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9/11 Eyewitness Audio Reveals Hundreds of Explosive Pops! (Must See)

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posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 05:15 AM
We have discussed the thermobaric viewpoint extensively in the past, thus I can give you a few very good leads :

Tom Bedlam :
However, just for fun, I found some research being done on drilling into box girders and flooding them with thermobarics a split second before you detonate them - guess what - it shatters steel box girders like glass. What a weird thing to research.

In the heat of the discussion, I never was able afterwards to ask TB for the source of his research. However I found some comparable notes in my research. In that case, a certain thermobaric composition could shatter these huge steel boxed columns also like glass, but in this case the thermobaric explosion went off outside the columns. The explosion front velocity in this case is so high, that nothing but solid rock could resist it.

posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 05:38 AM
These are the ATS-Search results for : LaBTop USGS

Google Custom Search

Barium, strontium, or other metal nitrates, page 1
To help you out, OrionStars, I have Searched myself for my past posts, and used these search terms : USGS LaBTop Well, read my 2 posts in this thread page, ...

Popular Mechanics Is Correct? (Seismographs), page 2
... just as the USGS researchers were silenced directly by the White House when they ... Originally posted by LaBTop It must have been a huge explosion or ...

Extremely powerful new clip by 911eyewitness, page 6
By the way, the first arrived USGS dust samplers were NOT allowed at ALL at or near Ground Zero... Originally posted by LaBTop A comparison of delayed radiobiological ...

Physics Prof Says Bombs not Planes brought down wtc, page 10
Labtop do you believe that the demolition was done with tons of explosives and thermite? ..... Here is the source for the thermal readings: ...

4th Generation MicroNukes Used on WTC1,2 and 7, page 15
Originally posted by LaBTop Tom of Bedlam, I patiently waited for 15 pages, .... O, TB, for such things, just plug in Google, terms like "USGS 9/11" or ...

NIST WTC7 status report, page 7 The Seattle Kingdome was a domed sports stadium located in .... Labtop, you are obviously going to believe in silent explosives that ...

NIST WTC7 status report, page 6
Short Note on the "evidence", from myself, LaBTop : .... The Seattle Kingdome was a domed sports stadium located in downtown Seattle ...

34th Floor of the WTC!!!, page 2
Originally posted by LaBTop that microscopic analysis of WTC dust is a very good find to add to the USGS analysis. I would like you to read this post of ...

The Complete 9/11 Timeline ( interactive )., page 2
Even the head of the US Geological Survey (USGS)--among many .... Originally posted by LaBTop If so, that must have been meticulous planning, to eliminate ...

POLITICS: Physics Prof Says Explosives, Not Fires Brought Down WTC ...
... and guess what who found them: your own USGS, but they were stopped by the ... Edited to make it clearer as to whom I was addressing, since LaBTop and I ...

The Complete 9/11 Timeline ( interactive )., page 1
You have voted LaBTop for the Way Above Top Secret award. ... Chemical analysis of the dust carried out by the USGS - ridiculously high concentrations of ...

Physics Prof Says Bombs not Planes brought down wtc, page 12
Since you seem so insistent on the nuke theory Labtop perhaps you can present some ... On the 23rd the hotspots are almost completely gone. ...

I challenge NIST Answers to FAQ - Supplement (December 14, 2007 ...
LaBTop : If you don't grasp that coloured and bolded text by now, .... The impact produced a seismic signal that was recorded at the USGS station CBN. ...

Physics Prof Says Bombs not Planes brought down wtc, page 11
Seems LaBTop is not the only one who has reported on the helicopters seen on 911 ..... Fires burned and molten steel flowed in the pile of ...

I'm happy to see the Search functions again like it was intended.
I find this to be the quickest form of information exchange, since the ATS-Search function works again as expected.
All longterm 9/11 researchers at this board should use this kind of posting relevant information from the Search pages, so all 9/11 ATS info is cross-linked all over the board, and especially this forum.
(I added the http:// portion in front of all links starting with www.)

It saves us a LOT of quoting and the Mods a lot of quote-clipping, and gives much more info than a few sparse quotes.

You still must have a keen interest in READING, nonetheless.

posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 06:33 AM
And these are, as promised, the ATS-Search results for :
LaBTop thermobaric

Barometric or A-neutronic bomb, any more info?, page 1
Let's use this extensive description of a thermobaric bomb to find out, ... Originally posted by LaBTop Billybob, as you can see in my first link, ...

Barometric or A-neutronic bomb, any more info?, page 2
Originally posted by LaBTop Because I know. Still interested? .... Every few floors, a thermobaric was installed, and ignited at the facades, thus forcing ...

