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MSSS- True Healer

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posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 11:21 AM
In the top of treetops there was a lucid kind of atmosphere present.
Researcher Mary Yokel head of her department in jungle and forest research was sat in her harness studying the life that surrounded her. She was in awe of the area as the recent heat wave in her hometown of Clevedon had increased the active life in the woods.
The canopy that she had walked through to get to the middle of the dense forest had been hanging over her more than it had done before. This caused some panic in her and she didn’t know why. She had never been chrostrophobic before in any circumstances but on this occasion the lack of space as she almost crawled to get into the woods effected her. The fact that the only entrance to the woods was this small gap had attracted many people, scientists, biologists and many news reporters.
Mary hadn’t been interviewed yet and the fact that she hadn’t gave her a mix of feelings one on hand she needn’t of made up a obvious lie to why the tree growth had increased so much and in such little time but it made her feel upset and question her status as a fully qualified botanist.
As Mary worked on counting all the butterflies that were creating residential areas in the tops of the trees a strange kind of feeling came over Mary, she dropped her petry dish full of butterfly swabs.
Mary began to stir, she wished she hadn’t because as soon as she did the pain whip lashed all over her body. As she looked down at her arms ,out of the tiny slits her eyes had created so far , she saw the ground moving at a steady pace and that her arms were incredibly bruised and that she was bleeding considerably.
Mary was under again. This time her eyes opened fully and the pain had decreased only slightly but she could feel and smell the fur of something against her soft but yet bruised and broken skin. The fur was that of a thick consistency it felt somewhat curly but not soft like the soft curls that her mother once had but rough curls, curls which were like barbed wire and constantly latched into her skin.
She was unable to scream. What happened after she felt odd she could not remember and she could have been anywhere and as she looked around her fears were true, she had no idea where she was.
Mary had not even though about what the fur was actually attached too, and maybe this was a good thing because as soon as she did she screamed. But this was no good as she lay there kicking out and screaming the grip of the hairy thing got tighter, too tight for Mary as her screaming slowly drowned out.
She had never been in this situation before and never knew anyone that had been in a situation like this. She tried to calm herself and look up and around to see who her kidnapper was. She calmed herself and told herself it was not a creature or monster but maybe a colleague of hers. But of course Mary knew this wasn’t true as a colleague of hers wouldn’t smell that bad no matter what work they were doing!
Mary awoke again, she hadn’t even realised that she had fainted again and yet again her surroundings had changed. She was now in some kind of hut, fire stoked, but apart from that the wood hut was bare. She sniffed the air. The fragrance was unbearable and she spontaneously vomited. The only thing she had smelt like this before was when she was on a medical trip and visited the local morgue.
Suddenly she heard footsteps behind her, heavy footsteps, she dearnt look as she felt that it was the same thing that had carried her here. It must have been. She wanted to look but couldn’t bring herself too. But she needn’t of even begun to think whether she wanted to or not as the thing stepped right in front of her and her immense gaze.
Mary felt like being sick, crying, and screaming all at the same time. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing.
The thing looked as if it had been dead for years. The smell was worse now that when it was carrying her. All Mary could do was sit there in the hut, scared and needing some sound to escape her mouth.
The thing she could only see as being a “bigfoot” started to come closer to her and when it got within 5 inches of her face she could see its teeth. They were all decaying and were riddled with bits of dead animal and other vegetation.
Mary couldn’t believe she was seeing this, a Bigfoot, in her hometown. She thought that Bigfoot’s were only rumoured to be living in the dense forests of America. Mary knew this was what she was seeing, a Bigfoot, as for when she looked down the size of the creatures feet were dominating. The creatures’ foot was just like a human foot except that it was covered in the thick curly fur that Mary had felt previously during her kidnap. The thought of this made her shiver as she realised to herself she had been alone with this thing for what she guessed was at least four or five hours.
Even though this thing smelt and look physically disgusting she hadn’t looked into the creatures’ eyes. Mary slowly lifted up her head and started into its beaming eyes that were fixed upon her she felt that feeling that came over her when she must have fainted.
But this time it was different she felt like she wasn’t going to faint this time. As she sat there on the hut floor and the creature stood towering over her the creature began to sit down and closed its eyes, so did Mary.
Mary felt herself and her body go and she was left floating inside her mind, with immense bright colours surrounding her. As she thought about what was going on she felt as if just to completely let go of all her worries and so without control over herself she did.
She then saw trees, vast amounts of lush green trees grow right in front of her from acorn to oak. This image shocked her at first but she soon fell in love with it. Butterflies, insects, birds and beasts of every kind flocked and flowed into the newly grown trees that were in Mary’s mind.
She now realised why the woods had grown and why so much life had been created.
This creature , this Bigfoot, was as only Mary could think of, Mother Nature in its purest form.
Mary slowly opened her eyes and just managed to catch a glimpse of the creature walking out of the hut. Mary tried to follow but her legs wouldn’t move. She looked down only to see vines had grown around her legs and were beginning to drop off. As Mary teared away at the last vines she could see her legs ,in fact her whole body seemed almost younger and was healed of the cuts and bruises she had received.
When Mary finally could move her legs she sprung up and walked quickly, running was out of the question as Mary felt extremely light headed after her encounter, she saw that the creature had long gone and that it was now dark. In the distance she could here people talking very loudly and the faint sounds of sirens. As she looked the forest before her slowly opened and she could see creatures she was used to once again.
As she stood there a man ran up towards her and said that he was a news reporter and that Mary had been notified as missing for three days and that someone had tipped them, a tall person with a face you couldn’t forget that she was in the woods.
He asked her “Mary how do you feel?” Mary answered, “I can only say what I felt , peace, love, togetherness but as for what I saw that shall only remain in my heart and mind.”

[Edited on 11-2-2004 by kurtcobainuk]

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 11:29 AM
great story kurtcobainuk. very nice

posted on Feb, 11 2004 @ 02:24 PM
its my first attempt.
so hopefully over time i will get better at them.

i just thought that up this afternoon when i saw there was a competition on.


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