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Why cant we do something about it??

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posted on Jan, 10 2008 @ 10:33 AM
Simple....there are many people on this forum that have investigated certain issues and beleive passionately in rectifying situations such as voter fraud, so why cant we do something about it as ATS members?
Lets raise awareness about voter fraud.....if anyone has reliable information and can prove certain facts, share it with us.
We already have the platform manifested by this forum...the question is if ATS is interest in actively helping us.
Perhaps setting up a donation page and an admin page which organizes events and trips just like political parties do for their campaigners. I wouldnt mind taking a weekend away in one of the swing states were we know the machines were rigged and doing exactly what canvasers do and canvass the area with knowledge of these facts. Of course we will need flyers printed but hey, no worries....i own a printing company so cheap prices all around hahahahah

The point is....we can organize ourselves and no one seems to want to do it and im saying, WHY NOT?

Lets do it people....we know the issues that just have no arguments to them because they are simply unjust. So lets fix them.....lets use the constitution to our advantage and completely exhaust our freedom of speech until we make enough noise about the subject that people will start to ask questions.
Knoweledge is power, and when it spreads like fire the establishment that rules will eventually burn down.


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