4th Generation MicroNukes Used on WTC1,2 and 7, page 15
What I was proposing (sent it U2U to BSBray) was a type of thermobaric .... Originally posted by LaBTop Tom of Bedlam, I patiently waited for 15 pages, ...

NY's Finest Tour Guide Pokes Major Holes in the CD Theory, page 11
Originally posted by LaBTop Griff, also when thermobarics were used, you wouldn't find back any proof of such detonations afterwards, since it essentially ...

I challenge NIST Answers to FAQ - Supplement (December 14, 2007 ...
Originally posted by LaBTop Mirageofdeceit, it is a shame that anybody .... He says that normally, a thermobaric device would be used INSIDE a BUILDING, ...

I challenge NIST Answers to FAQ - Supplement (December 14, 2007 ...
LaBTop : 3. I strongly contest their timelines with my thesis proofs. ..... circuits to ignite the thermobarics, placed on every three or five floors. ...

Massive Explosions 5 minutes AFTER WTC7 came down, page 1
Also the thermobaric bomb "explosive force multiply at corners" effect does ... This is however caused by the immense explosive force of thermobaric bombs ...

Seismic Data, explosives and 911 revisited., page 7
Damocles, do gaseous explosions, like thermobarics, have a low frequency ..... When you put this together with what LapTop is saying surely this is cause ...

4th Generation MicroNukes Used on WTC1,2 and 7, page 17
Six paragraphs for "Simple question: could thermobarics cause this? .... We have to take all possibilities serious, so also the thermobaric bomb : ...

Seismic Data, explosives and 911 revisited., page 3
If these were caused by some kind of thermobaric explosives, ... LaBtop - I am convinced however that the time stamp on his photo of the dented roof of the ...

Seismic Data, explosives and 911 revisited., page 6
Labtop; you know i have respect for your work but, to ME at least it seems a ... we're using the same terminology for thermobaric. from what i know of them, ...

Seismic Data, explosives and 911 revisited., page 1
looking forward to reading your post labtop. despite some commonly held theories ... and the use of state of the art thermobaric devices, is what I believe, ...

I challenge NIST Answers to FAQ - Supplement (December 14, 2007 ...
i applaud labtop on his great research, this is an educational thread even ... tnt, C4, a thermobaric or a mini nuke. there was a release of energy that if ...

Seismic Data, explosives and 911 revisited., page 9
LaBTop : This subject can not be compared to where we talk about. ..... what percentage of an audio footprint from a thermobaric detonation at 800 feet high ...

NIST says no pancake, page 5
I still keep thinking about a thermobaric device, like the Riconosciuto bomb, .... I'll try more Labtop. I want to see what happens and such. ...

The PentaCon, page 14
LaBtop -please refer to my response to John Lear regarding your thoughts about ...... The US army has a secret weapon, the Reconosciuto thermobaric bomb. ...

4th Generation MicroNukes Used on WTC1,2 and 7, page 16
The two-stage thermobarics have a sharper sound up front with a whump at the end. ..... labtop i dont know about that specific arrangement, ...

Physics Prof Says Bombs not Planes brought down wtc, page 9
Originally posted by LaBTop If you convert the 2 charts of WTC 1 and 2 to the ..... They've developed Thermobaric charges, which are smaller versions of the ...

NIST Source for Trumpman Paper, page 1
See my thread about thermobaric devices. It has been moved around a bit, it should be placed in this specific 9/11 conspiracies forum, in my opinion. ...

Seismic Data, explosives and 911 revisited., page 8
... C4, a thermobaric or a mini nuke. there was a release of energy that if it .... Originally posted by LaBTop Boys and girls, I have been sitting here for ...

9/11 WTT explosions??, page 1
Thermobaric explosions are a more likely possibility, I think, and LabTop touches on other possibilites in this nice thread. The slow burn at Ground Zero is ...

Physics Prof Says Bombs not Planes brought down wtc, page 17
... by the vaccuum created by high explosives or thermobaric bombs or something. .... MacMerdin is a structural engineer, I believe LaBTop is a chemist, ...

NY's Finest Tour Guide Pokes Major Holes in the CD Theory, page 12
... casing etc left. it doesnt just vaporize. reply to post by LaBTop ... if it was a thermobaric id have expected to see the smoke/dust/debris wave being ...

The Progressive Collapse Challenge, page 11
LabTop had a thread where he did some digging into a few possibilities. ... explosives (aka thermobaric explosives), and novel explosive techniques. ...

