's speed that is coming. One steps out and one stays on the curb. Same event for two diffrent people lead to two diffrent perspectives on the same event and two diffrent judgements of how to act.

Yet stupid christians are too Proud to percieve their actions and lack of understandings to be anything more then "faith", and in this way their hopes to acchieve rightousness lead to their own selfrightousness that is the sin of the free willed creature superimposing their own will over the true will of the true god.

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