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Demonic manipulation through near sleep states

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 01:45 AM
Hello Everyone.

I have an issue which has arisen these last months. Although it has some connections to reoccuring dreams from when i was a child.
the latest incident was last night, but i shall get to that later, dealing with the instances chronologically.

Sometimes when i am at bed, alone, and experiencing the twilight-zone between sleep and awake sobriety, always as i lie on my side, most often as i awake from sleep, something happens that has not happened to me ever before. At least as far as remeber. Someone touches me, someone seemingly to the side of my bed. The touch is VERY concrete, as if someone was trying to wake me. The odd thing is that this entity grabs my hip as i lie on my side, so it is a quite natural place to grab a hold of when waking someone. I am in these instances very aware of my body positioning, my real position, as well as my location in the physical reality. so this hand grabs my hip and pulls it toward the edge of the bed. More it yanks it somewhat gentle, surely budging my positioning and surely getting my attention.

Now as scary as this may seem, and in retrospect i really think it is, for some reason the action of grabbing me does not scare me that much as it happens. The problem is that as i just lay still, protesting the interaction, the grabbing turns more desperate and firm, sometimes almost flopping me out bed! The thing is, that i can "cancel" this interaction psykosomatically, by agreeing with myself to wake up, to open my eyes. However, if i lay still the yanking and pulling accelerates.

The feel of the manipulating is that of very smooth, controlled action. the strenght of the beeing seems strong but very controlled, very "easy". And as i wake from this interaction, i always find myself in the very position, location that i thought i was during contact. Also, when experiencing these events, i have no dream visuals, it is only black as if i just had my eyes closed during wake time. I can also feel myself struggeling to keep my eys closed. For some reason i know that i do not want to open my eyes, either to cancel the interaction, or for the sake of not complying with the entity.

it is hard for me to really explain to you, how fine the line is between this state of interaction and pure sobriety. When i open my eyes, it's like i'd been awake for some time, like the event was part of beeing awake more than the memory of a dream.

This will do, i think, as an introduction to thes phenomena. I am eager to hear if anyone of you all have had a similar experience or perhaps heard of someone who had. And i would like to have your input as to what one should categorize these events as.

There is much more to this story, this mild interaction was the sterting point. Nowadays the contact is much more violent at times, and some interconnected strange events has begun to happen to me when sleeping, some sort of "psychic" attacks and seizure-like effects. I will tell of these if you wish to hear further, i promise, this is nothing compared to what is going on now!

Thanks for your interest - Nisse

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 01:55 AM
Ask Jesus to help you against this demon.
You will see what happens if you do.


Peace, goodnight.

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 02:01 AM

I have actually done this a couple of time. The thing is that it is hard, when in this state, to trancend from a passive mode to an active. It sort of have you in it's grip. But i have tried to utter the name Of Jesus, though my lips are struggling from fear and seizure-like cramps. It does not instantly "dissipate" the entity, however it does make me feel more empowered and protected. It gives me some feedback, telling me that i have some power through my faith in the good.

Thank you for your post.

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 02:30 AM
Have you tried interacting with the being/entity?

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 02:51 AM

Originally posted by johnb
Have you tried interacting with the being/entity?

Well, no, not really. there is too much fear from my side. And in the later incidents there is no real interaction, i suppose. It's more like i find my self in its grip. In these later times the beeing has applied brute force to my spine, and as of latest - last night - to my triceps muscle to my exposed arm. the force is very similar to high-power electricity.

When applied to my back, the pain was quite severe as the force kept getting strnger. Like someone used a dimmer! So i'm not to sure i want to interact. Also, when this force grabs any part of my body, there is a psychic presence sliding into my mind, slong with the physical effect. It's like my mind is slowly absorbed by this mental force, like "my mind is going". When this happens, i percieve some sort of light or frequency along with a sensation somewhere between bliss and pure horror. It is hard to define, but MY mind seems to lose it's sovereign status, like a glass of water going into the ocean.

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 08:26 AM
reply to post by EarthDweller

You mentioned seizure like effects in your opening. If this was happening to me I would go to the Dr. and make sure there was nothing physically wrong with me. Do you have headaches at all?