From now on, if anybody, me or you, feel the need to extensively address the subjects of Dust Sampling by USGS, or eventual use of Thermobaric Devices on 9/11, they can just link to this page :

Of course there are many more threads and posts on subjects which I have not participated in, in that case you must combine your own screen-name with the subject, or just plainly use one subject word.

Have fun with this re-newed ATS-cross-linking feature.
Use it extensively, I personally waited for it so long, the long-term 9/11 researchers on both sides of the fence at this forum are most interested in each others scribblings, but it was utterly difficult to find them so easy as it turns out now.

I've found now up there a few I never read. So, that's what I do first now.

posted on Feb, 27 2008 @ 03:10 PM
This was the first hint by me on this board on 7/8/2005 that thermobarics were possibly used by factions of the US government, or external factions, even from abroad :

There was some interesting seismic evidence of a thermobaric going off, addressed for the 1995 demolition of the Murrah Building in Oklahoma City in this link :

Chapter 1. The Mannlicher-Carcanno Bomb.

It should be obvious to the reader that it's implausible an ANFO bomb parked out in the street would have the force to blow all the way through a huge superstructure like the Alfred P. Murrah Building.

No matter how hard the government tried to lie, obsfucate, and distort the truth, the evidence would come back to haunt them.

On April 19, a tape recording made during a conference at the Water Resources Board directly across from the Murrah Building appears to indicate a succession of blast events, spaced very close together. [71]

The tape recorder at the Water Resources Board was not the only instrument recording explosions that morning. The seismograph at the Oklahoma Geological Survey at the University of Oklahoma at Norman, 16 miles from the Murrah Building, recorded two waves, or "two events," on the morning of April 19th. Another seismograph at the Omniplex Museum, four miles away from the Federal Building, also recorded two events. These seismic waves, or "spikes," spaced approximately ten seconds apart, seem to indicate two blasts. [See Appendix]

Professor Raymond Brown, senior geophysicist at the University of Oklahoma who studied the seismograms, knew and talked to people inside the building at the time of the blast. "My first impression was, this was a demolition job," said Brown. "Somebody who went in there with equipment tried to take that building down."

Not so, according to the U.S. Geological Survey's analysis. The USGS put out a press release on June 1st, entitled "Seismic Records Support One-Blast Theory in Oklahoma City Bombing."

The bomb that destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Building in Oklahoma City produced a train of conventional seismic waves, according to interpretations by scientists with the U.S. Geological Survey and the Oklahoma Geological Survey (OGS).

Scientists from those agencies said the seismic recordings of the May 23 demolition of the building reproduced the character of the original, April 19th seismic recording by producing two trains of seismic waves that were recorded on seismometers near Norman, Okla.

"Seismic recordings from the building's implosion indicate that there was only one bomb explosion on April 19," said Dr. Thomas Holzer, a USGS geologist in Menlo Park, Calif. Holzer is one of several USGS and OGS scientists who analyzed the shock waves created by the April 19 explosion and the May 23 implosion.[72]

Holzer added that the two distinct waves from the April 19 explosion(s) were the result of the same wave traveling at two different speeds through two separate layers of the earth's crust. The "illusion" of a double explosion was simply the result of the building's collapse, he claimed. "So the bottom line then," said Holzer, "is I think these observations are totally consistent with a single explosion. It doesn't require multiple explosions to do it."[73]

Dr. Brown has an honest difference of opinion with folks at the U.S. Geological Survey. "I will candidly say that we are having trouble finding that velocity difference," said Brown. "We have not identified a pair of layers that could account for the ten-second difference.

"Whatever the USGS saw in that data convinced them that the original blast was one bomb," he added. "I find that hard to believe…. What was uncomfortable and might be construed as pressure is that they were going to come out with a press release that says we have concluded that data indicates one bomb. It puts us in the uncomfortable stance of saying that we, too, have concluded that, and we haven't."

Yet the USGS press release said that Dr. Charles Mankin of the OGS, Brown's boss, was "pleased with the work performed by Dr. Holzer and his USGS colleagues in the analysis of the seismic records." Yet Mankin had actually urged Holzer to delay the press release. "Everybody that has looked at the signal has said a refraction (an echo) would really be strange because there's absolutely no loss of energy in the recorded seismic signal. The second event has the same amplitude as the first… The arrival time is wrong for a refracted wave… We've ruled out reflections, refractions, and the air blast… We determined that these two records of these two events corroborate our interpretation that there were two explosions."[74]

The mainstream media, of course, jumped on the USGS's findings, with headlines like "Single Bomb Destroyed Building" and "Seismic Records Shake Murrah Multiple Bomb Theory." "The news media even reported two bomb blasts initially," said Mankin, "but later changed their story."

