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I Can't Take It Anymore. Will You?

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 04:42 AM
We are surrounded by news and concepts of pain and suffering throughout the world. We may feel sorry, we may feel sad, we may feel a lack of apathy or compassion. But I can feel it, to some extent, through empathy or otherwise.

When I see the children, when I see that which they have become through starvation and neglect, and when I behold purity shrouded in darkness, it weakens my heart, it strengthens my will.

How can we live like this? To see the world in the state it is in. The chaos is beyond our comprehension. I was considering posting all of the world's problems, but I fear I would not leave this spot for a very long time.

The waste we indulge in, whilst the world starves. I cannot be a part of it. The silence we allow. I cannot be a part of it. The will we have lost. I cannot be a part of it. The ignorance and lack to act. I will not be a part of it.

It would be nice to converse with someone, for such things take me down. And while I have changed a great deal through awareness and so on, and while I have devoted my life to helping others, there is an overwhelming sense of aloneness when I realize the grand ignorance and lack to act of those around us.

There is more to awareness. There are the Truths of reality, the teachings to joy.

Thank you

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 05:42 AM
Its because of money and capitalism, plain and simple. The system leads to greed and little regard for morals and compassion for your fellow human beings.

Having little kids stand in acid baths just so we can get that colored rug for a real bargain price is done every day. But hey, they are in India so who cares, right?

Borders and nationality, lines in the sand, somehow justifies things we would not do to our fellow citizens.

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 06:17 AM
Nice post mate. I too feel like that sometimes.

But then you ask yourself why is this happening, there has to be a reason. There are many possible answers. Here are a few:

Planet Earth is not a place of happiness and bliss, it is a place of suffering and tough learning. It is not an easy planet, many choose to come here beacuse it offers great challenges and a faster progress in their soul development. This is why sometimes they called Earth a prison planet or a school. A prison because sometimes really evil egos are sent here to exist.

Then another answer is that not all people are the same and at the same level of personal development. This is refected on Earth perfectly. There are many poor, middle and rich places to live in. There is such diversity: religions, nations, languages. But you have to remember that if you are born in a poor country, you have almost nothing to eat, etc. this does not mean you are a novice soul, but maybe you choose a thugh life to live and experience.

Everything that happens in your life is beacuse of you and your actions of today and all the things you ever done in your existence. You should not feel sorry for the poor people in Africa, you should respect them because they chose a difficult life. I sometimes feel weak because while I have my stomach full, 40.000 children died of hunger that day. Why am I the one to have food on the table and not them?

Earth is a place of individuality, not a place of unity, that is why you can find here very nice people, but also murderes. This is why Earth is a school, you have many classes where souls can go. From the rich to the poor, good to evil, everything.

But all I gave you until now is answers that are not very, well Earthly, I have no proof of what I am saying. I do not know your believes or faith so this might offend you or not.

A more Earthly answer would be that we humans lack the necesary level of cultural development to really understand how society needs to function and be able to provide the minimum required to everyone.

It always ends up to evolution and progress. We need to fight our way into a better world and it is not easy, there are many forces which resist to change.

Even today in our society there are slaves and masters. Just take a map and look. No one is saying this out lound, they keep saying there is no more slavery in the world. I say, today, there is more slavery compared to any other time in history.

How is this possible? Well, look at China, around 800 million people live in slave like conditions and all they do is work all day for almost nothing but enough food to survive. Then we have USA and Europe which are the masters which live off the slaves. I feel sorry to say, but I live in Europe. China is just one example. There are plenty.

If all the people on Earth were to live in equal ways this abuse would not exist. But there is no equality in todays world. Our Constitutions are bias and discriminatory. They say "Owners of property and land are protected by the state and no one can take it from them". Do you see anything wrong with that statement? If I was the owner of Earth then all the rest of you would have been punished by the state if you desired your own equal share of land. If I am born with no property, I die with no property. You say, but you can buy property. Buy with what if I am a slave in China?

