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Technology Beyond The Capability of The Human Mind To Comprehend.

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posted on Jan, 11 2008 @ 05:21 AM
[color="Beige"]With a proper number of hours spent in Secular Humanisitic Indoctrination, OR SID, for which one receives letters after his name, indicating the degree of darkness that has covered his mind; A sufficient number of facts shall be accumulated, so as to approximate Truth.

On top of The Truth sits a pile of facts, littering the human consciousness like all the used toilet tissue; Like if a person took a Bible, put it in the far corner, and instead of flushing the used toilet paper, threw it on top of The Bible. After there was so much used toilet tissue that institutions of higher learning began giving degrees in toilet tissue studies, having suckered people into believing soiled toilet tissue was Truth, rather than what is underneath; No one would bother digging for Truth, because all mankind had agreed not to. And in being Truth, the soiled tissue must offer mankind freedom from sin; And it is ignorance to sin that offers the worst prognosis for the human race.

Since The Truth is safely beneath miles of soiled toilet tissue, and no one is willing to retrieve It, people claim Truth is relative to soiled toilet tissue, and whatever one happens to feel about soiled toilet tissue is 'HER' truth. One could fornicate or commit sodomy on top of the soiled toilet tissue; And these things then would not be considered sin for the people who preferred to do them, although used toilet tissue would dangle from their hair.

Facts do not alter Truth. Truth is always the same. Truth has never, and will never change. Technology available to humans is insufficient to allow the comparatively primitive organic brain; Which is composed of the least efficient possible thing: Matter; To understand: How do I place 8 six inch line segments, so every one is perpendicular to every other? If I find a way, what is that called?

The technology God uses allows complete control of DNA alteration in our world, at the cellular nuclear level, individually based, upon belief in God, and devotion to Him; Is not comprehensible to modern man, because humans are like the idiot who believes anything he can't understand is: Unimportant, irrelevant, a conspiracy theory, or doesn't exist.

God gave us a user manual to harness His Own Technology for our use. The Roman Catholic Church is The Authority over Divine Technology, which is why It uses a language used only by The Roman Catholic Church. Heathens won't be able to read Catholic Doctrine, and become Immortal.

Immortality relies on God's Technology. If man desires not Immortality, but just a faster computer, and when he dies, it's everlasting torment; Human technology will suffice. If One desires The Inheritance of The Sons of Man, to Rule The All, with Absolute Power; A Gift from Their Almighty Father (The All is everything that exists, and can be perceived using the comparatively simplistic and primitive organic human sensory channels; And everything that exists, but cannot be perceived using organic sensory channels available to matter composite beings), He must know The Name Jesus Christ, and take on The Nature of Jesus Christ.

As with all natural and supernatural things, what any individual person believes does not dictate the State of All Being, but only dictates the place that person has chosen for himself in The Grand Plan of The Father. People who don't believe Jesus Christ IS The Son of God, The Immutable Source of All Power, Have not been chosen to be part of The Everlasting Kingdom, OR, The Catholic Church.

The ultimate technology allows transcendence of 'The Three Dimensional Reality'.

Non-Catholics are locked outside by what curiously resembles a free will choice. Roman Catholics have everything they want, and have four times the family income of non-Catholics. Sexual assault of children is roughly 3,000 times LESS likely to involve a Catholic Priest than a non-Priest.

Copyright 2008 by SwanSword, et al.
All Rights Reserved.

[edit on 11-1-2008 by SwanSword]

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