"The USGS's conclusions are not supported by either data or analysis," added Brown, who asked that his name be taken off the report. Although Brown cautions that his own conclusions are far from conclusive and require "more thorough investigation," the most logical explanation for the second event says Brown, is "a bomb on the inside of the building."

"Even the smallest of those detonations (from the May 23rd demolition of the REMAINS of the Murrah building) had a larger effect on the recording than the collapse of the building," he added, "which demonstrates that the explosives are much more efficient at exciting the ground motion than is the collapse of three-fourths of the building. So it is very unlikely that one-fourth of the building falling on April 19th could have created an energy wave similar to that caused by the large [truck-bomb] explosion."[75]

One of the problems with the two event theory is that the spikes on the seismic readings were ten seconds apart. With that much difference, most everybody in the vicinity should have heard two separate blasts. But given the traumatic nature of being in the immediate vicinity of a bombing, would witnesses necessarily have heard two explosions? Although the sound of a truck-bomb would certainly have made a loud, roaring noise, complete with lots of smoke and flying debris, experts say that the "crack" of a C-4 cutting charge is "downright disappointing" to hear.

That last bolded out excerpt is surprisingly consistent with my findings of a much bigger seismic spike in the LDEO seismograms for the WTC 7 collapse, seconds before ANY visual collapse signs on 9/11 seen in New York in video evidence of the onset of the WTC 7 collapse.

There we also see an explosion spike depicted in that seismogram, at least 6 seconds before the first visual sign of global collapse initiation of the whole WTC 7 building.
Which global collapse wrote a much smaller seismic spike on that LDEO seismogram.

I keep saying that 9/11/2001 bares a great resemblance to the 1995 Murrah building demolition blasts.
Both indicate that thermobarics were used.

And both started excessive panic waves in the US populace, fed by the mainstream media hypes, directed at newly invented, first internal and later on, external threads to the US of A.

By the way, most of my seismic links can be found in these 10 pages :

posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 02:47 AM

Here is another example of enhancing and picking out the explosions in the original audio captured by news cameras and the likes (you don't often get to hear the audio without it drowned out by commentary). I wasn't expecting to find much but the results were surprising. This is unfiltered and solely relies on the dynamic adjustments to amplitude via expansion. Its a bit like turning up the contrast on your TV set.

Note: around 2:43 is clipped audio, the input to the mic was overdriven by the volume levels and the dynamics are completely lost under this situation and unrecoverable, thus we have a big roar.

[edit on 2-3-2008 by Insolubrious]

posted on Mar, 2 2008 @ 06:21 AM
reply to post by Insolubrious

I suppose the question to ask would such a video stand up in a court of law?
Nice job Insolubrious


posted on Aug, 5 2008 @ 01:27 PM
Please also visit this thread, where the possibility of water carried sounds is brought up by me, and the implications for the Rick Siegel 911 Eyewitness video, covering his real time footage of the day of 9/11 from a pier at Hoboken, across the Hudson River.
Perhaps, without knowing it, Rick and his team calculated the audio to video synchronization based on propagation of sound through the air alone, and not through water also, which will propagate 4 times faster, so those signals, if interpreted as air-borne sound signals only, will be coupled to the wrong video events from across the river.
Title: "9/11 Eyewitness" video, additional important data.

posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 08:44 AM
A top notch audio engineer might do wonders with these audio tracks.

For one simple thing it might be revealing to count the percussive noises. Also, to my ears some of the percussions have a distinctly metallic clank, as if they might be collisions of large beams with one another, while others have a more thudding, explosive quality.

In twenty years time there will be an HBO special with all the truther stuff in it and people will marvel at just how "out of hand" things were at the turn of the millenium and how that sort of thing could never happen now.

posted on Aug, 23 2008 @ 10:58 AM
look into a thermonuclear nuclear hydrogen device in WTC1 and WTC2. The signature of this bomb better explains:
disappearance of water on top of towers,
ablating steel
molten steel for three plus months
decontamination of debris prior to transport
vaporization and pulverization of concrete
vaporization of all evidence but paper
pyroclastic cloud
force required to throw a 22 ton piece of steel 275 yards
force required to tear away 330 ton pieces of siding
elevated titrium in locations
atomic sized particles of steel and concrete
brown dust cloud indicating thousands of degrees temp
vaporization of fifty ton steel press in basement
cars conflagrating blocks away with no debris damage

the thermonuclear hydrogen bomb would have been a "bunker buster" aimed upwards instead of downwards

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