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the cover up so large you cant see it

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posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 10:20 PM
I believe that there is a cover up going on that is so large that it blinds you from seeing it completly.

Now just go with this for a minute and see if you see what i am talking about here:

It is said, some might have heard if they keep up in the paranormal, that at a young age(~1-4) children can see what other can't, e.g. orbs, ghosts, and spirits. There are loads of these types of threads in the paranormal section of ATS about this if you want to look them up. ANYWAY!..... These children start to not see these "things" when the get older. When kids get older their "seeings" get blown off by there peers or roll models as just there imagination. As a kid you seem to always believe what others tell you because of that "sponge" effect that a child's brain has. In turn, that kid starts to not see those spiritual "things" any more as a belief that its not real. You get it?

Now onto my main point:
When someone hears or sees something and is told that it is not real they tend to believe that and say to themselves it can never happen, making themselves, subconsciously, not see or do things that is now commonly said as:"Paranormal." more and more things are now being classified as"paranormal." now the main point is startin to connect with what i said before about children. when people are told that things are not real or that the are impossible they tend to believe it. now the way people are told this is through one thing, the media.

tv shows, movies, news, and other types of media everday tell people that certian things are "paranormal", "out of this world", or "Science fiction". for example, have you ever seen a news cast of a ghost not be described as paranormal or out of this world by the news caster? the media turns our minds around to believe that things are fiction and could never happen in our "reality" as a kid does.

If tv shows and movies about "special" things were told that they were non fiction then fiction then peoples views on paranormal and aliens and whatnot would change.

(sorry i tend to ramble on)

Views, discussion, debates anyone?

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posted on Jan, 12 2008 @ 04:45 PM
aww no opinions anyone?

anyway, i ask another question:
if in fact the media does do what my therory suggests then who is behind it? the government, large corparations, or something bigger?

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