You see, our world is corrupt, inefficient, discriminatory, and all these are protected by our own constitutions. Isn't it ironic? We think of Constitutions as the best things that have ever happened to us, when in fact they are disguised tools to keep us ignorant.

I do believe a world which is corrupt, inefficient and discriminatory favours an elite. This is why the NWO (New World Order) idea is not so far fetched. When you have corruption, inefficiency and discrimination it is impossible for an elite not to exist. Someone has to benefit from all that abuse.

If you were to draw a conclusion after all I said, you would say there is no hope left for humanity. Hope is the only thing most of the people of Earth have to keep them going to work the next day, fight for enough food to survive, etc.

What is this hope? It is an inner knowing, a knowledge that transcends your current life. It is beyond our world. But what does it say, this hope? There will be a better tomorrow, whenever that tomorrow will be. And we are all right when we say that. The world is an ever changing enviroment. Things will never stay this way forever.

The story of creation, not religious ones, say that in the beginning we were all One and in the end we will all become One again. What we are experiencing now is the inbetween time from One and back to being One.

All I can say is enjoy the ride, but sometimes it is rather hard to enjoy death, suffering, envie, selfishness, discrimination, abuses, etc. But we can't change the world, the world was created to change us. If you see abuse, try to never do it yourself.

Here is hope for a better tomorrow! Cheers, Pericle

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 06:50 PM
I agree that this existence is a place of learning and growth. It probably wouldn’t be so bothering if I stopped learning of the world’s problems. But because I do learn of them, I strive with my entire being to help.

When you say it is a personal thing, that our actions have created where we are today, I remember we must be the ones to change ourselves. Others will not do this for us. It is also likely that others will not change for us. Our happiness and that of others is in this way an option, although a long path.

I would very much like a united world, but I fear who would run it and how. This is the case with any governing system. Concerning community, I actually think we are a very social people who depend on such a way of life. However, I feel that the social network today (especially in the US) is weakening.

Indeed, have hope. My purpose here has kept me alive. And thanks, I’m feeling better today.


posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 07:28 PM
reply to post by Nyorai

You are right.
And I for one am not "taking" it. Neither are you, judging by your post.
By "not taking it", I mean, of course, that I have stopped contributing to the problem - in whatever little ways I can - a long time ago.
Sure, there will allays be nay-sayers - usually (and rather typically) inactive, except in spreading negativity - who will say that a single individual "cannot change anything". Which, of course, is false.

First of all, if a person is actively seeking ways to stop contributing to the problem, he or she is already contributing to the solution. And (a point often overlooked by such people): nobody can or has to solve "everything" - SOMETHING is good enough, as far as individuals go.

Secondly, a voice is A VOICE. (It beats silence anytime.)

And thirdly... all "masses" are composed of individuals, of course, so an individual isn't the worst place to start.

Even more importantly, you may feel alone - and believe me, I know the feeling: I may be the world's leading expert on the feeling! ; ) - but you are NOT. There are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people who, like you, are trying to "enlighten" the world.

I think the best and fastest way forward would be to try and increase the pressure on the media. They are the ones who rule the world, after all.

Lastly, my main point: by "not taking it" I also meant actively resisting media indoctrination (by simply ignoring most of the so-called "news"), and, much more importantly, refusing to have my vision of the world and my ideas and my sheer JOY of living trampled upon by the defeatism that they are trying to impose. (I am sure they - the media, or most of it - are doing so unwittingly, but the final effect is the same.)

So... go on doing and saying what you are doing and saying; know that you are NOT alone, although it feels like that; and don't let them drag you into despair!

And I am sure - I certainly hope - that you can always talk about it here.

P.S. Think about it this way: if a single person in the entire world "saw the light" today (perhaps even reading your post ; ), that's one "enlightened" person more than yesterday.
(Yes, people die, too - but the imprint on the intellectual and emotional energy pervading this world doesn't stop with the physical death of such an individual... Bah, it's a long story.

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