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 12:06 PM
Well no, i actually almost never have headaches. I'm conscious and happy about that fact. Of course, some seizure-like nervous system effect could be somewhat of an explanation.

when i was a child i did had a form of epilepsy, with seizures triggered from watching tv REALLY close, inches away. But that has gone away and i've never had a siezure in my sleep. Also, cramps located solely on the spine or arm would be unheard of. I say that because i remember well what a seizure feels like. the sensation is more like if you had two electrodes attached to the top and bottom of the spine/arm and then applied quite high amp currents.

Of course i will understand if some of you dismiss my story in the light of my medical history. It may not be completely out of the picture either. I have a somewhat over-active mind with racing thought-patterns and a lot of abstract constructs going on constantly. I also have mild tinnitus problems. All this i have self-diagnosed as beeing related to overloads in the electrical "wiring" of my brain. I am not shure whether that is the chicken or the egg though.

Since i am platonic (soul/mind over matter) and believe that the brain is a manifestation of the soul, neurological explanations does not always render spiritual aspects non-applicable. But that is in my topsy-turvy paradigm.

but there you have your "scully explanation"

posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 12:44 PM
reply to post by EarthDweller

Hello EarthDweller.

I am one of those individuals that has had my fair share all throughout my lifetime of shadow beings. They seem to come when I start to fall into my dream state, at least 45 years worth of shadow beings that seem to follow me no matter where I go. I just returned from the land of the Pyramids and the Red Sea, it doesnt matter where I am, but it does matter as to when they appear, just at the point of my dream state.

In every instance, I am startled into an awakened state and everything appears normal in my bedroom, where ever I am, but in some sort of reverse image like looking at a monitor using a night vision camera, the same reverse image. I can make out the furniture all around the room even though the room is pitch black with no light coming from anywhere, it's almost like my eyes act as a FLIR system, with night vision capability.

These shadow beings seem to stand over me or very near to say the least, sometimes one sometimes two and on rare occasions I was startled from my sleep and felt like I was in the middle of a group meeting and I was the subject, strange can you imagine it.

I have been known from past wives to swing at them and sometimes I demand them to leave me alone and one time in particular I was startled in my sleep and at the moment a shadow seemed to jump into me and then me shouting at the top of my lungs "NO' !!!!, then it was gone and I was up for awhile, but thats not possible, right, maybe this event is the same as yours, by the way, I was alone in this situation.

Theres nothing special about me to have these shadows in my life, but for sure we are not alone, I dont do drugs or dope, but I do suffer from Insomnia and if I go for days with this insomnia, I seem to experience more of these shadow beings, does that make sense.

But in your special case, no I have not experienced the touching and constant pestoring, mine were always just in the close proximity or the hovering near by, but Demons ???, I think they are just messengers.

By the way did you read this posting of my theory as to maybe its a man made technology taking place, tell me what do you think:


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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 01:50 PM
Greetings and thank you for your sharing. it surely seems we have some common aspects to our experiences. I kind of had a chill as you described the shadow-people standing over your bed. Some years ago my sister told of such an experience as she woke up. She swore she was actually awake as she saw a black, diffuse figure in front of her bed. She was really upset about it i remember. It only happened to her one time, ithink. I did not really believe her then. Now i do.

Also that flir imagery caught my attention. I have been wondering about such an effect i have experienced while having my eyes closed, going to sleep.
I see contours and reflections, but in a sense only shadows, in another sense - perfectly crystal clear. The imagery is often of landscapes or interiors i do not recognise! the image is often "panning" smoothly out of my control, although i've tried controlling the pan, it is really hard. This may not be the same as you perception, which sounds more "real"

I should also mention that i have felt somone "slipping into me", before one of these "seizures" began. It was very strange as to how clear i percieved it. There was no doubt about what happened; SOMEONE slided with no effort into my body and began to take control. At that point a powerful jolt seized my body and i forcefully began to sit up, slowly, steadily, mechanically. I heard a loud, powerful low-pitch growl rise as my mind went into some powerful torrent of force. There was on top of this growl a narrow-band high pitch sound. And as these sounds became more deafening; i felt i was "losing it". A part of me wanted to "let go" and experience where i would go. But another part of me feared i was simply letting something in, and i feared i would not be able to come back, or rid of it. So i used all my mental force to reject the takeover. When i came to, i was indeed sitting up in pool of sweat. I was terrified. I could not sleep that following night. I actually prayed that i would be saved from any beeing not wanting but good done to me. Just in case.

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