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Red Elk philosophy

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posted on Dec, 13 2002 @ 01:36 AM
plus alot of other interesting stuff.

Ever heard of a man named Red Elk? In the following excerpts I thought was interesting he talks about reality, aliens (he says we come from sasquatch), God. It just seems too much fun to read this interview because he seems, as he says a regular Joe Blo, but does not seem unintelligent as he tries to explain it ALL. Good Interview! Goto spectrum website and look on the right-hand side about half-way down where it says Red Elk.

Here is just a taste:

[Red Elk describes the Unholy Four as being: the Reptilians, the Bee People (Greys), the Gargoyle race, and Sasquatch.]
Get a deck of cards. What are there, 52 cards?

Hold them in your hand, above a table, and take the bottom card and set it on the table. Now take the next card and set it on top of the table card. Envisioning whatever you want, that card is sinking into the first card. And then, throw that second one on the floor somewhere.

So you have ìmergedî two cards, all the same thickness as the one, but now containing two. And you do that on, and on, and on, until the end of the deck.

Therefore, you end up with only ìoneî card, with all cards in it. This is parallel time. This is how that works, as well as physical time.

Everyone was born knowing that there is ONE God.

Anyway, the worldóIím not speaking ìChristianî, Iím speaking ìthe worldîówould be so much better off if they started personally communicating with Him; and not only prayer, but just chat, like ìHi Dad, howís your day?î

ìWell, goiní pretty good kid. I gotta go get some new teeth, though; got one knocked-out by another kid.î

Red Elk: Oh, understand that other human beings from other planets have DNAíd us, over the years. Not necessarily personally, one planet coming and doing it. But because it started, originally, with the very first planet, which was not this Earth, and the very first people of that planet, again, which was not of this Earth. This is a, relatively speaking, fairly new planet.

When planet # 2 came up, when the Creator kicked that one outólike an egg, you know, in a mountain chickenóthen it kind-of evolved. Well, by the time they got evolved, pretty fair, # 1 planet was so evolved, and so commonly gone ìtechnicalî, instead of ìGodnicalî, they decided to go have fun with Mickey.

So, they went down and said: ìHey, these seem like pretty primitive people. Letís go over and use them to do our work, clean our toilets and serve us.î And they started DNA-ing their blood into them, and making them half-breeds, and then using the result to better their life in an ungodly way.

Rick Martin: Are we talking about Earth yet?

Red Elk: Not yet, we arenít even born yet. Earth is still sitting way back there in Godís Creation Mind.

Now, this goes on and on and on. Mickey grows up and does it to number 3 planet. Number 1 does it to number 3 planet. And then, you know, it just carries on and on and on.

Eventually, everybodyís got everybodyís blood, bloodline, weak here, weak there, strong here, strong there. But, nevertheless, every human beingóand Iím not speaking Earth alone, Iím speaking everyone with soul, and there are more than I can count, but then again, I have trouble counting past twoóevery single one of them are intermixed with the rest.

In Indian language, we call this mitakuye oyasin (we are one relation). And we are not referring, in that sense, to all beings throughout all Creations, beginning to now. We are also referring to the worm, the tree, the weather, everything else, without which we would have a hard time making it.

But then again, when people hear mitakuye oyasin, in their minds, they think: ìYeah, weíre all people of this planet.î Some of them have got brains enough to realize weíre all people of this planet, plus everything that makes up this planet. But few realize that we are all of EVERYTHING made-up, everythingóthat includes other planetsí people, other planetsí trees, gases, whatnot, everything. Because other planetsóif theyíre made up of, say, pure acid, or pure gasesóScripture says: ìGod is in all things.î It is He who gives us everything that makes us, whoever we are, from whatever planet we are, survive. And all things have life, have awareness, a God-awareness.

Red Elk: Like on Mr. Bellís show, I said everyone has their own path, everyone will be warned in their own way. And the fact is, not only is that a true statement, but instead of running around in fear, get your spiritual growth to the Creator act together.
(*note) He's replying to a question about how people can prepare? which was insinuating materialistically.

Weóthis particular planetóis a mousetrap floating in space, and you and I are the cheese. We are the ones who will draw all to us. And they are close, I mean close.

Red Elk: We speak, in our Indian way, about learning Sacred Silence and Duality of Spirit. And, I tell you, itís really something. This really puts you in connection with yourself, and once you start seeing yourself, you start reaching out for help, because you see yourself, and youíre a pretty ugly looking kid, you know. And this God, who loves you, you start searching out and reaching out, in your blindness, in your filth, thatís in your eyes and everywhere else, and He reaches down and touches your hand and says: ìI am here.î And then helps clean you up. But it starts with Sacred Silence, the silence that starts with looking inward, and then looking outward.

For the people who want to growóand many have written to meóI highly recommend certain books. In spite of your belief, above all, start reading the Bible. Never mind what you get out of it, reading, you donít know what youíre doing to your inner God-being, the one we call Nagual. This is an angel inside of you who needs to eat like you need to eat. Start reading your Bible. And seriously, I donít care what religion youíre from, or non-religion, ask God to reveal Himself. Itís between Him and you, nobody else. And watch out, if youíre serious.

[Edited on 13-12-2002 by pacman]


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