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The Gathering....The Truth

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posted on Dec, 12 2002 @ 10:41 PM
What can we do to save this planet, is it even worth it.
Without any alien or other interference, what exactly has to be done to right the ship. It should start with our own country. We live in a country that started with a great idea, to advance to this spot is very bad. We have made too many enemies and it is only a matter of time.

I am not a religious man, in fact I consider myself a philosopher, and nothing more. An interesting article approached me.

This article sheds a light

Another link struck my fancy.

Anyone who visits this site with an open mind are the few and are deserving of the truth in all of its forms.

I, like everyone else, would like to know everything and in time, we will.

It just takes patience lads, but unfortunately we do not have alot of time.

posted on Dec, 13 2002 @ 03:29 AM
God, what a great question and to be honest, I think the answer is very big
and complex to the point of maddening confusion. Personally and emotionally, I
have children and so I want it all to be worth something, I want the planet to
live in ever lasting peace. I want the earth to survive the modern industrial
age. And I want "God" to help us right our wrongs and maybe even send out
"friendly" alien's or JC and the boys to help us. O-yes, what a great picture to
dream of for our future.
Intellectually speaking. We are in "Deep Poop". The planet is in grave danger
from man. Man is in grave danger from man. We are literally at war with evil and
may not even realize to what extent. There are forces at play here and now that
are hell bent on killing everything "and " are making progress. Like what you
might ask :-)
Let's start with man kind. The population of the planet is in overload and
has been for a long time now and trying to meet that demand is killing the
planet. Pollution, Industrial Accidents, The using up of all the fossil fuels,
Air pollution, Global Warming, Striping of all the forests and on and on. We
tend to think the earth is and endless source of our needs/wants. What we need
to look at is the total draw of resources from humanity as a whole. How many
"amps" do we "Men" draw? and from what size power source. The facts are this, we
have done more damage in the last 150 years then the earth should have to
handle. But don't be to surprised if the "Earth" her self and good old "Mother
Nature" decide to do some house cleaning. You see, Mother Nature worries about
the bees and grass hoppers, man tends to go the other way it seems. We are out
of balance with nature to an aggravating extent.
Next, the simple fact that man kind refuses to unify or come together as a
whole most likely will be our demise. I don't want to say this wrong but, the
world needs to be run by one governing force. And that force has to be un-evil
with checks and double checks. Now here's the little catch that makes the
equation even harder. I think, but I am not sure, but feel it's worth
looking into the fact that some "people" on this planet seem to be evil by
nature. Here is what I mean, We all know a few people like this in person. Did
you ever meet a person who is "heartless". A person who seems to not have the
ability to care or feel for that matter the way many of us do. I guess I want to
call it "empty hearted". Better Example = For myself I would say God
lives in my heart and when I do something against that force, I "feel" it, for
them I would say God does not know them or something. They seem to be "ice cold"
were others are warm. My point is we have people like that in Gov and in
Executive Positions and who are also leaders of countries. Evil people do evil
things. People like that are also very tricky and try and hide it in adult hood
or if in a power position. I believe this form of evil people can be spotted at
a very young age thus, we could control it if it turns out to be a huge concern.
Let's just hope and pray that evil force is not due to alien's some how trying
to bread with humans. My thoughts are, be it alien, satin, demons or what ever,
it seems real to me and part of the" very big and complex to the point of
maddening confusion" picture.
It's what we may be missing that is killing us. I do not feel the USA should
try and "tame" the world. The reaon I feel that way is because I don't trust the
"Motives" of the USA Gov. And the rest of the world is sick to death of our gov
also. The real answer is for all the "Big" countries to work as one and together
I hate the fact that I don't trust our gov. We vote people into office to
work for us people but yet they hide info from us, still from us and poor
countries. We are not free in America, we are controlled by our own gov. They
use us as Ginny pigs and they cover up everything. God forbid if you find out
something, they will kill you. Guys, is it just me or is there something wrong
with that picture? Freedom my ass!!!!!!! Let me tell you something, if a
comet were going to hit the earth in 3 days. Do you really believe the US gov
would tell you as they all head for underground shelter. They would do what's
best for them and there family's first and we would be lucky to have 12 hours to
get to our family's. Yes, I do believe our country started as a GREAT idea
but this whole thing is way out of control. When George Bush says "The American
People Want" my hair stands up on the back of my neck.
I 'll be honest with you, lately I have been thinking about banning myself
form CNN, newspapers, Scifi Channel and more because I keep feeling like
something very very bad is going to happen. I also have been feeling like the
UFO thing is about to happen also for some reason and that might be a good
thing. But my biggest fear is WWIII seems to be at our front door and the twin
towers was nothing compared to what's to come. I sure the hell hope G Bush Jr
has eather God or Friendly Alien's backing him because this guy is about to take
us places we may find "Fantastic Trouble". He seems to be running all the stop
signs, we are all seeing them, why is our gov not? what up with all that? how do
we stop this?
Anybody else been feeling like that? Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm
going nuts here.

[Edited on 29-11-2002 by Skeptical Believer]

posted on Dec, 26 2002 @ 09:09 AM

Originally posted by Skeptical Believer

Anybody else been feeling like that? Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm
going nuts here.

[Edited on 29-11-2002 by Skeptical Believer]

I feel the same way.

posted on Dec, 26 2002 @ 11:58 AM

Originally posted by Skeptical Believer

Anybody else been feeling like that? Maybe it's just me, maybe I'm
going nuts here.

The spit is fixing to hit the fan, you betcha.
We are in the END times and its not going to be pretty. Our whole way of life as we know it will change almost overnight. So, enjoy what you have now while you can, for tomorrow it will all be gone.
I have given much thought to what can I do, as an individual to make it easier for me and mine, when it does happen. THe answer, NOTHING.
I, as others will just have to ride out the storm best we can. Be prepared to defend what you may have, if you survive. In the end, it will be the strongest who will make it. (The meek shall inherit the earth) Thats latter on.
Its been predicted and its all comeing to fast for my liking.

posted on Jul, 1 2011 @ 12:23 PM

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